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  • ZB Dragon Gamer 6 days ago

    Jerome use mega stone on mawile

  • Adbot 01 6 days ago

    On sun and moon I got all the Pokemon in the second but ultra sun and moon can go home i also got a shiny grubbin a shiny lillipup

  • Bernie Aquino 6 days ago

    yay pixelmon!

  • leo whalen 6 days ago

    Spy’s should train ratata because they are so small

  • Kyle Choi 6 days ago

    Ben: I can’t remember the button to retract my pokemon
    Random Ben screech
    *throws his dad at jerome*
    The brains of this group…

  • Space Rainbow 6 days ago

    I have done dem al

  • PixelPlayer Gaming-nMore 6 days ago


  • PixelPlayer Gaming-nMore 6 days ago

    Wait Jerome just catch a bladeleaf

  • Fearless Darkrai 6 days ago

    u said u got the best pokemon in the game witch is darkrai so u lied 🙁

  • Henry Tudor 6 days ago

    Try to get zygarde or necrozma from blade

  • Kennetfu Loon 6 days ago

    Is porygon really the strongest pokemon??

  • Potato 6 days ago

    The only one I completed is Pokémon platinum which was my first Pokémon game and only but I finished the Pokédex

  • dariogametube 6 days ago

    age of empire

  • Gt Player 6 days ago

    My classmate beat the Pokémon games and showed me how to get legendary without even cheating they found a glitch

  • Brick Builder 6 days ago

    LOL Blade fell for a fan-made april fools video!

  • MechXGaming 6 days ago

    I totally love pokemon I completed gen 1-5

  • Emerald Wolf 6 days ago

    i beat all of platinum

  • FriendlyCabbage 6 days ago

    Heh Jerome can I get a shput out on ur next vid its my BDay

  • 5-Jamison Cohen 6 days ago

    X y is befor sun and moon

  • Luke Gleichweit 6 days ago

    you should play actual Pokemon games JEromie SAlamie

  • FlamingZard Evil 6 days ago

    Jerome I dont want to be rude but you need to stop asking for like goals people are getting really anoied at like goals you will start loseing people just find one off camra

  • smartbutter 123 6 days ago

    Jerome teach your articuno mind reader and the ice move that one shots

  • Marco Parra 6 days ago

    Can you play with team craft

  • Isaiah Lozano 6 days ago

    Put porygon-Z in box 4

  • Lacey Cogdal 6 days ago

    Where’s Jurassic park?

  • Alex Day 6 days ago

    Jerome the resin that you can battle the Pokemon is because ben killed you when you caught the Bayleaf so it keeps showing the stats.

  • Wolf master 721 6 days ago

    Shiny walord is pink

  • Mohammed ElTayeb 6 days ago

    Pix ark

  • Larry Posh 6 days ago

    Jerome use level balls and switch to your mewtwo to catch Pokémon easier

  • Crazy Baca 6 days ago

    I got all of the Pokémon shiny and normal.

  • Joshua Mcletchie 6 days ago

    pokemon diamond and platinum both pokedex’s

  • Christopher McGuinness 6 days ago

    I beat Pokemon Ultra Sun but I did not finish the Pokedex because there’s over 800 Pokemon

  • Ethan Long 6 days ago

    Blade, what do I look like, Andrew? I’m also working on completing the entire ultra moon Pokédex so wish me luck (they got rid of the National deck but I’m doing that too 😁 wish me luck)

  • Tatsuya Shiba 6 days ago

    So I take it no more pixarc from any of them

  • Joseph Gove 6 days ago

    Pokémon is slowing dying but they are developing a gen 8 but are stuck so my guess is they won’t be making Pokémon for much longer

  • Joseph Gove 6 days ago

    I beat alpha sapphire caught all 211 Pokémon and 587 of nationaldex before I got bored

  • Matthew Dupuis 5 days ago

    Get microscopic joltik

  • Fareez Ishraq 5 days ago

    Jerome when u mega evolve ur mewtwo it’s phys. attack gets stronger, u have to get the other mega stone to make its special attack go up.

  • Raymond Wolf 5 days ago

    I’m almost done Pokemon x

  • Jeninne Lilley 5 days ago

    jerome is the kind of person to run a physical blisssy and not know how challenging it is

  • Kate Gellatly 5 days ago


  • King Of Fates 5 days ago

    Jerome Pokémon past and future are fake😢 April fools joke

  • Mobile Thunder 5 days ago

    Jarome you might be able to kill all mobs and get your orb done really fast I don’t know if it will work but its worth a shot

  • Branden Hall 5 days ago

    box 4

  • Thomas Torres 5 days ago

    Trying to catch all the Pokemon in Pokemon sun and moon

  • kevin josephson 5 days ago

    ive beaten all games up to diamond/pearl and platinum, after that i gave up with the gens after that xD

  • Killer Gaming 5 days ago

    GUYS! what happened to the mudkip?

  • Killer Gaming 5 days ago

    like the youtuber

  • Panda69907 5 days ago

    You have 5 shinys jerome.
    You have a shiny goldeen in box 1 at the top middle

  • Scorpio Our God 5 days ago

    is this #18 or 17?

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