• Vortex Gaming101 6 months ago

    Fire has been sent

  • PugGamesHD _ 6 months ago


  • Brett Hinrichs 6 months ago

    Quiff how will you respond to gen??? Will you just let him lay that fire?!?

  • JakeCraft 6 months ago

    Gen rekt you so hard its not even funny.

  • Doprah 6 months ago

    You Dont Deserve That Lifesteal 4 At All 😂

  • Adjust 6 months ago

    Yo, Gen roasted you

  • TheInfamousQuiff - Daily Minecraft Videos 6 months ago

    Dw guys, we gave the lifesteal 4 book to speedy and side 🙂

  • FuzziesConnected 6 months ago

    Blast 2 does a 3*2*3 so it breaks two layers of 9 18 total. Blast 3 would break an entire 3*3 cube

  • Sunjay Puri 6 months ago

    What was the IP??

  • Sunjay Puri 6 months ago

    What event is this??

  • Kobe Egnor 6 months ago

    Quiff, you gotta make a dis on Gen…

  • Gavin Dennis 6 months ago


  • Gavin Dennis 6 months ago

    react to what gen sent to you

  • Rayun Douglas 6 months ago

    Really enlightned 5
    qiff u suck

  • XHcnzoX - Overwatch 6 months ago


  • Bobby Bob 6 months ago

    Vikk is trying to make a god sword you should have gave it him

  • Ivan Chen 6 months ago

    30:55 funniest thing ever for me in this series.

  • AeriaBrie 6 months ago

    Saying guys three times gets annoying but ya know, he failed anyways lol

  • Nathan DoesStuff 6 months ago

    Book completed the dungeon without any deaths

  • Itz Blue 6 months ago

    Quiff this is episode 77 not 76 I think lol recommend u change it just so u keep it in order

  • Ulf ViKings 6 months ago

    You should get sell your other books to speedy and side as the middleman and they can then sell to make a profit.

  • LyricsForSongs 6 months ago

    Quiff got roasted!

  • Alec Ovan 6 months ago

    I like how you begged off camera for a legendary enchant totally not abusing

  • guren urguu 6 months ago

    your pic is op

  • Deniz Salt 6 months ago

    Ha this is clickbait man

  • ROLLCSGO 6 months ago

    This is why admins give quiff op gear

  • Om Chav 6 months ago

    I actually smashed my head in the wall when he said I didn’t know emeralds sell what’s everyone been doing for them past week!!!

  • Brucewayne5241 H 6 months ago

    Quiff getting rekted on generzon channel oh baby

  • Lincoln Day 6 months ago

    quiff it is worth 3.2 mil

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