Today we play Minecraft The Simple Life and show you How To Make a


  • Ann Paul 7 months ago


  • Ann Paul 7 months ago


  • Ann Paul 7 months ago


  • Corey Cridland 7 months ago

    Please organize your inventory more or just dump alot of stuff in chests… it triggers me when u try and craft and cant fit anything anywhere

  • Ann Paul 7 months ago

    31:38 the new minecraft hen should be like this

  • The Man upstairs 7 months ago


  • Gavin Graham 7 months ago

    Make the Tuberous Jetpack or whatever it’s called it’s a troll give it to Steve or Andrew

  • TristanGaming 1 7 months ago

    It is actually Tuesday for my country

  • Muhammad Athaillha 7 months ago

    Me to ben

  • Why is your inventory ALWAYS full every single video, but you only ever use 2-3 things in it? When you know the video is going to be all about crafting something. You ignore the comments because you don’t care, but I still felt like saying something lol.

  • Joe Orange 7 months ago

    Remember when Jerome played pixelmon

  • im a sweaty tryhard 7 months ago

    Please play cuphead co-op

  • brent lesser 7 months ago


  • NucularZombie 7 months ago

    No school

  • Jeninne Lilley 7 months ago

    30:50 fire Andrew for that comment!

  • WOLF DESTOYER EX 7 months ago

    Jerome can you play rocket league again pls

  • purple guy purple Nation 7 months ago

    Never missed a video

  • slifer _vlogs 7 months ago

    Jerome youre contraption looks like registeel

  • Emilinda Magtalas 7 months ago

    why wont jerome make a *****************************

  • Chanel TNT 7 months ago

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  • Nano Wolf 7 months ago

    Like for daily episodes

  • Sky _Minecraft 7 months ago

    Shimpul Laife it is….

  • Chanan Leibler 7 months ago

    Play more risk factions

  • Tybot1000 Hey 7 months ago

    Ben is dumb

  • Rhys Fouracre 7 months ago

    jerome you look a bit blue there, might be my end but still

  • Sonoflear Folf 7 months ago

    Jerome’s inventory management gave me cancer.

  • RedkingGamez 7 months ago

    If you wanna speed up the alloy smelter then use capacitors (but not basic ones u have to get the better 1s)

  • Terrence Loughran 7 months ago

    Hey Ben and Steve I’m hungry watching this

  • Neo Ninja 7 months ago

    Hey jerome use the archimedes mod

  • Elliott Lyndley 7 months ago

    Click 0:00 👈here to load

  • Jacob Stepp 7 months ago

    do pixelmon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • raymond torres 7 months ago

    how is an jetpack simple?

  • Diamondtabby 7 months ago

    Skrrrra pa pa pa pa pa skiddy di pa pa

  • Allen Q 7 months ago

    There is a boy named Charlie he’s one year’s old each like = 1 year don’t over like him

  • Mooshal The king 7 months ago

    Delete all ur death markers

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  • Adam Kalafut 7 months ago

    Jerome can you please clean your inventory and keep it clean

  • WindSpeed 7 months ago

    for power you should see if there are solar panels

  • Mr.Duncan :D 7 months ago

    This doesn’t seem simple it’s just very complicated Minecraft or maybe even real life.

  • Bobby Jin 7 months ago

    I subbed 😀

  • Cameron Russell 7 months ago

    they should make a series based on the mod ars magicka

  • micahe wolterman 7 months ago

    when is crazy craft going to continue on Minecraft please let us know

  • NovaEnterT 7 months ago

    This is an actual AD…

  • noach Francisca2010 7 months ago

    !Fak joe

  • Kamisia sweet 7 months ago


  • ивангай 7 months ago


  • Briely Komnacki 7 months ago

    Why is your inventory always a mess Jerome XD

  • ThunderStorm 7 months ago

    Anyone else get the ultra sun or moon add?

  • TheRealBreton 7 months ago

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  • KodaNation Gaming 7 months ago

    Omg, he pronounced chassis Chas Iss

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