• MooseCraft 3 weeks ago

    *SUBSCRIBE* and *SLAP THE BELL* so you get a notification for the next Moosecraft video!


  • etza catharina 3 weeks ago

    You should hunt a wild moose and wild shark

  • Omar Essawy 3 weeks ago

    We buck to hack mincraft I am blue Steve you next😈😈😈😈

  • janav shah 3 weeks ago

    Try for the blue code and find blue Steve

  • Timber Mayzurk 3 weeks ago

    Blue Steve

  • kittymaster120 3 weeks ago

    I heard red Steve and green Steve are working together to bring back herobrine and conquoir the minecraft universe.

  • Reverser Timelines 3 weeks ago

    You should hunt null

  • zZPROGAMERZz 416 3 weeks ago

    Hunt an ugly shark that walks

  • kellam hackett 3 weeks ago

    Greeen Steve is

  • Jesper Solbu 3 weeks ago


  • sharifahmad yasin 3 weeks ago

    moose you only have i head you nub haahha

  • Manila SMLC 3 weeks ago

    This is so scary!!! 😱😱😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😰😰😰😰😰

  • Manila SMLC 3 weeks ago

    RED STEVE IS SCARY!!!! 🙁 😱😱😱😱😱😨😨😨😨😨😰😰😰😰😰😰😢😢😢😢😢😢😢

  • Viccoz GT 3 weeks ago

    Hunt for Nathan

  • SUPER GAMER HDTV 3 weeks ago

    Try to Hunt after Diamond steve

  • gamer pro 3 weeks ago

    You know, if you do not like his vids, why watch it? Like look at all the bad:(

  • JayRobloxianGamer - ROBLOX & Minecraft 3 weeks ago

    Yellow Steve gold blocks instead of Redstone/lapis

  • Ultimate Boredom 3 weeks ago


  • DarkShadic9632 //TheDarkHedgehog 3 weeks ago

    Hunt yellow steve

  • Austin Birk 3 weeks ago

    No one

  • Joboomer42 3 weeks ago

    Let me guess, next there is going to be a blue Steve

  • Debbie Shante Omotosho 3 weeks ago

    You should hunt blue steve

  • inspiration mountain 3 weeks ago


  • Lucy Heartifilia 3 weeks ago

    Find ASWDFZXE in minecraft, I saw Nathan playing it he being haunting by this guy

  • Oscar Nordahl 3 weeks ago

    Hi mooscraft take a look at 13:06

  • AJ 23 3 weeks ago


  • Bing Bong 3 weeks ago

    I miss the old shark,moose and unapeackable. What happened??!?!?!?!?😢😭😢😭

  • Rishan Sardana 3 weeks ago

    Do entity 303

  • CreamyTheCat101 3 weeks ago

    hunt null and evil notch

  • Chris Chomakos 3 weeks ago

    Blue steve

  • Jerry Strosnider 3 weeks ago

    Thaers a blue Steve Loose

  • Evan Berger 3 weeks ago


  • Belly B 3 weeks ago

    Blue stev hunt him

  • mooseboy 28 3 weeks ago

    I love mooses entrance

  • Carlos Rodriguez 3 weeks ago

    Entity301 I think I said it right

  • candelario ro 3 weeks ago

    Try blue Steve guys👍

  • frances richmond cabang 3 weeks ago

    moos and 09sharckboy hunth null

  • Alice Kim 3 weeks ago

    Hunt for all steves

  • Dairon Estrada 3 weeks ago

    You should hunt for null

  • darkshooter09 rombaon 3 weeks ago

    Green steve is smart traps

  • darkshooter09 rombaon 3 weeks ago

    RED STEVE! 😱😵

  • darkshooter09 rombaon 3 weeks ago


  • Kendrick Almazan 3 weeks ago

    how about diamond steve
    theres red steve cause of redstones
    there’s green steve cause of emeralds
    there’s diamond steve cause of diamonds
    there’s gray steve cause of irons maybe (not official)

  • Benneth Morales 3 weeks ago

    yeah hunt for blue Steve pls.😀

  • tragic magic 3 weeks ago

    I know what is happening it’s not red Steve not green Steve only herobrine can change night to day that quickly don’t play that server ever again

  • Dinofy 3 weeks ago

    Im subscribed you 1 year and im german thats really cool to see your videos

  • gamingdude89 3 weeks ago

    Moss hunt for yellow Steve

  • Zamotani 3 weeks ago

    jak to stwozc

  • mrcarien Gt 3 weeks ago

    Hunt all steve

  • chong hung teck 3 weeks ago

    what about blue steve.

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