• BlackWidowGaming 1 month ago

    “I wonder if he’s angry?”

  • xXHellHuntersXx Hacks 1 month ago

    LOL hope he isn’t your neighbor

  • The Roblox Specalist 1 month ago

    Dude i think he his mad

  • Kerrie Berry 1 month ago

    1000000000000000/10 for this video oml xDDDDDDD

  • doublesplit god 1 month ago

    8:24 pause where is censor sheep 😭😭😭🤤😭

  • JoshTheBestYoutuber ' 1 month ago

    Disliked for click bate

  • Wooktent 1 month ago

    8 thousand like Doni. You can do it now >:3

  • Sky Boygames 1 month ago

    the thing is i was on the server when all of this started and it made the server laggy

  • Damion Swihart 1 month ago


  • VeloGod 1 month ago

    #rga got banned i love u doni bobes! 😀

  • IMaeganHD 1 month ago

    I was on when you did that xD I was yelling STOP in the chat. I knew it was you the second you said RGA is a goose! xD

  • Tropical Network 1 month ago


    *Whoop whoop* its the sound of Doni duck. *whoop whoop* he is back from eating chips. *whoop whoop* rga is lit. *whoop whoop* Lets start this vid!

    (Sound of the police)

  • Gaming With Ryth 1 month ago

    OMG Doni your so Evil.. RIP NICK

  • EPIC SANS 1 month ago


  • james Hopkins 1 month ago

    Daaaaaame doni thats 100% savage

  • Menno Iedema 1 month ago

    U can also just sudo so it rlly doesn’t add anything to be on his acc

  • x_cremwesel_x 1 month ago

    ¡pɹɐƆ ʎɹɐɹqı˥ ɐ ǝʌɐH noʎ ɟI pɹɐH ʇ,usI unℲ ɓuıʌɐH

  • Robert TheCatRuler 1 month ago

    idk why but i think doni is running out of ideas

  • AccountInfoMC 1 month ago

    yeaah you totally didn’t ask nick for his account for a clickbait vid xd.

  • Kryni RBLX 1 month ago

    OML DONI “I wonder if he’s angry?” LMFAO

  • sweg kek 1 month ago

    You know it’s Nick Crompton and my collar stay Poppin yes I can rap and no I’m not from Compton ENGLAND IS MY CITY

  • sweg kek 1 month ago

    “Toggle cancer”?

  • Dr Mc 1 month ago


  • savytheweirdo 1 month ago

    my favorite doni duck video so far

  • Hannah Patterson 1 month ago


  • Hannah Patterson 1 month ago

    Doni le T H I C C fish!

  • ImSoHYPEE ImSoHYPEE 1 month ago

    Rga got hacked!

  • GamezEpizodez 1 month ago

    thought it was Technoblade. xD

  • Rubyboat 1 month ago


  • dragon emperor 1 month ago

    Omg I was there

  • MLG NINJA 1 month ago

    rga got hacked

  • Channel Name 1 month ago


  • TheUltimateYT Reacts 1 month ago

    It’s so weird seeing RGA’S skin and hearing Doni’s voice

  • FuriousGamer7000 1 month ago

    I have Feline Leukemia 🙁

  • Laimonaslai Gaming 1 month ago

    ITS 8000 likes CHANGE RGA SKIN NOW

  • CEE-D Arsenal 1 month ago

    ima turduckenowloose a turkey,duck,chicken,owl and goose

  • KentuckyDipper01 1 month ago


  • Denalia 1 month ago

    Give get typoed his 10 diamonds back lol

  • james757live 1 month ago

    Is RGA more famous on MC.Skittle than Doni?

  • TheGamingCoder 1 month ago


  • Jelle Schuwer 1 month ago

    Kinda clickbait but ok.

  • STRAPPY_ MAGE 1 month ago

    like , love ur intros

  • TBNRfrags Playz 1 month ago

    Doni your birthday is on sep. 25 and mine is aswell its today happy birthday doni!!!

  • RyeZaeBro 1 month ago


  • Ryan Chan 1 month ago

    Wow amazing Doni this is one of ur best trollllll!

  • TheApothicanStreamer115 1 month ago

    Doni le T H I C C Fish

  • pokemon zone 1 month ago

    Doni you are a dank meme yourself. And so mean to nick and i love that that’s why i subscribed 1 year ago

  • Grey Wolf 1 month ago

    You should of shown us his reaction on vid and where hypixel hack account Vid?

  • Susan Mangan 1 month ago

    Intro its every day bro

  • Mr Cashew 1 month ago

    Congrats on 600k

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