• Pratham Modi 1 week ago

    Did Anyone Notice that he did not click the server button !! Aka Tab Button ;( Fake

  • JustATest Minecraft PE 1 week ago

    Why did you skip? Preston I want to see the un-skip part

  • Mr,Redomino 1 week ago

    Liked Because OF Clickbait Titles

  • FLAW3D 1 week ago

    do it

  • Andrey Martin Delola 1 week ago

    Made part like to agree noobs XD

  • Kính Gia Phát 1 week ago

    Best video fake Dame Tu COSITA ever 🙂

  • Gideon Head 1 week ago

    thats so fake

  • Blazing GamerTV 1 week ago


    Nice role play

    Read more

  • Thomas Wang 1 week ago

    it’s not real and I’m going to watch his video and going to tell Preston

  • nightcore_world 245 1 week ago

    Lol ok one, Preston you cannot pronounce Spanish words at all. Lol. And… look it up before you say it. It’s messed up lol.

  • Anh Phương 1 week ago

    is kinda fake -_-

  • Melissa Blaisdell 1 week ago

    I love you and your chanil

  • Andrea Staines 1 week ago

    Kids are watching too you know so you can’t just say the tooth fairy isn’t real and stuff cause im kid and it doesn’t feel very good finding out by a youtuber!!!

  • KawaiiCup AnimesCutie 1 week ago

    I believe tooth fairy bet..


  • Kartik Rajauria 1 week ago

    He is fake

  • Kartik Rajauria 1 week ago

    But I want more video on dame tu cosita

  • Shandel Dy 1 week ago

    I saw some. Particles too

  • Sam 5bda 1 week ago

    fake because I tried to find him and I type hes name

  • XXGamer XX 1 week ago

    Dami tu cosita is Fake👎 but i like the video👍

  • MK - MauiKyle 1 week ago

    Dame Tu Cosita is obviously fake LOL. Those who think that Dame is real are stupid. He is sooo fake. Preston could have just pressed tab to see if there were any usernames, but no. I think Preston decided to act like he was being all smart, “unlike other youtubers”, yet he made this topic as mysterious as any other fake video. For once Preston, I feel like your acting.

  • SHoop SHoop SHoop 1 week ago

    Dame tu cosita should be dead !!!

  • ariq hello ian marcus 1 week ago

    Dont click read more 2

    Hi there

    Not there yet…

    Not close at all

    I told you not click

    This is gonna be a while

  • Mystic Espeon 1 week ago

    But why…

  • princess nightmare hugs 1 week ago

    He’s not a lizard he’s alien

  • Butterfly 7 C 1 week ago

    More XD btw u should apologize and make a house for him or she… and leave a apologize sign i don’t know y

  • ramcess the bird 1 week ago

    when he cookes chicken in the cave look to your left and you see an dancing zombie

  • Nathan Westeneng 1 week ago

    More finding out

  • Krypton Son 1 week ago


  • Wolf Kacey 1 week ago

    I love how some people are complaining about Preston pronouncing it wrong. Not everyone speaks Spanish ;-;

  • Jenric Alex Anastacio 1 week ago

    Da me to cocita not dame cosita

  • oman playz 1 week ago


  • Robert Dela Cruz 1 week ago

    Or only unspeakable LoL is not exist

  • Argin Arma 1 week ago

    Hey do a video with rage elixir

  • Argin Arma 1 week ago

    Plss preston

  • Royce Allen 1 week ago

    Preston its D. A. M. E. TU COSITA

  • Benjie Muit 1 week ago

    I just saw dami toku cita in your vid while your cooking I saw him

  • Exyl Lino Yeli 1 week ago

    Its pronounce DAH MEH TU KOSITA

  • Vclipse 1 week ago

    I love your vids so much xoxo 😁😁😁

  • sillyboy chaoticstyle 1 week ago

    I agree with you, he isn’t real.

  • Georgina Willing 1 week ago


    (Probably the entire video were planned

  • John Kyle Bautista 1 week ago

    I’m not judging you that house it’s pretty good

  • usernameexe watermelon 1 week ago

    This cant be real, this has to be a meme

  • briz MoDZ-cs:go-bo2- 1 week ago

    WOW! In the land of Make believe

  • Vrizxly 1 week ago

    Even preston clickbaits at this point?

  • Serena Elder 1 week ago

    preston, when you were mining and like i dont want no creeper, he was at the corner screen

  • Jessica Lithgow 1 week ago

    You wouldn’t know if it’s real or fake who cares anyways when your the ones who watched iy

  • Cam J 1 week ago

    Do you no what that means it’s show me your dic k

  • Jessica Lithgow 1 week ago


  • Bolty Playz 1 week ago

    I love clickbaits

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