• YOLO Gamer 8 months ago

    it’s my b day tomorrow too

  • River Brook 8 months ago

    SOOO close to 40k! 86 subs away! 😀

  • Panda 8 months ago

    Happy early birthday… Have a great one I will be camping and have no internet access so sorry really wish i could be on the stream but much love and keep up the good work but I have a question…. Do you plan on doing factions with another youtuber? anyways see ya ~Panda (your favorite sub)

  • Mr_Monkey Playz 8 months ago

    ey lets get this comment top 1 on the vid and 80 subs away from 40k goal 👍🐵

  • Carlos Ramos 8 months ago

    suscribe on carlos ramoscoronado

  • Gerardo Ramos 8 months ago


  • Ben Keavney 8 months ago

    Love ur accent gen where u from

  • Ben Keavney 8 months ago

    Face cam at 40k?? ¿¿

  • Alban Beqiri 8 months ago

    happy birthday <3 here is 5th of july so love you i hope you have a good day for you birth day

  • Andonhkas 69 8 months ago

    happy birtday <3

  • THEENessy 8 months ago

    Did they fix the invis and visible name if you’re in a clan?

  • Tyler Ko 8 months ago

    What did he do

  • Daniel Hathcoat 8 months ago

    Hey gen I am BossGamerBoy13 I have a gift for you remember? I had one on robots first season too but you didn’t collect 😭 either way I’m visiting family and can’t get online for livestream tomorrow 😭😭😭 still, visit my island! And please shout me out because it’s all I really have because I’m newish to steampunk. But much love and pin this comment please so I know you’ve noticed me!

  • Ace Ave Rad 8 months ago

    HAPPY JULY 4th AND 5th GENERZON!?!?!?! Have a great day generzon

  • Mr Melon02 8 months ago

    I subbed duder 😏

  • BEAST_ MODE_4564 8 months ago

    U hit 40000 subs gg!! look at my comment on sky bounds season 3 Ep 15

  • SpikePlaysMC 8 months ago

    Congratulations on 40,000 subscribers

  • Ōkami 8 months ago

    You might wanna get a job and consider moving to make your life easier if you want to do yt full time

  • Chris Pierse 8 months ago

    wooo 40k Gen!

  • Raivo Rupeiks 8 months ago

    Happy birthday!!! <3

  • See Yah 8 months ago

    Happy bday and 40k subs

  • FcLomas0803 8 months ago

    Congrats and on 40K also love the vids

  • Diana Sandoval 8 months ago

    Pete is the best! Loved the fireworks

  • Sven Kos 8 months ago

    Happy BDay and congrats on 40k 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • JTM JOSH 8 months ago


  • Braizne 8 months ago

    Happy Birthday Dude <3
    40k HGW <3

  • jani kähkölä 8 months ago

    congratz on hitting 40k subs

  • MegaKing Chongprasopchokchai 8 months ago

    Happy Birth Day 40K is here. Free cam or not?? <3

  • Bryan Sanders 8 months ago

    Dude get unlimited data…. it’s way way cheaper…. you really need to do that, the money we donate would be used more wisely,

  • ZaInHaLo321 8 months ago

    Why is everyone always pranking Vikk

  • Hannah Maxwell 8 months ago

    Happy birthday fam

  • VexRex36 8 months ago

    No offense but that prank was kinda bad because vikk found it super quick XD good vid tho

  • kamden m 8 months ago

    Vikk found it in under 30 seconds

  • Logoverse Gaming 8 months ago

    Ahaha that beginning was my fav thing ever 😂

  • Jeckson Universe 8 months ago

    This prank was an epic fail, Vikk didn’t even care, it only took him 10 seconds to find it and destroy it

  • Harrison HD 8 months ago

    Loved the prank should do more 😀 🙂

  • Moose the Goose 8 months ago

    Happy birthday 🎉 hope you get to 40k subs

  • Agash Thileepo 8 months ago

    vikk found the prank instantly when he started the steam

  • Storm Seeker 8 months ago

    i like that it was a nice prank and not something that wasted vikk’s resources and set back his progress..

  • AJMYSTICAL Games 8 months ago

    40K subs face cam please

  • Carlosjr135Playz 8 months ago

    Can u be my dad

  • Kakashi Hatake 8 months ago

    Gen,you have such a pleb base.
    You literally sleep on grass

  • Matthew Klementowski 8 months ago

    Pete got $350 when you got 20😂

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