• MoreAliA 8 months ago

    HEY EVERYONE – Thank you SO MUCH for the support on this series so far, I’m so glad you’re enjoying it! 😀

    Don’t forget to COMMENT with your Minecraft user name – We’re choosing another 5 winners to get a FREE kit upgrade on the server. Just login to mc.AliAcraft.net on Minecraft and check your inventory to see if you’ve won – Good luck! 😀 <3

  • Michael Enright 8 months ago

    Xpman100 for the diamond kit but I don’t think I should have it because I am a trip and I don’t have my mac

  • Nicolas Silveira 8 months ago

    MC username: GorillaTapeMC Just started yesterday 🙂 (I play on og prison 1 btw)

  • Tyler Yates 8 months ago

    My minecraft user name awesome 789

  • Tyler Yates 8 months ago

    My minecraft user name awesome789

  • zubair ramadan 8 months ago


  • Pewdiepie42 8 months ago

    Crytrax is my name

  • ninjayosh2014 and bball44 8 months ago

    Can I plz have a free rank my ign is monkeyman2014

  • PixelNarwhal 8 months ago

    Pixel_Ice wants a free kit

  • Yuki Kamazaki 8 months ago

    mines Userfound gl all

  • Jack Fjellman 8 months ago

    Jackprisonlife is my gamer tag

  • gamingg000n gamingg000n 8 months ago

    Do another episode ASAP please I watched the original series and I’m so EXCITED for the new one thank you for bring joy to my life keep up the great vids

  • ben Lehartel 8 months ago

    My username is TheRealBenmana

  • ben Lehartel 8 months ago

    Alia I love your vids

  • The Green Dragon 8 months ago

    17:17 The video is either not in sync or he is just commentating and it’s not real. ( Look at facecam and game )

  • TNH Offical 8 months ago

    Username: Tordthemachine

  • McCauley Bros 8 months ago

    Alia my name is mccauleybro28

  • complex fixin 8 months ago

    lol its out of sync by the way alia

  • JS Gaming 8 months ago


  • Sebastiano Badolato 8 months ago

    My minecraft username is Dasher_102

  • paper circle 8 months ago

    I want a kit my name is solemnchicken

  • GlazBro __ 8 months ago

    I love this series!!!!!!!

  • GlazBro __ 8 months ago


  • KNM Hype Center 8 months ago


  • Robbie Taylor 8 months ago

    i got 100k

  • Keith Pineda 8 months ago


  • Fraser Cameron 8 months ago

    Madminer88 is my minecraft username

  • Katelyn Dooney 8 months ago

    minecraft name= Atimistic
    i love the server im addicted going through all your old vids and watching them

  • 1548madi 8 months ago

    Make a god sword!!!!

  • Davis Loyd 8 months ago


  • Daniel Gabino 8 months ago

    Man I whish he made a server for minecraft pe

  • The Silver Warrior Gaming 8 months ago

    Wwe elimination chamber

  • KdzTheKid TheKdzFamily 8 months ago

    jamelxaiver is my minecraft username

  • Genji Shimada 8 months ago

    ya boi alia back with prison

  • Carlos Mcmurdo 8 months ago

    My Minecraft name is DisGuy45 pls can I have a rank

  • Spray_And_Pray 8 months ago

    Plz alia username _Joshua_20_

  • Ethan Villalobos 8 months ago


  • max destron danek 8 months ago

    Eevee is so cute at the start omg 😍

  • Emmeline and Morgan 8 months ago

    I only ever watched Clare, and this series is the first of yours I’ve watched – and I love it so far. Keep up the good work, Ali! Can’t wait to see more. 🙂

  • dqpb_ Sodappp 8 months ago

    Username cswx

  • Gamemaster NL 8 months ago


  • Christopher Jensen-simon 8 months ago


  • Gamer 11779 8 months ago

    My name is TurtleMan11779 I know you probably gave away the ranks but I still put my name just in case cause I really want to go to vip lounge by the way plz do more episodes I like this series and I am addicted to this game lol

  • Alice Grisham 8 months ago


  • scooterboys 1 8 months ago

    13:39 lol

  • Pat Vonhoff 8 months ago

    alia I remember the first prison escape series you did. BTW you should join htm4. how to Minecraft was were I first found you a few years ago. love the vids

  • Mr BudooShaFish 8 months ago

    Minecraft user: kazakuto :)) love you ali-a!!

  • cool story bro Edgecombe 8 months ago


  • Spiderman7344 Playz 8 months ago

    Make more prison please

  • meerkat army! The Minecrafter 8 months ago


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