• Orepros 10 months ago

    What would happen if the Husk and the Stray got into an argument?
    Don’t forget to enable the notification bell and leave a like, can we reach 7,000?! 😀

  • Transformer 123 10 months ago

    Strays are better

  • Amirun gaming X 10 months ago

    Make skeleton horse vs zombie horse!!

  • darth drew 10 months ago

    If players repawned as zombies like if u agree

  • Killer Shark 10 months ago

    Cool video

  • YourFellowEcho 10 months ago

    If there was youtube in minecraft?

  • LukaPlayz - MC 10 months ago

    do ender dragon vs wither please

  • LukaPlayz - MC 10 months ago

    or enderman vs zombie

  • Crespen S. Lumen 10 months ago

    1:19 i agree strays are amazing there also way better then husks in every way there bow there spawn and everything else about them…!!!!!!

  • Crespen S. Lumen 10 months ago

    1:14 awww that poor skelly

  • Karin Melchersson 10 months ago

    Pro noob vs noob pro

  • Mateusz Talarski 10 months ago

    husk is very better

  • Dogha KitPvp 10 months ago

    Türk’ler her yerde haksızmıyım ;D

  • withers videos 10 months ago

    Orepros the husk and the stray were both PLAYERS

  • suecoold 10 months ago

    If Sonic The Hedgehog was added to Minecraft

  • Challenges with Me 10 months ago

    If TNT didn’t hate for mobs

  • Challenges with Me 10 months ago

    If mobs and players switch

  • A Orta 10 months ago

    Do a zombie vs husk like if you agree

  • DracoPhage King 10 months ago

    Orepros = oréo

  • Suler Gabby Lyfe 10 months ago

    If quartz was an ore

  • ThePizzaCrafter 10 months ago


  • gamer bendy Dawson 10 months ago

    Piss of

  • Paulinka G 10 months ago

    What even are husks? That’s the big question

  • JamezPlayzGamez 10 months ago

    iron golem vs wither

    iron golem vs ender dragon


  • Jefferson Lopez 10 months ago

    If cactus tools existed 😛

  • GSA gamer 10 months ago

    vindicators named johnny vs armed zombies

  • Geo Gamer 10 months ago

    Pro vs Lucky noob? D

  • pro no0OB 10 months ago

    polar bear vs wolf

  • KittyTvShows Family of Perezs 10 months ago

    if mlg craft was added to minecraft

  • GamingwithNatalie 18 10 months ago

    Elder guardian vs guardian

  • M. Daniyal 10 months ago

    If diamonds were removed from Minecraft

  • Dany Boy 10 months ago

    Plz make Illagers vs Evokers

  • Lps Crazy cat 10 months ago

    Do ‘If Evoker and a vindicater got in a fight.’ sorry for my bad minecraft english XD

  • DEV THE DOG 10 months ago

    When the Zombie Villager was burning and the Stray said it had a bow, the Husk should have said, “Well I don’t burn in daylight!”

  • Sami Mohamed 10 months ago

    Can you make baby girl vs baby boy

  • simon saad 10 months ago


  • Charles 10 months ago

    Most likely, things would go a-stray.
    ~Closing if you still did jokes at the end

  • Gigi Tube 10 months ago

    If the sun is 1000 degrees but only notch and a wolf survive there powerful and the sun makes them evil because herobrine

  • TheHappyDrum 10 months ago

    Minecraft V Roblox The Final Fight


  • Gigi Tube 10 months ago

    Like if this is YOU!

    Monday – Sleepy

    Tuesday – Bored

    Wednesday – When is school gonna END?!?!

    Thursday – YESSSSS

    Friday – Very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very very Happy school is about to be the WEEKENDS!

  • Gigi Tube 10 months ago

    Do!! Um..a Homeless man turned to a Rich Guy! And notch got jealous!! Please!! This is the original who posted this so…YAY

  • bluetooth dungeon 10 months ago

    If flying was impossible

  • Fireball VK 10 months ago

    Make mashrom VS cow


  • Mayuri Prajapati 10 months ago

    Baby villager Vs baby villager

  • Luka Lukamilijanovic 10 months ago

    When you got only 1 life in minecraft!!!

  • Joy Queze 10 months ago

    lf pro and noob swich places

  • Potato Licieus 10 months ago

    If deadbushes are rarer than diamonds! 😀 (or if you want rarer than the DRAGON EGG!!)

  • Amin Plays 10 months ago

    Zombie VS husk

  • Arsalan Bhutto 10 months ago

    If tools were unbreakeble

  • Mincraft warrior 10 months ago

    noob admin vs pro hacker

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