• Legend Playz 3 weeks ago


  • Emeraldon 3 weeks ago

    2nd! Nice vid!

  • Christy Zokewl 3 weeks ago


  • Kevin Caufield 3 weeks ago

    wow, fast. 3rd?

  • ahmad hazem 3 weeks ago

    You are best youtuber in world ❤❤❤❤

  • Christy Zokewl 3 weeks ago

    Im the third comment

  • Haley Mae Toledo 3 weeks ago

    Omg I look at your thubnail and I whas like omg so beautiful omg I gotta watch this so I watch and its so cool

  • DKA. GAMING/ART 3 weeks ago

    Amazing gameplay & build….^^

  • Evakz 3 weeks ago


  • John Young 3 weeks ago

    That’s a cool house but your like me I don’t have a clue how to do the inside

  • Luckas Karlson 3 weeks ago

    Nice house👌❤️

  • Dreymasmith Dreams 3 weeks ago

    Australia has ground, first, second too – fyi. Ratbag zombies coming in to nick your copper pipes. The grand rustic stairs are nice. The oak logs are a good edging and support. Grand rustic stairs for a grand rustic house. Good one.

  • Andre Heinz 3 weeks ago

    Grand build Avo #24 thumb

  • James Baker 3 weeks ago

    Great vid loved it 😊

  • FIRED SKULL 3 weeks ago

    Do you have pocket edition download or not cuz i only have pe

  • iiKatiePlaysii Gacha! 3 weeks ago

    I will download it! If I can ;w;

  • RockerBuck 73 3 weeks ago

    I LOVE your build tutes! Not sure how I tripped across your channel, but I’m glad I did!! Don’t feel bad about interiors…it’s my weakness as well. And I like your intro as well….keep up the great work, man!! 🙂

  • Glowstone Gamer Girl #Glow 3 weeks ago


  • calicowhat 3 weeks ago

    I love that house shape and the roofing is pretty, yes please continue the series 🙂

  • N BNZ 3 weeks ago

    Excellent tutorial, especially like how you showcased lots of different roof style. Looking forward to more of these.

  • Spl33fy 3 weeks ago

    Wow you are really good at making Big Houses/Building well i struggle at That stuff And I don’t know why but try to keep this up :DDD

  • firelight gaming 3 weeks ago

    Amazing build

  • Lee Daniel 3 weeks ago

    youre really great at building

  • Dub The Gamer 3 weeks ago

    *Rustic Houses = Life*

  • Sphinx Gamers 3 weeks ago

    Now here is some grian quality content!! Nice building

  • Ron White 3 weeks ago

    Interesting house design. I think it’s quite nice. I think the only change I’d make is your combination roof (stairs and slabs) I would reverse. Putting the stairs in the top and transitioning to slabs at the bottom I think would look better and be more realistic imho. Maybe it’s an American thing, I dunno. 🙂

    That being said… excellent build, especially for being unplanned. Kudos.

  • no.charms 3 weeks ago

    To be honest….its ugly…its just an ugly House….

  • Joshua Schaefer 3 weeks ago

    Nice video avo, I love building this way, this is how I usually build my things. I would love to show you some of my builds but I have no idea how to send messages or anything on here, lol.

  • Rick Clark 3 weeks ago

    Nice build. I like the cube system for building these as it makes it much easier to plan out the structure. I am going to try this myself.

  • Lilstar Duke 3 weeks ago

    Best house ever!!! I am going to start building it now. I downloaded the file but I am playing windows 10 version rn, any chance to share the seed for this? Thank you for sharing Avomance!

  • Joannah MTF Plays 3 weeks ago

    It looks like a church. That’s my whole input. It looks like a church.

    And I dislike your shaders. They looked so weird that i thought you were playing a different game.

  • Albenis Ortiz 3 weeks ago

    When are you going to make it

  • BİRİMİZ İKİMİZ HD 3 weeks ago

    Arkadaşlarınızı Eklemeyi Unutmayın LİNK:
    https://discord.gg/S4PK2b @everyone

  • Hoot Owl 3 weeks ago

    Really like the house and I love that you made it downloadable. I wish you would consider making some of your other tutorials downloadable as well (examples: meat cookers, village breeder, iron farm, gold farm, etc.). I always forget where I saw the good ideas for those type of builds when I want to make them. Having them downloaded where I could find them easily would be great and I am sure other people would agree. Keep up the great content! Take care.

  • Coil3dDr4g0n 3 weeks ago

    Great build tutorial. House looks great. I really like the cube/pod system you use to help you build. Definitely something I am going to try.

  • alex atkinson 3 weeks ago

    Hey avo can you give me a download for you tree house in the massive tree

  • مستر_أحمود/ Mr.Ahmod 3 weeks ago

    التكستر باك لو سمحت 😄

  • fray mortadha 3 weeks ago

    xd wow

  • Scuba Doc 3 weeks ago

    Hey Avo, I truly enjoyed watching you build this. I loved seeing how your mind works as it creates! I am going to try to build this. I would very much like it if you were to continue doing instructional videos like this. Keep up the great work.

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