• Lucas Choi 5 months ago

    Search for Light Steve. He is a fully white steve and i do know what it does

  • Chosen Healey 5 months ago

    Plz plz continue makeing or doing a new school seris or kinder or some thing it your chocie

  • Dan Peled 5 months ago

    What version the server is?

  • Christian Henderson 5 months ago

    There is a black Steve tell moose and Nathan and cyclone so they can Discover it Christian Henderson

  • Iz Izac 5 months ago

    i saw blue Steve


    At 4 23 there was Herobrine right in front of you.

  • NoahPlayz - Vlogs ,Gaming, And More! 5 months ago

    Is Your Computer Doing Good

  • Mahmoud Fayed 5 months ago

    Shark he doesn’t see you because you have invisibleaty

  • Eden HASDIYE 5 months ago

    You noob big noob

  • Eden HASDIYE 5 months ago


  • CYPRUS GAMERS 5 months ago


  • CYPRUS GAMERS 5 months ago

    If it was 22nd I will be very amazing because it’s my birthday yeaaaaaaaa

  • Kobus Nel 5 months ago

    I would love it if you could make a video with green Steve red Steve blue Steve Entity 303 and herobrine if u do this I’ll be so happy please do this 😍 thanks 🙏.

  • Zachary Z 5 months ago

    Wat is the seed of yr server

  • Taim Albana 5 months ago

    i cant join herobrine hunters O:

  • Tauran Patel 5 months ago


  • green games 5 months ago


  • Bomb Man 5 months ago

    Do daycare again or I unsub and always call you 09tunathick

  • Adam Reda 5 months ago

    Why your not making videos of sharkplays

  • Adam Reda 5 months ago

    Plz make videos again

  • Kallow 2004 5 months ago

    It’s Psycho girls dad! xD

  • Joseph McCathie 5 months ago

    Plz do a live stream on the 20th of December my birthday

  • Relished Candy72 5 months ago

    Thx For BBaringin This Back!

  • Relished Candy72 5 months ago


  • Jayden Bruce 5 months ago


  • Joseph Heron 5 months ago

    It says I need fix with a random letter in it after the f

  • Jayden Bruce 5 months ago

    I need help on his server

  • John Baldwin 5 months ago

    I was about to tweet you this

  • Marisa Castillo 5 months ago


  • Gianni Mastroserio 5 months ago

    The reason Entity 303 couldn’t see Shark is because he was either in vanish or he had an invisibility effect on

  • Ultronic Wave 5 months ago

    he came on demanding u to come on

  • Ultronic Wave 5 months ago

    i try to friend him

  • Gavin Nielson 5 months ago

    Dude I know you know that cross and lava don’t get rid of it 300 story

  • Expired Bleach 5 months ago

    Younger sister speaking: do more heribrine hunters please 😝😝😝😝😝😝

  • Becky & Alex 5 months ago

    Why do all the creepgy things alaways place crosses, like jesus died on the cross, I know not many ppl are Christian but I am, but…… Why does Green STeve and Red Steve, Entity 303, etc…. ALWAYS place crosses? If you have any answers, OR theories, please tell me because I’m so confused and curious about it. So if anyone knows? Please tell me! Thanks! 🙂

  • RAINBOW STORM 5 months ago

    Entity 303 is after you he said he wants to challenge you if you are brave enough I saw it his name was in red on the server you are playing on

  • Johnny Leatherman 5 months ago

    Unexpected Is what the sign says in the beginning

  • Johnny Leatherman 5 months ago

    Youwere invisible

  • Johnny Leatherman 5 months ago

    Never mind but you were

  • G1GamingVR / GGVR 5 months ago

    Unspeakable found Herobrine’sGF.

  • G1GamingVR / GGVR 5 months ago

    Entity 303 will eat 09sharkboy.

  • Aaronn Carrington 4 months ago

    He sounds like moose at the end of the vid… ok he sounds like moose a lot rlly. And that sign at the beginning that said help and I need well mx303 was asking for help because those fast numbers on the help sign, if you look really closely it says I need and on the I need sign the fast numbers say help which he’s saying I need help

  • wolfcon3 4 months ago


  • EnderKidPlays 4 months ago

    Dude we can clearly see that your invisible in the top right corner

  • Cloe Carrillo 4 months ago

    How do we get on your server to play with you?

  • XxARCXERxX 4 months ago

    Is the server can join in mobile version??

  • Kristine De Guzman 4 months ago

    Don’t kill me

  • Kristine De Guzman 4 months ago

    I’m just a kid

  • Kristine De Guzman 4 months ago

    I’m 303

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