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  • soulguide arkness_gamer 2 weeks ago

    yeah u r fool

  • revaldo gt 2 weeks ago

    Me 90M sub

  • Shaylie De Dominicis 2 weeks ago

    DAN plz can you do more of youtubs life😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭💩👂👂👂👏

  • Shaylie De Dominicis 2 weeks ago

    I am wering socks

  • lilach aharon 2 weeks ago

    Play cat goes fishing

  • Predator Go Boom 2 weeks ago

    I have no socks on 😅

  • Quinn O'Brien 2 weeks ago

    Play monster ledgens

  • Jayne Williams 2 weeks ago

    Yo can you bring you tubers life the game but not minecraft youtubers life

  • Craig Douglas 2 weeks ago

    I love this

  • Abbey May Smith 2 weeks ago

    You forgot about you uncles funrle

  • Aimee Aimee 2 weeks ago

    How is that minecraft?!?!

  • SmoggyBarrel65 2 weeks ago

    i am wearing socks

  • LpsUnicorn Sparkles 2 weeks ago

    May I just ask, is it bad to watch with socks off?

  • Marcus Chng 2 weeks ago

    Y u nvr be with dr trayrarous

  • Athar Furqan 2 weeks ago

    Of course you suck at it watch this…

    Old DanTDM: daily minecraft video..

    New DanTDM: daily gaming videos…

  • Undesirable 1 2 weeks ago

    Dan said
    Why cant i go to “Work”???
    Ohhh Ther it is it didnt “”work”” before

  • TH3-DR4G0N Lord 2 weeks ago

    iv played it

  • Enchanted Berrydeer 2 weeks ago

    When i saw the title i said inside ‘THATS RIGHT OH YEE’ and when i saw the video i said ‘Oh nvm i thought that was real’

  • Victorino Madayag 2 weeks ago

    its easy you just ned to post a good video

  • Victorino Madayag 2 weeks ago

    its easy to get subscriber just post a good video

  • themad kill 2 weeks ago

    you are my religion! YAAY!!

  • Dylan Smedley 2 weeks ago

    dan did you join chloe berridge’s minecraft world because she’s my school friend

  • Mixing gas Hauling ass 2 weeks ago

    I am wearing socks

  • Zac Roberts 2 weeks ago

    I’m making this in pocket

  • Xeno Morph 2 weeks ago

    i made 50,000 subscribers in 2 weeks (irl)

  • Damo Play's 2 weeks ago

    Does this need a beefy computer. Please respond

  • Ning Sandia 2 weeks ago

    i love my socks

  • TheCrazyDojo 2 weeks ago

    Dan you are awesome!!!

  • Kys M8 2 weeks ago

    I hope dan drops dead for his shitty vids

  • DanKgameR - 2 weeks ago


  • Jack Theo 2 weeks ago

    What a stupid game

  • ClasherKing 2 weeks ago

    OMG YOU SAID HALF LIFE!!! INSTEAD OF OVERWATCH!!!!!!!!! IM TRIGGERED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Crystal Johnson 2 weeks ago

    It’s ok your still my faverite YouTube

  • Martyn Connell 2 weeks ago

    When you uploaded this it was my Birthday

  • Ziyed B 2 weeks ago

    The reason you lost a lot is bc ur not doing as many as Minecraft videos anymore and not as many as mod showcases

  • GamerJacks 4 2 weeks ago

    21 on trending gg congrats Dan!

  • Just A Gaming Channel 2 weeks ago

    play more of this Dan we love it!!!

  • Killer YT 2 weeks ago

    thats great dan

  • Brooke the Duck 2 weeks ago

    Dan my husky Doug died today and I am so sad :(. Can you make a vidio of you and your pugs dancing to make me feel better :-}

  • Jian Ram Montaos 2 weeks ago

    Dan do your best

  • Addison Watson 2 weeks ago

    Please do it in another video

  • HardcoreGames 2 weeks ago

    #22 on Trending Wow love the video it deserves it! I liked too <3

  • diane ross 2 weeks ago

    epic vid dan keep it up can you pleas play wwe

  • Zoey Francis 2 weeks ago

    lol I’m not wearing socks

  • Kevin The Ghost 2 weeks ago

    116 lose -90 subs 5 years And 116 Again

  • Rich Laughlin 2 weeks ago

    I subscribed to u to remember witch is the fake DanTDM and the real. And ur the real. And cuz I luv u

  • Denis Bucur 2 weeks ago

    Dan tdm you are the besttttttt

  • DanTDM TheDiamondMinecart 2 weeks ago

    Panda Vlogs dan only gives shout outs to turkeyboy55

  • DanTDM TheDiamondMinecart 2 weeks ago

    plus I am dan you dorks I only want money from this your so stupid

  • melanie clarke 2 weeks ago

    hate youre vids anoying voice

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