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  • is you in da logan be a maverick yayeet 6 days ago


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    I did

  • Broly_distruction fnaf mayhem 6 days ago

    I did sir yes sir I’m a savage so ggggg

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  • Wolf Agent 6 days ago

    If you wanna know how to have the writing that you saw on a world but it’s for android hold on 露 and you will see this 搂 and let go and push letter k do not space and you will see it if you want to do more troll videos

  • Cupcake Paragon 6 days ago

    3:51-3:57 * ignores zombie for 6 seconds*

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    I subscribed! 馃槂馃槂馃槂馃槂馃槃馃槃馃槃

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    wow im 5 years old and i absolutely loved this video its amazing quality entertainment great acting as well

  • Nathan Ignacio 6 days ago

    hello rage can you add me on your minecraft pls

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  • Galaxy Diamond 6 days ago

    Rage don’t do this kind of series please other youtubers are slowly moving away from minecraft

  • Justin Bieber 6 days ago

    When will Pyrocynical bully this guy again?

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    I did rage and how can I join your world’s in Minecraft? P.L.E.A.S.E

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    New world ???? What

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    please delete your channel

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    I subscribed

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    Why does content like this exist?

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    Rage sorry to ruin your video but do you know what Dame Tu Costa means?

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    You are now intro

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    I鈥檝e never wanted to be hit by a 16 wheeler so much in my life

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    I love your videos Rage elixirI鈥檓 your biggest fan and my name is Michael

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    how about realm smp? please i really enjoyed that.

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    Jesus Christ.

  • The Compilation Kid TV 6 days ago

    Who else came here for a good laugh.

  • hannah rosales 6 days ago

    Rageelixir can you play please speed build in Minecraft is so fun plz

  • So Zu 6 days ago

    The alyin is scary

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  • Chris Cruz 6 days ago

    Who likes dame tu cosita and how is he scary just kill him whith a sword

  • Eddie Borja 6 days ago

    Really all dame to cosita stop making videos of that

  • Jun Belarmino 6 days ago

    just do creative mode

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    i did and wached your videoes

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    I subscribe!!!!!!

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    Go in to creative

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    i am already surcribe you

  • baldi basic 6 days ago

    i like your video rage

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    Not really

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    Dame tu cosita murder you because your are not islam if you islam there Were never mystery gonna murder you

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    I subscribed 馃槉

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