• Lex Abellanosa 1 week ago

    Call It.. STERDEW VALLEY! With A Echo At The End

    Or.. Eggplant.. Witchever You Prefer C:

  • PhatBudzz 1 week ago

    Your uni cycle is in the water you left it there in a previous video cause you couldn’t ride it through the water

  • Jon Baker 1 week ago

    someone in my class dabbed. u wanna know what I did?

    I arrest them. mwahahahahahahahah

  • Snoogen 01 1 week ago

    Dan did you know that when your in the mines you can jump and smash the rocks with one hit!!
    p.s you have the be falling for it to work 🙂

  • Zaid O gamer 1 week ago

    Dan:o hi taxes do rabit


    Dan:noooooooo my rabit 😟😟😟😟😟😟😔😔😔😔😔R.I.P

  • Lim Tomson 1 week ago

    Dan why don’t u build more chest

  • Jake Heate 1 week ago


  • Blake Weaver 1 week ago

    Best thing everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

  • Andrei Jofer Manahan 1 week ago

    Dan play more bedwars

  • Ayden Erickson 1 week ago

    dan what about your brother he is crying and he moved far far way please call mike

  • HadTheLad fusion mode 2000 1 week ago

    Dan play pe now the update is sick

  • Issa Elleissy 1 week ago

    Dan i think its getting crowded in the animal farm

  • Lau Winnie 1 week ago

    I cry

  • lollypoplilly 1 week ago

    Dan: oh my goodness .. what! This is not acceptable!! I mean u do have a monical

    ( rip meh spelling

    A few minutes later

    Dan: oh no oh no he’s broken free tuxedo rabbit! Tuxedo rabbit!

    Me: what you just said it lost its tuxedo

    My thinking: the tuxedo was murdered 😲😲

  • Steve Mustoe 1 week ago

    You left the unicycle at the lava pond.

  • Kobi Randall 1 week ago

    More roblox

  • Matthew Yan 1 week ago

    is misadventures stopping

  • Blake Weaver 1 week ago

    R.I.P rabbit

  • faithx6a3 .H 1 week ago

    my b-days in autumn april 26 =D!!!!!!!!!

  • Beast711 1 week ago

    Dantdm thx for making more mincraft

  • Harry Graham 1 week ago

    Love it

  • JamieZTY 1 week ago

    He walked right past the bechile guy,,,

  • Steve Mustoe 1 week ago

    Can u buy da bike?

  • Jim The Gamer 1 week ago

    Dan already had a fence post in his inventory

  • arjay bart 1 week ago

    Hi dan I’m a fan of u since 2005

  • TheTitaniumMinecart 1 week ago

    Dan you had a fence in your inventory : l

  • Toybonnie _queen 1 week ago

    Dantdmq u could name it Dan’s adventure or Dan’s farm

  • Qael MIKE 1 week ago

    You already got a fence

  • Sebastian Jackowski 1 week ago

    Ay want more

  • turtlelord 257 1 week ago

    tdm town
    tdm town
    plz call this tdm town

  • turtlelord 257 1 week ago

    tdm town

  • Beast711 1 week ago

    Hope you get you rabbit back

  • Ahsanul Hussan 1 week ago

    Dantdm you missed one eggplant in your garden

  • Chelson Laud 1 week ago

    Why Dr. Trayaurus is not talking?

  • Kayley Whitbread 1 week ago

    dan bo the church plees

  • Darja Ragozina 1 week ago

    We want bedwars!!!

  • Emma Animelover 1 week ago

    By the way you said beetroot day…you mean eggplant day?

  • Bob Marley 1 week ago

    You should make a flashback series were you go back to both brown hair and you’re oldest skin

  • Memo.Dile77 1 week ago

    Name the series Minecraft: The parallel World

  • Alex 4000 1 week ago



  • Emro TRT the red torch 1 week ago

    Dan: look i found a tuxedo rabbit
    me: thats a black rabbit dan

  • Jim PSX 1 week ago

    can u use shaders plz???

  • Im Aeuroh 1 week ago

    Call the series minecraft town

  • Get this channel to 1000 subs with no videos 1 week ago

    Special Comment 18273

  • Jarek Cieslak 1 week ago

    please play this more

  • Nikolaos Bouchikas 1 week ago

    I think you might be able to burn the beehive, but you might also burn the store…

  • rolando petisa 1 week ago

    What is aminals

  • Turtle Tazzy 1 week ago

    Dan you left the unicycle under water in a previous episode

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