• Karina Hickson 5 months ago

    I’m not a boy

  • Lida Alonsagay 5 months ago

    Sirously!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Nathan I’m… I’m.. Sorry😁😁😉

  • Maddie May 5 months ago

    so wut i ended herobrine and the eder dragan at the same time

  • Dably Bakely Haylian 5 months ago

    Why do you keep saying no or screaming no if you for it so annoying, it’s nothing if you die

  • Brittany Evans 5 months ago

    that was 😎/cool

  • Myles Murray 5 months ago

    I was the 22,000 like

  • TheHackerGaming -gamer 5 months ago

    I don’t believe it’s a fake or it’s a mode

  • PAIN 82 5 months ago

    Fight ENTITY 303

  • Tóth Laura 5 months ago

    GIVE ME MY COOKIE!!!!!!!!!!

  • appletoast the apple 5 months ago

    Give. Me cookie 🍪

  • Niamh Mac Lua 5 months ago


  • fill d 5 months ago

    GOOD!Player you great!!!..

  • Shabon Smith 5 months ago

    I funnyest person alive

  • Fabio Freitas 5 months ago

    Where is my cookie

  • Noah McConnell 2025 5 months ago

    hi hi

  • Shabon Smith 5 months ago

    I use bows 2

  • Mrshneeblie - Minecraft & More! 5 months ago

    Jesus Christ your annoying. Dislike for you.

  • derpydragonn 5 months ago

    i did not receive a cookie.

  • Issyplaysx 5 months ago

    He owes us 22,000 cookies xd

  • Flamer Gamer 5 months ago


    All he does is *Scary Videos* it’s annoying like this is u agree

  • Kylie Smith 5 months ago

    Which do you like best infinite bow or sword of weakness

  • Gabi M 5 months ago

    Nathan that was soooooo cool dude and i watched part 1 Wednesday stay cool 😎

  • Linda Wooldridge 5 months ago

    I subscribed the video

  • Korbin Kidwell 5 months ago


  • Tomasz Molenda 5 months ago

    I’m a girl not a boy

  • Sydnee Sullivan 5 months ago

    Put more daycare videos

  • Albert Marquez 5 months ago

    How come unspeakable dosen’t spawn point

  • Chia Soon Pueh 5 months ago

    Gimme a cookie

  • marla dickinson 5 months ago


  • Basil & Rachael Teng 5 months ago

    When he Herobrine fights you he only does knockback but he does not hurt you.

  • Aiden Black 5 months ago

    Unspeakable I have been watching your channel for a wile but was never able to subscribe for some reason but I just have and you channel is amazing and never quit

  • Darkfury 59 5 months ago

    Me want cookie

  • Ali Ibrahim 5 months ago


  • Ali Ibrahim 5 months ago

    Please reply to my comments I LOVE UNSPEAKABLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • The Colorful Mystery 5 months ago

    I liked. Can I have a cookie plz.

  • Trenton Jordan 5 months ago

    I know this is fake because a youtuber named Dark corners tells the truth!!

  • ItsTheNuke Hazard 5 months ago

    The real story of steve is he lost hes eyes he dont know what he is doing cause he dont have any eyes he keeps killing people

  • Kendra McDonald 5 months ago


  • Gabriel Martinez-Suazo 5 months ago

    You should fight Entity 303

  • guys def still a virgin

  • Plus fault plays Lucas 5 months ago

    If you vs hero brine in real micecraft you know that you will get killed instantly hahahahaha

  • Hjalmar Ahlqvist 5 months ago

    Give me a cookie!!!

  • Codypokemon1 5 months ago

    you may have killed him but he is not gone cause Herobrine used to be a player so he still can respawn like Steve so Herobrine will be in every Minecraft world so watch your back… MWAHAHAHA

  • bessay 5 months ago

    Give me mah COOKIE!! 🍪 °Д°

  • Cool Kreeper/vbrow 5 months ago

    cookie?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? i want cookie!

  • yourfangirlbts 5 months ago

    hahaha i cant stop laughing in the intro just repeat it

  • Skyplaygamer TMP 5 months ago

    Herobrine is nether now?

  • DJ13 Gaming 5 months ago

    I have started Minecraft Island Survival

  • Pamela Short 5 months ago

    Hi unspeakable

  • Ebba Malmkvist 5 months ago

    thsts just a zombie with herobrine skan and more health and abillitis

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