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  • Dan and den Sisters forever 3 months ago

    make a huge small ๐Ÿ– beach

  • The emerald train 3 months ago

    Make a bed using string from spiders to make wool

  • Rudolfs Grencmanis 3 months ago

    Build another house for shark and another house for pets and animals plz

  • Sly SeanDaBomb 3 months ago

    You should make an army of snowmen so that you will have elves.OrYou should spawn zombies and make a wall. “We need to build a wall” -trump

  • james Robie 3 months ago

    Troll shark and say you eat 90000 tuna fish with your big mouth

  • Farfeccl Gaming 3 months ago

    Make a world cleaner by place cobblestone and take dirt to create the platform for trees.

  • Reverse Gaming 3 months ago

    you are the worst youtuber ever

  • Teddy Hawkins 3 months ago


  • Reverse Gaming 3 months ago

    i take that back sorry

  • AngelaAneeta Qaryaqos 3 months ago

    idea: build a room for pets like sheep,snow golems,chickens,cows and pigs

  • TheBlue Knight 3 months ago

    Make wool using your string then make a bed

  • yash govind 3 months ago

    Make all the group outside the house and put snow everywhere and make a place where you can snowball fight

  • Katiuscia Michelangeletti 3 months ago

    Aggiorn you skin for cristmas

  • Chloe Brook 3 months ago

    You Gus should mack a pond and make a slid and a pinkie and get dogs and put the dogs on the Christmas tree ya

  • lion king 27 3 months ago

    Give shark a gold block

  • Jaedyn Quismorio 3 months ago

    how about making a christmas party with other youtubers

  • Ben and friends 3 months ago

    Make a base under the island

  • Serene Gan 3 months ago

    make a pvp arena, who win gets 5 margets

  • Dudester Gaming23 3 months ago

    Make a little stone den for your cobblestone generator so it doesn’t burn your treehouse down

  • Lps Sapphire 3 months ago

    I still think you should make a statue of each other or try spawning animals

  • Grainne Rogers 3 months ago

    Give the snow man a present

  • KaBlaMoW 3 months ago

    Make a basement in it is your storage room

  • KaBlaMoW 3 months ago

    Make secret bases for each Oh

  • MS Allien 3 months ago

    Make a giant present box and make it your mob spawner or justbe it

  • Toprome Gamers 3 months ago

    And craft wool with the string

  • Ecllipsa Gt 3 months ago

    hi Unspeakable cool tree house

  • Gely triantafyllou 3 months ago

    Make a troll on shark which is:wheon he kills a snowman will die.PLZ DO IT TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY.And
    If the snowmans are less build more amnd more


  • DynamiteDoritos 3 months ago

    Unspeakable ans Shark should PVP each other!

  • Sunshine Trinidad 3 months ago

    more channels or infinite?

  • Kelly R 3 months ago

    build a nether portal

  • Lourds Lizada 3 months ago

    Name the snowman Dinnerbone

  • Rasan Ali 3 months ago

    make a hidden room in your house yea

  • Erin Muffett 3 months ago

    Greatest Christmas troll ever

  • Tom W 3 months ago

    Build a mansion

  • Valters Cuhnovs 3 months ago

    Make a fireworks in new years eve

  • Wise Sander 3 months ago

    Build Santa riding on his sleigh off a island

  • Random 3 months ago

    Away from your house, make a patch of grass and and cobble at the bottom and torches. Build up with wooden planks and trees to spawn in sheep, goats etc.

  • Adam Harb 3 months ago

    Make a house that is full of diamonds

  • Liene Veldre 3 months ago

    you can make a big house and in a room you can put 10 thing that you like abut your friends but if you dont like this advice then its ok ps your my favorite youtuber ever

  • Abdulelah Fahad Fahad 3 months ago

    @ qrek moose

  • Kayla's Vlogs 3 months ago

    -Build a giant snowman

  • reagan fernandes 3 months ago

    Do prank calls please

  • reagan fernandes 3 months ago

    Make a swimming pool

  • reagan fernandes 3 months ago

    Invite moose or someone

  • Chris Head 3 months ago

    Unspeakablegaming you should make an igloo for your snowmen and name the igloo the snow fun house

  • 07mineking :MINECRAFT 3 months ago

    i play minecraft big boi and i think you should make more snowmen and remove their pumpkins and your world will have a snowmen christmas thingamajig wonder land

  • 07mineking :MINECRAFT 3 months ago

    or make a creeper statue house with a bunch of resources and other things . p.s make a santa hat on top of the can do it in survival or creative because its minecraft big boi.

  • WEE YANG GOH 3 months ago

    Unspeakable is the ๐Ÿ˜Ž coolest youtuber

  • Chaz gaming 3 months ago

    Make a giant santa

  • MEANY BETO 3 months ago


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