How To Make an UNDERWATER House In Minecraft! new update aquatic


  • Beach Swanson 1 week ago

    you should do a steampunk tutorial

  • Nils Loose 1 week ago

    MORE!! 🙂

  • mac_attack 1 week ago

    *Grain in 2020*

    Hello!! My name is Grian, and today I’m going to be showing you how to build a rustic mansion, BLOCK FOR BLOCK, #38.

  • tanner jeppson 1 week ago

    Grian, I love your videos. they are so helpful and inspiring to everyone. I love your Evo. SMP the most though. I want to practice my 3D animation and a minecraft animation would be the perfect way to do so. If you could be bothered to do so it would be super fun to have the Evo. world to animate in. I understand that you are a busy person, but if you use mineways to convert the world to a bled file I could do a 3D animation of one of your episodes.
    Tanner Jeppson

  • Typical Sunshine 1 week ago

    Let’s count how many times he says overhange

  • Jab Cab 1 week ago

    16:28 what happened to your audio there?

  • dark - star 26 1 week ago

    “Acratic”~Grian 2018 9:01

  • Dead Bone 1 week ago

    Hehe.. “Experiment”

  • jinnijenny 1 week ago

    Did anyone else notice how Grian suddenly stopped in the middle of a sentence at 16:30 !??

    Otherwise wow, nice job as always. You inspire me so much Grian <3

  • TUC - Kaan Karaayan 1 week ago

    Basicly you build a modern house underwater.Than you have to drain it.

  • Azerty 1390 1 week ago

    /gamerule doMobSpawning flase. thank me later.

    oh no the command synthax has changed since 1.13 ;[

  • Ed mister 1 week ago

    How did you get rid of the water like that????

  • GannonNotFromZelda 1 week ago

    I’ve never really been a fan of modern architecture. It really just seems so bland and lacking in creativity. But I can proudly say that Grian makes it work. Especially in
    Minecraft, because everything is already a rectangular prism.

  • Starry Song 1 week ago

    7:23 Looks like mobs now want to live in this house!

  • Roger Frame 1 week ago

    Is 1.13 live for PC yet? Mine is still stuck on 1.12.2

  • Brody Hickman 1 week ago

    2:03 is so frigin cool!!!!!!!!

  • zSky Cesz 1 week ago


  • A YouTube Commenter 1 week ago

    I dare you to put hate on my comment

  • How to Eat 1 week ago

    transform the sea in aquatic update

  • How to Eat 1 week ago

    transform the sea in aquatic

  • How to Eat 1 week ago


  • Cupcake Bro 1 week ago

    Your vids are awesome! Also when will more EVO come out?

  • Km Neteler 1 week ago

    Now we need a guide on terraforming underwater

  • Gibbypastrami 1 week ago

    you shouldve tried to make a pool as the entrance, imagine putting a mason jar underwater with the lid-ring facing DOWN, the air in the jar stops water from getting in, idk if that works with minecraft physics, but it does in real life!

  • Kieran Tvedt 1 week ago

    try terraria

  • Kieran Tvedt 1 week ago

    on steam

  • kaikaina onekea 1 week ago

    WhT about making a new fortnite video and what I’m hopping is a series please

  • Blueberry DURP 1 week ago

    Grian are you still friends with sam and taurtis? :))

  • AiryJupiter1127 1 week ago

    Hey Grian! Your a great builder, so can I request you something? If you go in Hypixel, click the compass, and there is going to be a door. Click on it and go to your housing. It’s a challenge for you because you have limited space and supplies. I hope you read this request!!!

  • YourWorst NIGHTMARE! 1 week ago

    Me to

  • Shanester Derp 1 week ago

    how were u in 1.13 when the game hasnt updated yet 0-0

  • MAXXL 1 week ago


  • Captain Cid 1 week ago


  • Skyler Huihui 1 week ago

    An easy way to make an entrance would be to put it in the floor. The downside is that you no longer have a squid farm.

  • bargon viktor 1 week ago

    Um what happens when drowned flood your house?

  • Heather Duschek 1 week ago

    What happened to tartus?? (sorry if I spelt that wrong) I reallly miss him 😢

  • Ella Thoeny 1 week ago

    is the updated even out yet

  • Duncan McCrostie 1 week ago

    This is for Grian

    I was not very good with building because I had no ideas but your builds gave me ideas I never would have gotten better at it if it wasn’t for you thank you it means a lot that I can make a building in Minecraft without it looking completely horrible and that I can get my brother to nicely say what they look like once again thank you 😀😁😉

  • Azure 1 week ago

    16:27, What happened?!

  • Sri Julianti 1 week ago

    make pokemon mt silver

  • BlueKavet 1 week ago

    16:26 What happened there? XD

  • CHAOS PRO 1 week ago

    Whelp… time to get an hour of materials.. /=

  • viktor malheiro 1 week ago

    hey grian could you please support my channel? i have been subscribed to you for a while now and i really am desperate

  • Ardell Vito 1 week ago


  • im a member of fairytail maybe not 1 week ago

    How do you remove water ?
    Thas my problem

  • Keenan Gerona 1 week ago

    Dat is da wae! Undir da watre! *Clock clock clock*

  • TheCommentGuy 1 week ago

    I don’t think wood would work well under water (talking about real life logic)

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