• Uniiitato 1 week ago

    I Love your vids preston, Ive been subbed for 3 years, I just want to say I LOVE YOU KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK 😀 Please reply <3

  • Derek Ballard 1 week ago

    -999 FRAMES PS?

  • The-Anh Pham 1 week ago


  • Pamsy11 1 week ago

    do a video pack hide and seek

  • JJRacer44 1 week ago

    Pee Dog

  • JOGIE PORTILLO 1 week ago

    Are you a filipino

  • Negilladominique Medran 1 week ago

    That is so funny 😂😂😂😂😂😂 and preston is the besttttt!!!!!!! And i sub and like love u vid i always watch them all pls reply😆😊😊❤❤❤❤❤❤keep up the good work for the vid <3

  • Galaxy Girl #Raids 1 week ago


  • Juan Garcia 1 week ago

    Hey Preston don’t tell anyone but……

    Your my dude

  • DropDeadFreddy04 Gaming 1 week ago


  • Amugath Pixel 1 week ago

    I love the Preston styles ad 🤣

  • {._.} 1 week ago

    Now is not the time for Minecraft, there are still more settlements that need our help!

  • Yoyoyo 1 week ago


  • Stevefighter playz 1 week ago

    preston i love your videos

  • Forever Rose 1 week ago

    Oh no, Preston broke another clothing rack🤦🏼‍♀️!

  • jhovy lalaine bay bay onato 1 week ago

    hacks preston hahaha lol

  • Oliver Smith 1 week ago

    Why your thing falling

  • Issa Queen Paris 1 week ago

    I remember watching the first time you played this map, IT WAS EPICCCCCCC🤪😁

  • Jacqueline Daane 1 week ago

    Preston, I have a Preston doge skin! I 😍 your vids! Plz find me playing on Minecraft hypocrite my name on Minecraft is: Stingray111

  • I_play_roblox roux 1 week ago

    do u know da wae?????

  • Sammie QIU 1 week ago

    One like for the admin

  • Sharik The acrobat 1 week ago

    ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜💗🖤 u keep up the fantastic work 🌈

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  • Senghok Sok 1 week ago

    I bought the hoodie(red) it’s huge but I kinda gave it to my cousin for his birthday.

  • Christian Henderson 1 week ago

    Hacker in the game and it is not my boy preston

  • Maggie Yao 1 week ago

    You should have cloned

  • Marohette de Klerk 1 week ago

    I ❤️ hide and seek

  • Hammi Rockstar 1 week ago

    I luv hide and seek vids pls .make more

  • vimal s 1 week ago

    I subbed to 5 years I’m Sanjay I’m in India in

  • Go Away 1 week ago

    Lmao this video is funny

  • lily bingham 1 week ago

    nice merch ad and I love your vids SSSSOOOOOOOO much I have been subbed for 3 years and think your amazing

  • Notice me Plzzz 1 week ago

    Wow 6million+ subcribers i still remember you before you have 1million+ subcribers

  • Tri Ningsih 1 week ago

    Bro you ceated dude

  • Mikai's Lutong Bahay 1 week ago

    Preston cheated thats awsome

  • Henry Wagenblast 1 week ago

    I love you sam good job

  • myungjunjun [kpop] 1 week ago

    /playsound @a random.explode ~ ~ ~

  • Danielyan Wan 1 week ago

    how ip ?

  • Blue Fox Rose 1 week ago

    I love you pdawd and always will you encouraged me to play minecraft I love you you are the most amazing minecraft player I’ve ever seen I love you vids and especially you
    (Edit) i don’t expect many likes so I’m gonna like my own comment

  • Fatality Estioco 1 week ago


  • XXUnd3rstandableXx Montages 1 week ago

    this was the best hide n seek video ever great job

  • Zwendel 787 1 week ago

    Do f3 + b to see hit boxes

  • Zwendel 787 1 week ago

    I use it for bed wars

  • Zwendel 787 1 week ago

    Works all the time

  • Vivian Sengtoso 1 week ago

    Preston, plsss do a video like this but with lachlan, shotgun and josh

  • Music Is Life 1 week ago

    Preston tbh i dont like the facecam 😣

  • Chad Bower 1 week ago

    Ronaldomg says your the best you tuber! Me to

  • Cohen playz 1 week ago

    Hi Preston I have been a sub since the start😀 keep it up dude

  • Hyper Hyreo 1 week ago


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