• teamgamers 6 months ago

    not hatin but till i see him with my own eyes on my own game i wont believe anyone

  • Crazed Joker 6 months ago

    play the server in creative or become oped so u can fly and go into cratibe and get dimand armor and weapons to deffete green Steve and don’t mind my spelling

  • Lego VIP 6 months ago

    Watch ohhonegee I think that is the username or maybe it is oohonegee idk but watch him. sometimes he is a little crazy but he does a lot of green Steve, herobrine, null, and entity303 videos + more

  • Lego VIP 6 months ago

    I think you can find green Steve on a seed called green66 or maybe it is green 66 but ohhonegee has a video about it

  • veronica gutierrez 6 months ago

    Shark summon green Steve and then bring some endermen and then the endermen will maybe look Green Steve in the eye and maybe they will attack him

  • TheDogeGamer Doge 6 months ago

    Hey shark try out this massive seed ‘hhh’ it’s a really giant village… Try it out and give me a shout out

  • Paranormal Girl 6 months ago

    13:00 to 13:05 if you look close enough you’ll see a flint and steel moving around like a player is holding it while invisible

  • Michael Eisenmenger 6 months ago

    I did the seed but it took me to a random island in the middle of the ocean.

  • Blake de Bettencor 6 months ago

    10 mins through vid I saw grenn steeve place emerald while in the water

  • It is Fake because at 13:05 when the gravel is falling you can see someone is invisible and has a block or something on their hand and its flying and if you realized when they look away there is blocks placing only.

  • dakota kichler 6 months ago

    Try the red color code

  • Lego VIP 6 months ago

    Make a new Chanel about green Steve, null, herobrine, and entity303 + other myths like Farman and seeds like the seed, orphanage. Like if you agree

  • Omar Garcia 6 months ago

    It is not fake it a bat flying

  • TrayGrim Lover 6 months ago

    9:17 umm hai green Steve

  • Danny Cena 6 months ago

    At 1:54, Moosecraft was such a savage and broke the sign

  • Ellie Shen 6 months ago

    Shark, you should play some maps with LogDotzip please

  • SYN Super Yoshi Noah 6 months ago

    What type of world does it have to be infinite or old

  • SYN Super Yoshi Noah 6 months ago

    I’ve did it three times in my Minecraft seed 008000 1 old world with that seed 2 infinite

  • SYN Super Yoshi Noah 6 months ago

    Nothing on any of them it’s a lie

  • SYN Super Yoshi Noah 6 months ago

    It’s edited so we can’t see the other people on it’s probably cyclone and Jeff or it’s the other proper dumbies

  • SYN Super Yoshi Noah 6 months ago

    This is fake as ####

  • Hughes Sisters 6 months ago

    your videos are fake i watched the jake paul one the green steve red steve and lots more and they were all fake

  • Jordan Brambila 6 months ago

    When the block fale you can see someone

  • Gamer HaxYT 6 months ago

    Guys this video is counted a fake one cuz if u slowdown 0.25 speed and look at 13:00 look above u see a flying flint and steel

  • Phan Nguyen 6 months ago

    The Last video when there was red steve maybe the seed on there world means red

  • Barney Gabriel 6 months ago

    Can you search for red steve and blue steve and yellow steve

  • Old Grandpa Gaming 6 months ago

    This is SOOOO Fake

  • Maisha Kabir 6 months ago

    It just cyclone with a green Steve skin and he is invisible

  • CrystalRoseGoldBlossomPlays Plays 6 months ago

    I thought green steve was gone!? What!?what the flip!?

  • CrystalRoseGoldBlossomPlays Plays 6 months ago

    Wut happened shark!? at the end of the vid!?u said
    “OMG GREEN STEVE BEHIND ME MAN!?NO…NO!!!”THEN,suddenly th video and u shark went dead

  • Aryan Aggarwal 6 months ago

    There was a name tag on the green steve

  • Kurth Malpaya 6 months ago

    14:54 he/she shift its fake

  • Tanuja Singh 6 months ago

    If u cant go in creative mode then how the flip did u get cooked chickens?

  • Arc Cabrieto 6 months ago

    When I Type 00800 The Number Change Too 008 BTW Does Green Steve Exist In Cell Phone MCPE??

  • #swagger Vloggs 6 months ago

    I put in the seed and it didnt work

  • Goodnight OR Good morning 6 months ago


  • Pinky Boi 6 months ago

    shark i can’t subscribe cuz i already did

  • Gary Wendel 6 months ago


  • Avery Abrahamian 6 months ago

    We were learning about sharks at school today…

  • Eric Cloete 6 months ago

    Try thes seed to red steve

  • Babyblu Lois 6 months ago

    Love his intro

  • Cookie Cake 6 months ago

    Shark no one believes in green Steve we all know you set it up

  • Brenda Orlando 6 months ago

    look for crooses

  • Espen Tanguay 6 months ago

    It is not working for me on mcpe

  • Espen Tanguay 6 months ago

    On my ipad

  • Steve Sapszyan 6 months ago

    hai i like cake 🙂

    ( . .)🍰
    — ^ woaho

    do you like cake?

    ha you cant have it

    ( . . )
    -🍰< jk you can 🙂 but only one piece ( . . ) --🍰 hai i hope i get a few likes on this. I worked so hard on this. Edit: thanks for all the likes I hope 🙂

  • D Morgan gaming 6 months ago

    Just saying you look younger than your voice does. Not supposed to be a roast just my opinion

  • Jeremiah Matthews 6 months ago

    Stop prancing moosecraft and unspeakable gaming

  • savage watermelon -hi 6 months ago


  • Crazy Geeks 6 months ago

    So is this on Minecraft Pocket edition?

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