• MoreAliA 1 month ago

    Hey everyone! 😀

    SO EXCITED for a NEW Prison episode – This one was AWESOME! Make sure you jump on mc.AliAcraft.net and join me!

  • Jacob T 1 month ago

    plz pick my
    name (JacobT1234)

  • Jennifer Stevson-McCauley 1 month ago


  • Yahir Enriquez 1 month ago


  • Cameron Hello 1 month ago

    Skullfacecam06 please rank I suck at the game please 😱

  • Young Kyrie 1 month ago


  • Catching Things 1 month ago

    Could this be done on Xbox one?

  • Abryn Tv 1 month ago

    My minecraft name is :ABryn

  • Holly Cutts 1 month ago


  • Nathan Dupuie 1 month ago


  • Kdou07 1 month ago

    Do pokemon 3D

  • malay thakkar 1 month ago

    Ali start a one final pixelmon island with the og gang. Lachlan, Vikk, Jerome, Bajan, Preston, Rob, Pete, Nade and alll of them. Pixelmon got copyrighted by Nintendo. Also make a custom modpack for everyone to play including Lachlan and all the other people in the old crazycraft 3.0 server.

  • Qadeer Hussain 1 month ago

    My username is gamaray1 keep up the god work

  • Aaron Dorcey 1 month ago

    Ad_juice is my McDonald’s name

  • Complex K9 1 month ago

    Go to diamond ruby area and grind there I’m already prestige 2 it’s /warp dra

  • John Martin 1 month ago

    Minecraft name:CR8HDx

  • Jordy Perez 1 month ago


  • CVEnder PigGaming 1 month ago

    how dare that graveside

  • Taiyub Hussain 1 month ago


  • Elliott Havler 1 month ago

    My minecraft username is gaming_legend324

  • TheCringiestGamer 1 month ago

    omg alia is playing mc!

  • Tbnrmcflames Y 1 month ago

    I love this sereies and would love a rank ign Tbnrmcflames

  • Z1PO47-minecrft-ark-and more 0.o 1 month ago

    my ign is ZIPO47

  • HooHa09 1 month ago


  • brandon nguyen 1 month ago


  • ZJ limited 1 month ago

    My name on Minecraft is Dr_Flyingfish pls me I’ve been subbed since how to Minecraft

  • Mr. Xavier 1 month ago


  • Erick Perez 1 month ago


  • Gamer Ash 1 month ago

    Ali can you bring the trophies down in clash of clans please

  • Michael Nelson 1 month ago

    ign redstoneblitz

  • FlameNinjaX 1 month ago

    😀 Alia! My Minecraft user : NinjaFireMageX7

  • Patrick Nauman 1 month ago


  • Moeez Malik 1 month ago

    Disarmedpaper My Minecraft Name

  • Ali please start a new survival series please

  • Daniel Salinas 1 month ago


  • ASF ultimate assassin 1 month ago

    dude you like a pope

  • Rishi Gandhi 1 month ago

    Why can’t you just use all the tools and armor you already had on
    Like if you wonder this as well

  • Rishi Gandhi 1 month ago

    Can’t you also just make a chest

  • Dilyn Owen 1 month ago

    I love your vedios i been watching u since i was 4 im now 11 love ur vid my ign:Hazebrothers
    and a helper will tell you about me hopefly i asked him

  • Tristan 1 month ago


  • Cal Boy 1 month ago

    Coolguy1234533 is my name

  • Thomas Edwards 1 month ago


  • Xander Gaming 1 month ago


  • HG Gaming 1 month ago


  • Patrick ROBLOX and more 1 month ago

    3 is my fave number

  • Uthman Muhammed 1 month ago

    Ali u can do slash nick to change your name

  • Артем Лоубсер 1 month ago

    Ali please dont do it again you cant do this

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