• ExplodingTNT 4 weeks ago

    Most suggested video this month… If Fortnite Took Over Minecraft!!

  • wigglebot23 3 weeks ago

    If pacman took over minecraft

  • xXpro blue sheep sheeish steveXx 3 weeks ago

    How about need for speed

  • wigglebot23 3 weeks ago

    If Nvidia took over minecraft

  • Mr.Balling 3 weeks ago

    I guess it it was fortcraft

  • jimaras 3 weeks ago

    Hey TNT can i translate some of your videos and upload them?

  • krish sharma 3 weeks ago

    Yes I play fortnite

  • Pratibha Agarwal 3 weeks ago

    if we farted diamonds plzz do

  • Ash Ketchum 3 weeks ago

    Fun fact I use army phrases in fortnite

  • Sahal M 3 weeks ago

    You promise you will play fortnite with lizz and pink sheep if you have 15 k likes. You have over 15 k likes

  • Virat Shop 3 weeks ago

    do if there was no creative mode

  • CRAZIELYme TM 3 weeks ago

    1 day, all famous players of Minecraft will be playing fortnite, almost forgetting Minecraft,…

    …and noobs taking over minecraft

  • Green Wolf 3 weeks ago

    Rulse of survival took over minecraft

  • Amono Ahmed 3 weeks ago

    If over watch took over minecraft

  • ram brill 3 weeks ago

    If life noggin took over Minecraft

  • Daniel Haj 3 weeks ago

    ! come on tnt you now have 19000 like , make that vid or i will be a mouse

  • Ethan Pineda 3 weeks ago

    Ha he called it fortcraft it is a game made by NETEASE in mobile platform like Android And iOS

  • ram brill 3 weeks ago

    If players can be stuck in a coma

  • Boring Gamer 3 weeks ago

    7:54 TF2?

  • THE HARD GAMER TEAM 3 weeks ago

    If here no animals in minecraft

  • [ X-51nT-X ] 3 weeks ago

    Theres actually an app name fortcraft made by netease xd

  • Kobe Santos 3 weeks ago

    What if all comands are broken

  • Leon Tube 3 weeks ago

    If exploding TNT live with pink sheep

  • Ultimate Tiger 3 weeks ago

    If Explodingtnt was Pink sheps Son

  • Leon Tube 3 weeks ago

    If purple shep took over minecraft

  • Aazir Usman 3 weeks ago

    Do If Our Sister’s Took Minecraft

  • Sudipta Chandra 3 weeks ago

    If Herobrine tok over Minecraft

    like if u agree…

  • crime craval 3 weeks ago

    If explodingtnt fall in love with liz

  • The Best Part 3 weeks ago

    if minecraft took over fortnite

  • WARLORD'S GAMERS 3 weeks ago

    If command block can be used in survival mode

  • Captain Future Tom 3 weeks ago


  • Kassem Masri 3 weeks ago

    If John Xena took over Minecraft + I sub

  • ihaveno name 3 weeks ago

    ExplodingTnT 19 thousand likes ya know what to do 🙂

  • maged dafco 3 weeks ago

    Please make if cars were added to mine craft

  • Long GM 3 weeks ago

    You got 19k now so play fortnite please. 😃I want for see 😃

  • Abu Atiq 3 weeks ago

    If butts took over minecraft

  • Auzzie gamer 3 weeks ago

    If all cartoons took over Minecraft

  • NICE _CRAFT 3 weeks ago

    If pubg took over minecraft

  • Jovell Tumale 3 weeks ago

    if mustashes where added to Minecraft

  • Robert Wilson 3 weeks ago

    If you could bend Minecraft to your will. As in make a diamond or iron mountain.

  • Skyla_tube 22 3 weeks ago

    If Disney took over minecraft

  • kingkat YT 3 weeks ago

    If u hit the tattler it’s an automatic win

  • zaki nurhadi 3 weeks ago

    If the ground got replaced with lego

  • MemePlayer im NOOb 3 weeks ago

    Loved the 2 of them

  • Robin Bosman 3 weeks ago


  • Izzie Cat 3 weeks ago

    if Minecraft took over Roblox

  • ZimerTube Rallywood 3 weeks ago

    Pls. Do if Minecraft was peaceful!!!!!!!!!!

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