• 09sharkboy 6 months ago

    GREEN Steve is so spooky! Who wants to see more? #SHARKARMY

  • Emery Muldoon 5 months ago

    He was following you the whole time i saw him

  • Mia Williams 5 months ago

    if villagers get struck they turn into witch

  • ThePinoy Crafter 5 months ago

    ok KIDS herobrine,entity303 is not real

  • CRAZYMIR 12 5 months ago

    i say the green steve at the end is true cause your reaction takes it away

  • Laine TDM 5 months ago

    Green Steve is real in vanilla Minecraft

  • Slinker Cash 5 months ago

    Not to be smart or anything but I’m pretty sure that he or she want to get you off the server

  • Ronald Xia 5 months ago

    I hate scary things as well

  • Ashley N Friends 5 months ago


  • Lillie Gerster 5 months ago

    …i really don’t know what to believe. BTW not to be sassy, but what happened to herobrine? 😮😊 did “he decided” to leave you alone????? I don’t know if it’s real or fake, but I’m pretty sure it’s fake. I used to believe but now sadly I dont

  • The Official Cringley 5 months ago

    Me and my cusion have experienced herobrian

  • Kaden master of minecraft 2010 5 months ago

    Forest fires are in Minecraft

  • alex bernabei 5 months ago

    09sharkboy you are curest ? stop not believing it herobrine curest you?

  • Mitchell Miller 5 months ago

    The forest fire looked like It said kill

  • Fudge Monkeyz 5 months ago

    whats the seed

  • Francis De Guzman 5 months ago

    That was me hahaha😋😋😋

  • Owen Sutton 5 months ago


  • Morgan Lamond 5 months ago

    Do a video with ItsDylan
    Give a like to agree

  • Bazooka with a Flamethrower 5 months ago

    What the flip the was surprising

  • Giovanni Davila 5 months ago

    I’m afraid even in the beginning plz comment back

  • Angelina Hodder 5 months ago

    3:00 dude… Forest fires have been in minecraft lol

  • jessica herron 5 months ago

    Herobriane is in your world😐

  • Cristi Chapman 5 months ago

    2:53 yellow on top of 🌲 trees weird

  • AvaTheGamerGirl 5 months ago

    Green Steve story: first of all if u wanna know the whole story go to this website creepypasta minecraft. So first if u see green Steve don’t be scared because one of the people who worked for mojang wanted to add a green Steve in the game but they all said no but then night he hacked and added the green steve in the game so mostly green Steve is just a creature that as added in the game but was hacked to he could be I the game so thats the story. Also shark there’s also a Steve called red Steve but I Dont know they story…..

  • Cristi Chapman 5 months ago

    4:13 pigman

  • Zero Fails 5 months ago

    Yes forest fires are in minecraft it. Happeneds on ps3 ps4 abox and pc

  • Jeremiah Diax 5 months ago

    I talk to green Steve before he just wants to be alone

  • creeper boy 5 months ago

    There is a thing called red steve and ghost steve it you want to go check it out but I don’t k ow the seed to the world’s sorry

  • Kristen Hartless 5 months ago

    Hey.shark I,’ve seen every thing and can you.please shout out .you the first person I,’ve ever subbed to your the best out of the others

  • Fernando O'Brien 5 months ago


  • BORIS NøøbX 10 yo Martinez 5 months ago

    ??? 😦😦😦

  • Random things Fun right? 5 months ago

    7:00 bro watch his hands the video is clearly edited congrats you placed a trail of emerald blocks making sure to be secretive about the trail and when lightning happened with the pigmen and witch where’s the tab key you probably turned of chat so moose or unspeakable can leave plus theres many commands to make it where there name doesn’t show up on tab so many holes in your cheaty fooling rude episode so what I’m trying to say is that I unsubscribed I mean seriously I’ve been a hardcore sub and I forgave you for lying about every single hero brine based episode I mean I’ve been subbed for a year a year! But now I’m done I’m done I will never ever watch a video of yourself again because you lied to hundreds of thousand of people.
    Edit: I’ve been reading through the comments you should be ashamed shark really for fooling all your subscribers you are a horrible person and for what likes and subs? You suck

  • ZeroSixteen 5 months ago

    Of coouuursee… nice made, but still fake. Im so happy that i can use my brain to know that u can fake that easy. Dark Corners videos are better

  • ZeroSixteen 5 months ago

    I like the description, mostly the part where it says u make kid friendly and positive content. There are surely no Nightmares for all the Kids watching this XD

  • Hawk Gamer51 5 months ago


  • Grace Allan 5 months ago

    Shark try nyan cat JAZZ (reaction)

  • berry dela cruz 5 months ago

    Is true the green steve!😱😱

  • PAKBOY GAGO 5 months ago

    That burning is a sign of green steve

  • PAKBOY GAGO 5 months ago

    BTW he means leave the world

  • Substitute4Films 5 months ago

    Green steve looks more like emerald steve

  • Lesley harris 5 months ago

    Great vid😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😎

  • Cameron Herbert 5 months ago


  • Leah Bagalihog 5 months ago

    Sheees thats creepey it’s like blow up

  • Sophia Chan 5 months ago

    i think before you set up the vid you put some command blocks

  • Richie Nathan Hermanto 5 months ago

    UMM. Shark u know you dan /v don’t lie

  • MacaylaBurtonPlayz Minecraft 5 months ago

    A little scary but some cuts i 40% belive this 60% not. Tommorow i will try this seed so yep I will record so check it out soon

  • Nathalia Datunsolang 5 months ago

    I already watch it firat time not jumpscare creeper second time jumpscare creeper im the smartest at my team

  • Nathalia Datunsolang 5 months ago

    My mc team

  • Lalaine Litong 5 months ago

    6:19 shark said “Theres an emerald *blaft* ” 😂

  • Aaron Boren 5 months ago

    Is this really or fake

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