• ausmanX Velocity-Mc Helper 6 months ago

    Do something that’s a good tutorial build, this is too easy and simple; so many more people could make a way better castle than this…

  • Memes Out For Vision 6 months ago

    I saw him in a hypixel lobby, Grian, if you’re seeing this. Do build battle with fans more <3

  • TheBatmandude 50 6 months ago

    Make The Creepy House From “IT”


  • X. P. 6 months ago

    meh, I am disapointed in you grian!

  • Darong Huang 6 months ago

    “Iron bars to hold up the drawbridge” – Grian, the drawbridge is resting on the ground!

  • Mario Cantaragiu 6 months ago

    Can you Sam tourtise and others do a role play like now a year ago please

  • Karin van der Lee 6 months ago

    Make a nether base!!

  • santy the great Hernandez Castrillon 6 months ago

    grain can you make church for ur next vid plz

  • Caleb Frey 6 months ago


  • MJJ Biggest Fan 6 months ago

    Grian! Do the interior to your real house in minecraft! (09.IV.2017)

  • The Ghetto Prankz 6 months ago

    Grain you beat a world record for stairs?

  • ZinTyPhoon 6 months ago

    Love this Castle Grian! But you know what would make it better?

  • D3COY 6 months ago

    Defo gonna build this really good tutorial

  • Drew H 6 months ago

    I haven’t even built it yet and I’m neck deep with ideas!

  • The Seb Of Awesome 6 months ago

    Thanks for the red arrow I would’ve never guessed what it was

  • Daniel Minecrafter 6 months ago

    I wish you did more idea videos rather than step by step tutorials. :3

  • crazypiez animation's 6 months ago

    I was pretty sure at 0:34 he was going to troll us and make a dik . And sorry for saying di*k but I thought you were!

  • Annie Dang 6 months ago

    This video really inspired me to make a castle of my own style!!!

  • William Gao 6 months ago

    i love the numbers grian included

  • William Gao 6 months ago


  • Mama Jin is not proud 6 months ago

    My friends would say that theirs are bigger (i also have a bigger castle and its kinda average) little the dont know their castle is a map

  • Rainbow Inc. 6 months ago

    Hey Grian can you build a computer using a person (typing)

  • Peacock Gaming 6 months ago

    Grian, do you have a public minecraft server? If so, what’s the address? I would absolutely love to build on it, it would be so cool! Love your vids by the way, you are extremely talented.😊

  • Gaming Panda 6 months ago

    can I talk to u live?on discord/skype?

  • L I L Y 6 months ago

    Love it

  • WiddleWonn 9000 6 months ago

    Can you make a tutorial of a burnt building, like one that was attacked and burned down

  • Black man 6 months ago

    Nice castle ! But… I thing Rizzial is your best enemy. I don’t know your chanel or Rizzial chanel is better +_+’

  • Kamil Grzyb 6 months ago

    Ty znasz kuba hałas

  • mysticalkittykat 6 months ago

    You should have added a few banners on the front! I was waiting for you to give the castle its coat of arms.

  • Thedeezent 6 months ago

    can you try to make a suvivel series and make things in thadt series it whot be nice : D

  • - IGOR-CRITICAL- 6 months ago

    Vim pelo jazz

  • ShadowCat 6 months ago

    grian can you please build our comments episode 13 because i never had a chance to show a idea

  • ShadowCat 6 months ago

    can you build underwater house?

  • KraziRox 6 months ago

    can u revisit the floating island build
    Without voxel sniper please

  • Messed Up 6 months ago

    grian do a resource friendly build (for survival) like i did survival once and it’s hard to build

  • Stannis the Mannis 6 months ago

    Watch Dukonred1 then learn how to build a castle

  • THE DUMB DEVIL 6 months ago

    I just ate taco bell pin me or I will fart

  • G0d0fninjas 6 months ago

    i just realised i dont need to make this because i have the official medieval castle book xD

  • Strange Sugar 6 months ago

    I liked your old castle tutorial, things are more rewarding when you make things without block by block tutorials

  • TheCoyotePack 6 months ago

    Wow this is amazing! Keep it up Grian! <3

  • SILSKY 6 months ago

    Grian you are the single biggest building inspiration for me. I owe so much of what I know about building to you. You inspire my work still today. Thank you 🙂

  • Matthias Chevalier 6 months ago

    Look at my chanell. Is Matthias Chevalier

  • Paddy Austin 6 months ago

    Instructions do not work got head stuck in ender portal

  • Hasna Hagi 6 months ago

    It better not be clickbait

  • igor plays 6 months ago

    Gongrats on 300th video

  • Nigel Barbour 6 months ago

    Ah but what about MACHICOLATIOOOOOOOOOOONS?? !?!?

  • Jean-Marc Lalonde 6 months ago

    grian how do u . use world edit

  • PrincessGG 123 6 months ago

    Never trust edited comments

  • Sheil Desai 6 months ago

    Such a shitty castle

  • Qui Lime 6 months ago

    your tutorials are always so clear and easy to understand, they always inspire me to go and try new things in Minecraft! Thank you for consistently making great content 🙂

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