• Niner Sickness 8 months ago

    Wow Kenny great beacon you made this video!

  • KuaKulasGamer123 Minecraft&More 8 months ago

    is quiff and doni are twins??

  • Htoo Praereh 8 months ago

    Kenny you should team up with vikk

  • Fire Playz Minecraft And Other Games 8 months ago


  • eva barath 8 months ago

    im british and im hurt right now.#justice for da brits#godsave thequeen#dislike#kennyberacist

  • eva barath 8 months ago

    u should sell all ur dimonds

  • eva barath 8 months ago

    team up with mitch

  • Brad Real 8 months ago

    Isn’t it funny how the people younger than you call you 8-10-year-olds nowadays? Most of them are actually 8-10.

  • golden rike 8 months ago

    عاش الراشدي وحش 💪

  • DJLightning 123 8 months ago

    wi sai ks word

  • acharleston990 8 months ago

    20:15 hahaha Kenny the savage

  • Drod 2147 8 months ago

    lol Kenny u should make more episodes like it this it was so litty

  • acharleston990 8 months ago

    46:35 – “thanks for killing me ACID!” “Shut up you whore”

  • Austin Bowles 8 months ago

    Good fight. But it was more 3vs2 bc speedy & side r trash in pvp, they hit there own tean more than the enemy lol😂

  • acharleston990 8 months ago

    Kenny u can snowball the pigmen

  • robxDin sammie200345 8 months ago

    Kenny, i’m sorry to dat this, but i tuinkas you HAVE gone to far by Donk, STOP IT

  • xSwift 8 months ago

    try badlion since ur good at pvp

  • F2 Blitz 9 8 months ago

    Fuck you kenny

  • F2 Blitz 9 8 months ago

    Unsub dislike

  • Azizul Hakim 8 months ago

    just a viewer from vikks vid passing by, to see how toxic people can be over a block game….

  • Lol Yetti 8 months ago

    You were right death isn’t enough compared to what they did

  • Adrián 2009 8 months ago


  • ItzDylan VarYang 8 months ago

    Kenny What is the pack

  • Jelly Beans 8 months ago

    Fuck you Kenworth

  • Ellie Ryan 8 months ago


  • KIDFURY 1621 8 months ago


  • MyNameIsHailey 8 months ago

    this was one of my favourite episodes so far

  • BigK_ 352 8 months ago

    one of the best episodes yet

  • Faye Dingle 8 months ago

    I don’t understand the dislikes. It was very generous of Kenny to give Vikk’s stuff back, even though he did win the fight.

    This is coming from a Vikk and Kenny supporter

  • Joe sun 22112 8 months ago

    Nice 2v3 jk love you speedy and side

  • Ryan Brown 8 months ago


  • pacotaco201 8 months ago

    who else wishes that admins would remove spawn protection?

  • Craftstarhoopa23 8 months ago

    I’m a vikk subscriber but Kenny video doesn’t deserve the dislikes he made quality content and he was fair. The odds were stacked against him and Brandon and they gave the gear back. There shouldn’t be so much salt off a game tbh

  • akaNarwhal 8 months ago

    Nice beacon!

  • HumairadoesMinecraft Sometimes 8 months ago

    I’m a Vik fan and I apologize for all those dislikes,honestly you played a fair fight and you deserved to keep anything you wanted. Most of Viks fans are 10 years old or younger. Once again I apologize for those dislikes

  • Smokie Bear 8 months ago

    Kenny, you and Pete don’t put doni in the description. Is that a server wide meme or something

  • TUG-ThatUnknownGamer n Stuff 8 months ago

    Best h4m episode im ded 😂😂😂

  • latrell tv 8 months ago

    yall damn nerds just enjoy the shit hoes

  • rasan Bh 8 months ago

    vikks army incomeing for deslikes

  • Firebeeasdf123 8 months ago

    Kenny is the worst Youtuber! Click like if you disagree..

  • Taifinkaba Dhrubo 8 months ago

    Only invisible beacon in H4M

  • JustSomeGuy 13 8 months ago

    Great vid man. Very kind of you to give the chest plate back (it might have been to avoid dislikes, but still).

  • Leorel Fluer 8 months ago

    Aww mann. You should get the chestplate. If it was Vikk, im certain he will just took anyone gear. (atleast one piece of gear)

  • Ben Weagle 8 months ago

    We can’t have good content without someone’s video getting messed over, and don’t even tell me that’s just Vikk, it’s everyone. Robs trap was complete banter, and he got bombed with 2k dislikes. This server is too competitive.

  • Niel Gabriel Anahaw 8 months ago

    no mercy kenny always hunt the doni

  • Buddy Trex 8 months ago

    i like how people r defending kenny when nobody said anything bad in the coment section

  • Chudini II 8 months ago


  • metal bmxer 8 months ago

    that… was intense.

  • Owen Gamze 8 months ago

    Fuck them

  • I Don't Talk Anymore 8 months ago

    What’s the pack, sorry to be that guy and love that video! Keep it up ,makes me happy seeing your voice.

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