• super builder 3 months ago

    where is unspeakable

  • Kim Hainna Layug 3 months ago

    Delete that world

  • Charlie Deutsch 3 months ago

    This is so sketchy

  • Taim Albana 3 months ago

    if you reed tis 09sharkboy you can do lava the same as green steve

  • Haroon Rashid 3 months ago

    I know it’s fake but it’s really fun to watch

  • Zack Fisher 3 months ago

    wait where`s unspeakable

  • Erika's Life 3 months ago

    Such poor acting

  • Zainab Sarwar 3 months ago

    I think that you should use someone as bait to catch green Alex

  • Dibujar es Facil 3 months ago

    Hi shark you are the best youtuber ever in life i dont thing youll see this couse its allot o comments but if you see this you te best i love the steve and alex videos y follow you from when you have 127 subscribers see you boy cool

  • vasile dorel balau 3 months ago

    Shark when moos said did you see that the dirt turned emrald

  • Ryan Donnelly 3 months ago

    Wither her wither green Alex get the wither boss

  • Notch Builders 3 months ago

    Shark did you see green alex’s items they are different blocks that dont exist make a search for it

  • Evan Ni 3 months ago

    Hey find a bed rock Steve

  • Bon Bon 3 months ago

    Do green steve with green alex

  • Brian Lee 3 months ago

    Ask her why she is chasing you

  • Alexander Soo 3 months ago

    use redstone because she was holding redstone dust?

  • Alexander Soo 3 months ago

    why was there rotten flesh on the ground 10:24

  • Kallow 2004 3 months ago

    How to make a minecraft video:
    Step 1: name a skin (alex/Steve ect.)
    Step 2: name a colour
    Step 3: get a friend to make a skin combining the colour and skin
    Step 4: record your friend ‘haunting’ you in a minecraft world

  • sam dunn 3 months ago

    green steve red steve yellow steve purple steve…and now green alex…WHAT THE #$^* IS NEXT?!?!? GREEN HEROBRINE? GREEN NNOTCH??! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Diounte Williams 3 months ago

    Read the replay with me and Blue Steve was on this is helpful

  • Austin Kanczuzewski 3 months ago

    I seen it

  • Sawyer Lundle 3 months ago

    look for herobrians girl friend

  • Mcdonalds Cameron 3 months ago

    Tack green Alex on a date then

  • Ethan Terana 3 months ago

    Shark how about you summon all the colors even stve and alex

  • Stephanie Calulo 3 months ago

    I think you need green steve to stop her

  • Javion Tee 3 months ago

    Green Alex seems more powerful than green steve

  • Ettore Farina 3 months ago

    Is very good fake

  • RYAN vlogs and gameplay 3 months ago

    You dony post

  • RYAN vlogs and gameplay 3 months ago


  • RYAN vlogs and gameplay 3 months ago

    Alex and stev are a colpe

  • RYAN vlogs and gameplay 3 months ago

    They date

  • Tayler Difrancesco 3 months ago

    Maybe Beast characters are real because didn’t you see that creeper get hit by Green Alex you never know maybe they’re right maybe the wrong hit the like button if you think I’m right

  • Jared wolf 3 months ago

    Summon wither storm

  • Lance Tee 3 months ago


  • Jared wolf 3 months ago


  • City Worker 3 months ago

    09 Sharkboy 09 Sharkboy

  • naji hazem 3 months ago

    Trap her in an emerald cage so she gets weak and she loses all here power

  • Melvin Relos 3 months ago

    Green alek is real

  • Hanaa Zouri 3 months ago

    Okay green Steve red Steve blue Steve ender brian rainbow Steve AND NOW GREEN ALEX I AM SO DEAD XD

  • Hyago Nascimento 3 months ago


  • A Squad 3 months ago

    I found red Alex she killed me and then I deleted that world

  • AmazeBrickZ ProductionZ 3 months ago

    What’s next? Shark Alex or emerald Fiona

  • darkpixie083 3 months ago

    thet is my minecraft crarictr

  • Diamondsbra Lol 3 months ago

    Uhhhh This is so FREAKING SPOOKY TO i didn’t watch the start but maybe if u delete the world

  • billyjack 3 months ago

    green alex was there

  • Drax the Destroyer 3 months ago

    Date green alex then she will attack for you

  • erin ogas 3 months ago

    Maybe the same way you kill Green Steve 😏

  • Falcon56 rules 3 months ago

    Who else saw a trail of rotten flesh at about 10 or 11 min.

  • Tamworth moosegear Mod 3 months ago

    Summon the green steve right now

  • ose ekisola 3 months ago

    How bout build a emerald spawn so that she would get attracted to it then you trap her.

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