• Dark Corners 3 weeks ago

    How many likes to go into the end?

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  • Go into the portal in your next video!!😨

  • *…*

  • TheGenoser 3 weeks ago

    He needs your help

  • natsuki nico nikoni 3 weeks ago


  • FloweryJoker 33 3 weeks ago

    i would have go in with no hesitaion…i think there going fight

  • A-Game FIKA 3 weeks ago

    18 hrs later… I’M HERE BABY! under 24hrs! U feel good!

    P.s. I do think that that hero brine is trying to help u not KILL u, my opinion though.

  • goranks {KAMLESH DIXIT} 3 weeks ago

    Here are your 3k likes go in the end now it is a order

  • Ender _Jake5000 3 weeks ago

    Dark I play on your server and I’m making a base in the end. And I have a castle on it.

  • Anayeli Lara 3 weeks ago

    Hi down and herobribne said I will kill u

  • Yu Hei Cheng 3 weeks ago

    It Is Herobrine’s Soul

  • Yu Hei Cheng 3 weeks ago

    Do not destroy

  • Along Came Daniel 3 weeks ago

    Well 3000 likes. You gotta go in the end portal

  • Haiden.basbas Haiden 3 weeks ago

    jump into portal

  • Shaun HD 3 weeks ago

    1.Herobrine is not even existed in 1.7-1.2.

    2.Herobrine can’t run but he tp alot

    Still love ur vids even its fake

  • Dragon Rider 3 weeks ago

    I think herobrine lives in the neather. Or between the files like Error sans. Also dark maybe there’s a war and you just happened to get yourself in between it 😂. Keep the good work 👍👍

  • Uganda Knuckles 3 weeks ago

    Is it just me or when we use task when watching Herobrine vids Herobrine name will become heroine

  • minecraft addict 3 weeks ago

    Addons lol!! 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  • Maii Rashed 3 weeks ago

    Dark, you are all prepared to go in the nether but you just need armor just in case.

  • The Emoji Squad Team 3 weeks ago


  • Lance Gaming 3 weeks ago


  • Mikaela Ayesha Alam-alam 3 weeks ago

    Dark my theory is herobrine is trying to save minecraft and null is destroying minecraft so maybe this is right i hooope sooo.
    But i luv ur vids keep up the good work dark keep up! 😀👍

  • abdullah Mohammad mohammad 3 weeks ago

    Make armor

  • Lori Cooper 3 weeks ago

    Can you please go in the portal I want to see bad

  • P. G. K.O The Hater slayer 3 weeks ago

    Maybe HEROBRINE just wanna go drunk with you

  • Hecker 360 3 weeks ago

    Use a night vision pot in the end in p.e it look weird or scary

  • Matyea Nolan 3 weeks ago


  • XxBEExx BEExX 3 weeks ago


  • Mai Lam 3 weeks ago

    Go in

  • Mae Dacer 3 weeks ago

    What country are you!?!?!?

  • DZIKRIN IMAN 3 weeks ago

    Emmmm is this real??

  • EnderDude DaFuk 3 weeks ago

    Please tell us the seed because I forgot it

  • Joseph Candelija 3 weeks ago

    Wait a portal go on enter the portal now

  • Jayesh Jadav 3 weeks ago

    If i was you i will take away diamond block

  • Unknown 537 3 weeks ago

    This time you’re done.

  • Jayesh Jadav 3 weeks ago

    9:46 herobrine

  • Miner Gamez 3 weeks ago

    Dark you’re videos is awasome

  • Cristoph Ching 3 weeks ago

    Well I know its ur friend or some shit xD

  • Lenawati Tjahjono 3 weeks ago

    gets iron shovel

    fancy fancy

    while underground there was an iron sitting right there..

  • emmanouil Xalikia 3 weeks ago

    so real lol

  • Nikolas Paško 3 weeks ago

    1tip:wear a pumpkin on the head and if you are in the end or somewhere where are endermans they dont atack you PS. Iam master of redstone

  • Nikolas Paško 3 weeks ago


  • Dana Mae Gießler 3 weeks ago

    You cool and nice👍

  • Hayati Jinau 3 weeks ago

    Yes i see herobine DARK CORNERS

  • ThE kInG 3 weeks ago

    Dark u cant hit even 5k likes

  • Black player 3 weeks ago

    You a hacked

  • Batsukh Enkhbayar 3 weeks ago

    herobrine yagaad tani togloommond oroj ireed baygaan bol

  • Spring wolfy 3 weeks ago

    Who knows what is in the end. Null has probably already built something there ever since he went in there.

  • Onnie Tv 3 weeks ago

    It’s Hero Bryn

  • jelayso troon 3 weeks ago

    Herobrine omg

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