Welcome back to evo! Sorry i’m behind schedule! I will be caught up


  • Beau Buehler 4 months ago

    Why would you want to grab a cactus?

  • the daiomond assassion 4 months ago

    Q&A are you going to ever use your face cam and if you do can you show us your pets in it

  • SqvageDabz 4 months ago

    This episode felt so short :/
    Anyways Q&A : Why don’t you usually do a face-cam?

  • BumDie Games11 4 months ago

    Grian has such a cute face! Not to be weird but like he adorable! :O

  • Chihiro Sun 4 months ago

    I wanna try this now

  • Jorrian Dupard 4 months ago

    @Grian Is the project at the base supposed to be like a stadium?

  • PixelatedNinjaGaming 4 months ago

    How do you do this cinematic/viewing yourself building? Is it another account you have recording you?

  • KebabBall Mapping 4 months ago

    Almost at 2 million subs, keep up the great work Grian!

  • CrystalFox799 4 months ago

    Unless it isn’t added in this version, you can die sheep with one dye, punch the sheep, and get up to 3 grey wool out of the one dye. You’re welcome.

  • breaking bones 4 months ago

    Qna do you know theodd1sout he mention u in a vid

  • KingHades 1234 4 months ago

    7.8/10 Too much water

  • TheMcArrow 4 months ago

    Q and A : Grian have you heard about the hermitcraft series and will this series turn out like it ?

  • Jace Malone 4 months ago

    Will u ever do build swap original agian and will u ever add sabatoge to server edition

  • BaffledBulbasaur 4 months ago

    QNA: will taurtis ever upload again? It’s been half a year!

  • Aidex3000 4 months ago

    Q&A can you make a torturer area involving legos on your empire?

  • TaraKat 22 4 months ago

    Lol i was just fidgeting and sitting here until you said you might be uploading again tomorow!!! I stopped and got wide eyed! Yayyyyyyy I love this series!

  • Ruby Sharp 4 months ago

    Grian, what first interested you in playing Minecraft? :3c

  • Christi Moore 4 months ago

    For building your comments build the peanut butter jelly banana dancing with two Peanut butter jelly sandwiches

  • ElementalDesigns 4 months ago

    Who else gets reminded of Mumbo’s base? because I do!

  • True Flameslinger 4 months ago

    YouTube rendering disallows being able to see the items in 3d I believe.

  • OxideGamersPH Mobile Legends And more! 4 months ago

    That sound… memories! :’)

  • MaxTheMinerBoy 4 months ago

    q&a what rec and editing softwhare do you use?

  • xXTurtle_CatxX 4 months ago

    I have a pair of the new 3D glasses from the theater but the lenses popped out and got water on them and there useless ._.

  • Dude Abide 4 months ago

    How ’bout building a pathway above the water around your base? (Ya know what I’m sayin’?)

  • Little Kawaii Panda 4 months ago

    I have it I saw it AHH

  • Viv Pikmin 4 months ago

    please make a secret fort ok

  • Total Trash Mammal 4 months ago

    Grian, I think you should do a livestream every time you do one of the tedious tasks like you did in this video where you sped it up and answered questions.
    Because I really get the impression that you get extremely bored when you do these tasks. So we will be able to watch you work on your build and we can join you, ask some questions, and just hang out with you live so you don’t get bored during your builds!
    I don’t know about everyone else, but I wouldn’t really care that there isn’t anything super exciting going on. It can just be a chill stream while we chat and you get things done.

  • Josiah Allen 4 months ago

    QnA: why don’t you do an outro so you don’t waste time.
    (Is this really a QnA?)

  • Juice Boost 4 months ago

    No we’re not happy! Combining two types of pillar arrangements just makes everything off-centered, even if one side is more important.

  • Harmonial Psychopath 4 months ago

    What/ Who gives you all your ideas for tutorials?

  • David Rud Pedersen 4 months ago

    I like your face Grian. Pls cut it off and send it to my mailbox ;b

  • AI-quote 4 months ago

    maybe add rings to the project to get more structure.

  • Spidermine gaming 4 months ago

    coped mumbo jumbo on hermit craft

  • Alexander Crisp 4 months ago

    use mumbo’s schedule:
    monday: nothing
    tuesday: tutorial
    wednesday: multiplayer
    thursday: tutorial
    friday: multiplayer
    saturday: tutorial
    sunday: multiplayer

  • Emily Wood 4 months ago

    I still use those 3d glasses grian haha

  • Emma Green 4 months ago

    Ok guys give me 40 likes if you want Grain to have the bigger side as the hole way round

  • RobotomV2 4 months ago

    WOAH! I did NOT expect that voice to come out of that face!

  • jocerboy 4 months ago

    MY EYES!

  • Doose bags 4 months ago

    Change your version of minecrart to the newest one

  • Will Matthews 4 months ago

    QnA: did you see big B’s reaction to your prank?

  • Pulmig 07 4 months ago

    That thing really made me angry, since there was a lot of important (at least to me) settings near it. I accidentally click it, and my computer freezes for like 4 minutes. It was pure pain and rage

  • ZenTunE 4 months ago

    God dammit I can’t find the glasses :/

  • ItsGacy 4 months ago


  • KittyBoof8 *_* 4 months ago

    (Also, I feel your pain with trying to wear two glasses XD)

  • gennaro gerrard 4 months ago

    r u building a chinese temple thing?

  • Kyle Curtis 4 months ago

    More face cam

  • NyGeL 4 months ago

    it’s sound like Grian becoming the clown prince of crime

  • FNaFWorld_Foxy70 / Waterwolf 4 months ago

    Grain,Dont video the secret area….The MAFIP will know where it is

  • norma ayu ayu azizan 4 months ago

    Mini is the mafia

  • Sng Yi Long 4 months ago

    grian just do it now

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