There’s a Minecraft tutorial world that’s been hidden for way too


  • Purple Inf 3 weeks ago

    Guys I Have A Funny Story

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  • Anna Szurek 3 weeks ago

    it’s my raw fish song 😂😂

  • Bogdan Dobrogorskiy 3 weeks ago

    I played that version

  • Pokeblox 101 3 weeks ago


  • The Ruby Rose 3 weeks ago

    I remember playing 2 different tutorials on Xbox you didn’t show (I like to make tutorial worlds because I don’t have to do much). Also, I vaguely remember a world my brother played, but it could be the one with the castle in front idk.

  • RedlobsterCAP Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    Stampys hoise is in the 6th tutorial world and there is one more tutorial world

  • Lowry Gamers 3 weeks ago

    the first world you can get boots too (zelda reference)

  • Leafyou2 Leaf2467 3 weeks ago

    Yeah! the tutorials used to switch a lot! I am a Xbox and Win10 player!

  • Chris Amigable 3 weeks ago


  • Northaxe 3 weeks ago


  • Northaxe 3 weeks ago

    Watching it for the first time

  • Dragon Hernandez 3 weeks ago

    relese thoose tutorial worlds for download

  • Marie Sabatka 3 weeks ago

    I remember it 🙁

    It grew up so fast

  • Super Saiyan Commenter 3 weeks ago

    oh my gad i swear to god i have that on my xbox right now.

  • Super Saiyan Commenter 3 weeks ago

    4:05 0.25 speed


  • Doxapro 3 weeks ago

    P.S. It was also on PS3

  • Hunter Belch 3 weeks ago

    Did not check inside the minecraft words

  • Poisonous Rarity 3 weeks ago


  • AbnormalHare822 3 weeks ago

    I started in #4 and I never completed the tutorial so I couldn’t get out to the world and it makes me sad

  • Red Saiyan 3 weeks ago

    Your raw fish song is close to a pussy eating song

  • Arsonist Allegiance 3 weeks ago

    The best tutorial world was the best one.

  • Lil' Misfit 3 weeks ago

    I used to play the first tutorial map all the time on my ps3… im old

  • Red Saiyan 3 weeks ago

    I betcha you would finger your own asshole just to say you got booty

  • tbossworld2 3 weeks ago

    they did make new tutorial worlds witch the newest one on Xbox has a bunch of monuments and changed a lot but since i was not on Xbox live i had to stay on the 1.0.0 version and the 3rd tutorial world and any way there is suppose to be a painting in front of the nether room but yea there were good things so some things looked and were a little different there were the minecarts and there was creative mode but i cant be leave that they still don’t have chat and command blocks and commands in Xbox but at lest in pocket edition there was

  • DaveDoesStuff 3 weeks ago

    I have played that world on my x box 360

  • Michael Brocaglia 3 weeks ago

    That’s not the last one. There have been several versions made since then. Just open up old console and create a tutorial world, it’s changed a lot.

  • Riley SwiftFoot 3 weeks ago

    I grew up with Tutorial World 3, and there was a secret behind the lava and an underwater hideout in the swamp lake.

  • Menta Fallah 3 weeks ago

    OMG on 22:34 i have been in that world befor!!!!!!!!

    Edit:there should be things in the chests and animals in the fenced arias

  • Metal Sloth Productions 3 weeks ago

    I remember this world

  • All Of That Crazy Stuff 3 weeks ago

    When I was younger I remember waiting for updates. From the first world to the last

  • RobloxPony YT 3 weeks ago

    *Bold* _Italic_ -Line-

  • alexthebro 265 3 weeks ago

    I miss the older versions of the tutorial world because I grew up on the Xbox 360 version.

  • Reality Man 3 weeks ago

    Fun facts in the actual Xbox tutorial worlds you couldn’t leave the spawn area until you had survived 1 night and also he missed a ton(and I mane a TON) of secret areas including stampys house being on the other side of the last tutorial world he showed

  • Mighty Lion511 3 weeks ago

    I remember every single update after 2

  • ruyguy9977 3 weeks ago

    On the fifth one you forgot an area

  • Drama Catz 3 weeks ago

    I played this world on my ps3

  • GammplayrPlayz 3 weeks ago

    Did anybody notice that the tutorial world #4 came back in another future tutorial world, but all ruined , started getting that old style effect in its build? I think it was the update before the elitra came out.

  • Jaden LeMieux 3 weeks ago

    I actually have the first one, “it was so small, but I was SOOO HUNGRY” BBT

  • Kyle Ebdon 3 weeks ago

    I still have via world

  • austin gopler 3 weeks ago

    Who else Screamed when He went through the lava without the Fire resistance THERES A SECRET ROOM and yes i have played that version of Minecraft AAAAAAH

  • Vincent Hanson 3 weeks ago

    on my 360 I converted the tutorial you just had on the intro if anyone wants to play that world friend GamerGuy6903

  • Diftcar Cameron 3 weeks ago

    Ps version also

  • Toon_lik so1 3 weeks ago

    9:00 there was a chestfull of redstone elswhere! also that is the toutorial i first had but with hunger. i saved and altered the toutorial and that was the day i became a building Nredstone master. plus haunted mansion!

  • sS Dubs Tep Ss 3 weeks ago

    its like an Adventure

  • the gamer 72 3 weeks ago

    I played when i was 4 years old!

  • WafflesAreAwesome 69 3 weeks ago

    RIP fish

  • YJGK ZombieLord 3 weeks ago

    I loved the first one u showed

  • TheDerpDragon 12345 3 weeks ago

    1:39 this shows how this channel changed fir the worse in the past few years

  • nizam uddin 3 weeks ago


  • Khizer Ahmed 3 weeks ago

    I have played this world on my cousin’s Xbox man

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