How To Minecraft Season 5. An SMP series. Enjoy!
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  • Ahmed Ashfaq 4 months ago

    Make a Christmas tree

  • JK7 GAMES 4 months ago

    Go to warzone

  • Boom_Boi YT 4 months ago

    He has to tell the duck story LIKE SO VIKK CAN SEE

  • ImpaledOsprey88 -Minecraft 4 months ago

    Vikk,pls fix your + sign on one of your tower.It always bugs me

  • Akiena03 MSP Universum 4 months ago


  • AaronTCG 4 months ago

    Proper raw chicken salmonella kill😂

  • Sypher 《 4 months ago

    OMG raw chicken vs sundee

  • BigAzza 123 4 months ago

    Seeing this old map got me having mad nostalgia

  • Jo Jo 4 months ago

    what behz plays now lol

  • Elyass Alj 4 months ago

    make diamond ormar and sord shovl and a ax

  • KRA _ FISHMINER 4 months ago

    take a Conor of the vikk castle then make a mini market with few good trade villager they will sell items for money with the help of the adimns

  • iHateyou JOHN 4 months ago

    No reward?

  • Dashaun Rhoden 4 months ago

    Hunger games series confirmed????

  • James Kuzevich 4 months ago

    They should have got kenny for thus he would have destroyed in 1.8 pvp

  • FC Vlogs 4 months ago

    Plz make a how to minecraft with fans

  • missed a chest at 18:59 its on the left

  • Gabriel Peck 4 months ago

    Anyone remember how Vikk always won at events?

  • amit s 4 months ago

    Give some the loot to behz, he deserves it for killing rafessor

  • Mohammed Awad 4 months ago

    Build a vikkstar logo the onfront of the castle. Like so vikkstar can see.

  • Prince Allegiant 4 months ago


  • Stefan Mcluckie 4 months ago

    So much cringe

  • Vienna Tan 4 months ago

    vik use your battle shield

  • Vienna Tan 4 months ago

    right click to use your battle shield

  • Ansh Luthra 4 months ago

    Use mossy and cracked stone for the temple.

  • Ansh Luthra 4 months ago

    What was the song he was humming throughout the video?

  • Snaggedpenguin6 4 months ago

    Vikk add four fire pits on top of the 4 towers with netherrack and light them for light and a nice feature

  • Muhammad Asyraf 4 months ago


  • Smokie Bear 4 months ago

    Fishing rods are for pvp. Use it

  • timucin terzi 4 months ago

    29:42 florian 1shots with 8.5 hearts

  • TheGreatWhiteNorthEh 4 months ago

    Vick make a christmas tree in the middle of your castle!!!!! Be Festive :D:D:D:D Like so Vikk sees it and does so

  • Try Something New 4 months ago

    The real question is where is the youtuber uhc

  • Jacob Whitehead 4 months ago

    Do another crazy craft series after this one

  • Luke Oliphant 4 months ago

    Vikk, please use netherrack to light up your castle, i think the open fire would look awesome in the base

  • victor svensson 4 months ago

    helmet boy origins

  • Jamie Jordan 4 months ago

    When VIKKs pg channel is broken by lake

  • Hass M 4 months ago

    Katness everdene

  • Munib Ramzan 4 months ago

    Who’s waiting for the next episode

  • Munib Ramzan 4 months ago


  • Harry P 4 months ago

    I got recommended that hunger games with behz the other day.. that’s fkn weird lol

  • Harry P 4 months ago

    32:30 watch the armour bar

  • tank_12 4 months ago

    Cringe, “litty” cant stand those words, “your boy” cant wait till they find new words, until then i got to cringe through it.

  • 真紅 Blade 4 months ago

    37:40 did anyone hear the my name’s Jeff?

  • PhnXzZ 4 months ago

    Ethan celebrating was easily the highlight of the stream XD

  • Codeuten 4 months ago

    vikk is the biggest retard in the world

  • Crunchy Toast 4 months ago

    Vik pleaseee, learn the shortcuts in minecraft.
    Like a quicker way to craft by just left clicking and dragging.
    By pressing F to put something in your left hand.
    When dropping stuff to Ctrl+Q it to drop a whole stack.

  • Aiden Fornari 4 months ago

    Lachlan already quit

  • Anthony otero 4 months ago


  • Abu Aslam 4 months ago

    Vik stop being a noob

  • Abu Aslam 4 months ago

    I’m just kidding 😁

  • England is my city 4 months ago

    Stop saying *L*

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