• ExplodingTNT 2 weeks ago

    Can you imagine if Microsoft bought Minecraft???
    I know right? That’ll never happen

  • Havalı Kedi 2 weeks ago

    Power bar was added to minecraft please

  • LeviPowerd _ 2 weeks ago

    If chees was banned on Minecraft

  • He Xin Hui 2 weeks ago

    does who like tnt and not subscriber subscribe now to here his voice

  • vince ganacias 2 weeks ago

    if roblox hacked minecraft

  • IVking VIking 2 weeks ago

    I hate Microsoft… Notch was better..

  • vince ganacias 2 weeks ago

    if notch died

  • Slime James 975 2 weeks ago

    If fortnite wa in minecraft

  • Bloxer mania5 2 weeks ago

    I like windows vista can you do it plz

  • Gorden master 2 weeks ago

    What is ur server name

  • indigo animations 2 weeks ago

    If notch left mojang(oh wait)

  • Rence Reyes 2 weeks ago

    floor is lava button

  • m1n3 c7afty 2 weeks ago

    I sware you made a video about Microsoft buying Minecraft like a year or two ago?

  • AVATAR Xapaxa 2 weeks ago

    If Bill Gates was Drunk and went into Casino?

    Bill: If You Win I’ll Give all of my Money!
    Casino Pro: Alrighty Then!
    30 Minutes Later …
    Bill: … I Shouldn’t Have done this

  • VON HARVEY 2 weeks ago

    What if what if vids will never happend again

  • Isaac 2018 2 weeks ago

    If Samsung bought Minecraft

  • RPJ_productions YT 2 weeks ago

    Well that’d suck if only xbox players get to play minecraft…

  • Cupcake The Animatronic 2 weeks ago


  • youssef GAMER 2 weeks ago

    If zombies take over minecraft

  • Cyber X Gaming 2 weeks ago

    If TNT was Rare

  • superlim 10 2 weeks ago

    supreme it says but its superme

  • Xx_HelperForever_xX 2 weeks ago

    If Minecraft has no multiplayer

  • VED. B gamer pro the gaming channel 2 weeks ago

    If mineraft blocks have mouth and they can say in only maths

  • Harry James Potter 2 weeks ago

    If Naruto Anime was in Minecraft (with powers:ex. Rasengan, Chidori)
    I know nobody will like it😞

  • Bulbasaur Boi 2 weeks ago

    Microsoft damn well ruined minecraft.

  • Kane Kim 2 weeks ago

    Do a video of if ExplodingTNT went to the end

  • Randomz Stuffz 2 weeks ago

    Weird comments #28 or I’ll eat your cheese infront of you!

  • Jake Kimberley 2 weeks ago

    microsoft……….just buy a copy of minecraft for you to play instead.

  • Neca games NP 2 weeks ago

    Microsoft alredy bought minecraft…..

  • Amari Tu 2 weeks ago

    Nice vid TNT

  • sam Tem 2 weeks ago

    I hate Microsoft so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👹👹👹👹👹👹

  • Jake Kimberley 2 weeks ago

    5:29 u forgot minecraft windows 10

  • Anugerah Baptista 2 weeks ago

    If mobs switch bodies with players

  • Jann haylee 2 weeks ago

    Microsoft selled minecraft

  • WinterSkyPH plays 2 weeks ago

    if u dont have any content anymore -.-

  • NII BROWN 2 weeks ago

    If Cheese Took Over Minecraft

  • Five Nights at Freddy’s Fan 2 weeks ago

    Aww man! The rest of this vid did not show up Bill Gates derpy eyes! 🙁

  • LINKLODINA 2 weeks ago

    What about windows player

  • Mahdi Giani//crazycatplayz 2 weeks ago


  • Mahdi Giani//crazycatplayz 2 weeks ago

    <3 ♡

  • Ahsan Zaman 2 weeks ago

    If pink sheep bought minecraft

  • Joseph Carlo Perez 2 weeks ago

    Make explosion vid 50 Mega nuke v.s The End

  • Rankie YT 2 weeks ago

    If everyone can craft anything in minecraft

  • Lucas De Freitas 2 weeks ago

    If Nintendo bought Minecraft and if all mobs were boys

  • Lucas De Freitas 2 weeks ago

    If exploding TNT actually kept promises

  • Lucas De Freitas 2 weeks ago

    Like when he promised to make episode 2 of lost in space… A year ago.

  • Lucas De Freitas 2 weeks ago

    I think we should ask pink sheep to hack again and make episode 2

  • Lucas De Freitas 2 weeks ago

    Just kidding ; )

  • FC_CHERPRANG 2 weeks ago

    If Minecraft player is animal all game

  • Chona Coronel 2 weeks ago

    If roblox buy minecarft

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