• Sean Ramos 5 months ago

    they can’t win

  • Landon Campbell 5 months ago

    guys get Colton a mic so we can here him better

  • Eddy Romero 5 months ago

    why is ssundee always the one doing the intro and rules

  • BlueBean 5 months ago

    “Go away DadsAFace”
    “I’m shooting your son in the face”
    “Don’t touch our green underwear”
    All quotes from Crainer–2017

  • Justin Sammons 5 months ago

    Did any one know that crainer skins is from jaybull

  • Taehyung Tae tae 5 months ago

    i like your

  • Stargazerjeremy Agoncillo 5 months ago


  • CHERRY BOMB 5 months ago


  • The Rainbow Miner/minecraft and more 5 months ago

    me and my friends played sky wars and only went to diamonds and we won

  • IAmNarnians 5 months ago

    what was she about to say ian listens to what lol.

  • Onyx Zephi 5 months ago

    Thea and crainer aren’t married or engaged are they ????

  • The fail 27 5 months ago

    did crainer upload this video if he did put the link in the reply

    because i want to see theas face ;-;

  • NSFilms 5 months ago

    maddie should sleep on the couch, ssundee makes most of the money

  • NSFilms 5 months ago

    “you’re talking like they dont know how to do basic math.” “they’re, girls they dont. {cringes}” the instant regret and realisation of what he said is the funniest. goos thing mostly kids watch your vids

  • Tim Reynolds 5 months ago

    I hate Thea she sounds like Justin Bieber

  • Aiden Mazarelo 5 months ago

    i hit like botton i billive in ssundee

  • tasuku and brian 5 months ago

    what is that sound HAHAHAHA

  • Ogamer Let's play and more! 5 months ago

    Crainer-we can do it! (1mins later he gives up).

  • Thomas Norstrom 5 months ago

    ssundee your so awesome when I was in school I would look forward to watch your videos

  • Gordie Snow 5 months ago

    Let’s go ssundee
    Let’s go

  • Aron Delos Santos 5 months ago

    can you make more of this vides? plz plz?

  • Aron Delos Santos 5 months ago

    this ;)or:( ssundee

  • Ralsn Galapate 5 months ago

    thy cant

  • Ender Dragon 5 months ago

    Ssundee get Colton a mic

  • Kaloneh 5 months ago

    do the Trump plan next time

  • IOMAN IEONG 5 months ago

    They can’t win

  • Sakurako Sake 5 months ago


  • MCpegaChica 5 months ago


  • tiffany ficke 5 months ago

    ssundee if you want to talk out loud you can talk using pig latin this is how to talk with it (add every first letter of a word to the end,add ay to the end afterwards) like this so ssundee will see!

  • angry wolf king 5 months ago


  • geogamersking 5 months ago


  • Matthew Evans 5 months ago

    they can’t win ssundee the best

  • Derpy bastion 5 months ago

    can you do sky blocks

  • Songs Littlebaby 5 months ago

    👶<-he has 0 year 1 subscribe = 1 year i really have no sub please subcribe me😭😭

  • Omar Hanbali 5 months ago

    GUys, how do you get in a custom game like thisin bed wars????

  • dantdm150 5 months ago


  • Tavion Robinson 5 months ago


  • ssgk11237 h 5 months ago

    ssunde u write wives it’s wifes

  • Turkey Boy 5 months ago

    That moment when you have no friends and you like your own comments

  • Joel Foster 5 months ago

    he just didn’t want Colton dabbing on camera.

  • kelli radcliffe 5 months ago


  • Andy&Aretha Vinson 5 months ago

    I’M 9 I’M IN GRADE 4 AND 2 X 4 + 2 = 10 U IDOIT

  • Andy&Aretha Vinson 5 months ago

    Can i Skype ur son Ssundee i’m 9 We would make a good team on Bedwars if i can My Skype is DudaVinson

  • Andy&Aretha Vinson 5 months ago

    And its a picture of a dog on a couch

  • Andy&Aretha Vinson 5 months ago

    do /msg mrcrainer then write to him

  • DexterGamer 201YT 5 months ago

    your face isn’t ugly

  • Keistaps 746 Lv 5 months ago

    i missed the stream (like if you did too)

  • Lawrence Kongwa 5 months ago


  • Sandra Judson 5 months ago

    is colten a boy or girl

  • Zeez The gamer 5 months ago

    The krinch are dum

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