• Novaroth 8 months ago

    Bog standard bog standard.

  • Rachel Aders 8 months ago

    Please put the world with the finished houses up for download!

  • John Nisbet 8 months ago

    This video is so well-made and I learned a lot, Thank you!

  • Zaptanium _ 8 months ago

    hi grian or others reading I would like to thank you grian for all the vids you make teaching us how to build when I started I could not build a good house for the life of me but when I started watching you I learned so much to help my building so thank you and keep up the good work

  • Zain Khaleel 8 months ago

    😮😶how are you so good at building

  • Adrian Alvarado 8 months ago

    just stop with the animation….

  • Jesper Rolleman 8 months ago

    but i already knew this

  • Reddrummer25 8 months ago

    what is the mod you use that lets you select and set blocks?

  • Carlo loke lim / Join de Levia Army!! 8 months ago

    play Roblox for one time plz

  • Diaben0u0 8 months ago

    Another thing to do is look at references! Even though you shouldn’t copy the whole build down, getting ideas for the shape, block pallet, and details of the exterior and interior are a nice thing to do if you’re learning to build.

  • Ryan Williford 8 months ago

    +1 dislike PLUS adblock it’s not your day?

  • Aiden Ioata 8 months ago

    Shape… *grian starts dancing* LOL XD

  • Little Virus 8 months ago

    build peices of grass obducting the cow spaceship obducting aliens obducting a cow pleae :3 #BuildThisComment

  • Ethan Gruenberg 8 months ago

    Grian I’m struggling with building a Science lab can you help me?

  • ZENoDEN Naki & Venus 8 months ago

    in the beginning where you were talking I love the little cartoon you, who drew it?

  • At 6:28 a chunk loads in the background

  • Hum L 8 months ago

    Tbh, who builds house with a big ass roof?

  • Jake Higginson 8 months ago

    Why don’t you make a series of people make houses and you make it better

  • Astro Aj 8 months ago

    the desert house doesn’t make sense because birch is not a desert tree. it actually more often grows in wet areas like rivers and marshes.

  • ForPugsSake MC 8 months ago

    It looks like Dr. Suese made that house 😂

  • BAG BEAN 8 months ago

    9:50 i’m getting so fucking horny and you actually can polish poo its on a mythbusters episode

  • The Shadow King 8 months ago

    but I like my box house

  • R6S Moller 8 months ago

    Please do a tutorial on the grey house from the video thumbnail.

  • Trenten Maize 8 months ago

    can you make a video about building bird houses for parrots

  • Joy Chapman 8 months ago

    “You can’t polish a poo” XD LOLOLOLOLOL

  • Daniel Lyubchik 8 months ago


  • Noah Corbin 8 months ago

    “sees Grian put door in off-center” “OCD kicks in”

  • MoonLitWolf 8 months ago

    Me: -Pauses video goes onto Minecraft and copy’s- 
    Also me: IM EPIC!!!

  • Julijana Ver 8 months ago

    To bad you can’t teach your talent… I am so untalented ;(

  • MLG Toaster 8 months ago

    I don’t play minecraft yet I was interested.

  • rami Al-shraideh 8 months ago

    oh come on this is bad my dirt hut has a LOT OF SHAPE and looks EPIC

    I’m not smart enough to do this

    mumbo : add a Redstone clock to that run an output through this observer to connect the main part up

    me : I defenetly understand that

  • rami Al-shraideh 8 months ago

    can u detail my face lol

  • Dnalyt Gaming 8 months ago

    20:45 lol new and improved Krusty Krab

  • Tamara Liashenko 8 months ago

    even yt knows I’m bad, I haven’t even been watching how to build vids

  • DatBoiAcrossTheStreet 8 months ago

    Realistically these buildings will fall without any foundations

  • Abby Lundmark 8 months ago

    Wow! Grain your tips helped me build SOO much better!!

  • RtPL EV4C 8 months ago

    Hay guys go sub to me I’m planning a new mc series and need subs to get up won’t be uploading for a couple of days 😁

  • Quiffy 8 months ago

    Grian is the BEST!!! builder

  • Cheez Potato 8 months ago

    your building style is clunky and cluttered, and there is barely any contrast resulting into a mushy bland dull looking thing. good tips n all but very overused style. itd be nice to see some more color in your builds and less use of wood/stone material.

  • X_Mitch_X 8 months ago

    We’ve chosen colors which comple-
    *slams into pole*

  • eNBee 8 months ago

    This video is a complete mindfuck. Thank you so much dude 😀

  • chestnut 13126 8 months ago

    so poop is poop and cake is cake?

  • Lucas Hogan 8 months ago

    never use ice or packed ice for windows ease if you live were there is a lot of sun it will melt

  • The Weird Three :P 8 months ago

    This really helped thank you very much

  • xAinsley 104 8 months ago

    Subscribe so Grian can see! Don’t forget to like

  • GamerTime13 8 months ago

    wow this was really informitive

  • PoisenMetal162 8 months ago

    Grian thanks for the image

  • Its Grumpen 8 months ago

    dude thats not pro u have to do the tutorial ith the beginning not with that shitty block

  • DuckMaster Trampolining 8 months ago

    This is really good

  • Bernice Blizzard the Wolf 8 months ago

    13:33Heh… the POINT is
    Get it cuz like like the roof and then he was just talking about it
    Okay I’ll stop…

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