• Grian 4 months ago

    I’ve heard it looks like a Toilet.. hand sanitizer.. kettle.. what do you think it reminds you of?

  • lawrence wei 4 months ago

    You instantly deleted taurtis summoned

  • Steve G The Gamer 4 months ago

    NOOOOO GRAIN y did you just remove that video y i fort we where going to see him yyyyy grain y also ur the best xD

  • Hermitcraft 123 4 months ago

    I can not watch the minecraft smp

  • Mr. C 4 months ago

    That door is so from the future that it keeps saying molly percocet.

  • Mark Wright 4 months ago

    Reminds be of a ship like little tug boat

  • Creeper Juice 4 months ago

    2:36 …now this here is a Horse Field

  • perfectmilk 4 months ago

    It reminds me of a monkey from the barrel of monkeys toy.

  • perfectmilk 4 months ago

    And Grian, you should invest some time into the Chisel n Bits mod, I feel like you would really enjoy that mod. You could actually get curves with this mod on a small scale. 🙂

  • Brage Boe Ulstein 4 months ago

    The Soviet Union icon

  • Zenos Gamer 4 months ago

    It’s looks good but it reminds me of a tea pot

  • Le Derp Français 4 months ago

    Quartz is an acceptable alternative to white concrete.
    Snow, though? Not really?

  • Sebastian Seavey 4 months ago

    build a cmd/redstone/base laboratory

  • MrGoldenscissors 4 months ago

    What do you use for inspiration when you are going to build any type of house?

  • illuminati Gamer 4 months ago

    You should do another collaboration with Mackenstine and do a FNAF with the cameras

  • Titopepe 4 months ago

    It looks Like Reds House from Angry Birds Movie

  • Djamel Drop 4 months ago

    haha the thumbnail looks like an futuristic teapot, great build anyways

  • Patrick13 Jones 4 months ago

    There’s a block missing at the ring that surrounds the house 🙂

  • Monkey Chief 4 months ago

    How NPC Grian read the title: How to build a Futurustic house

  • Lorenzo Koenig 4 months ago

    Can you build a futuristic house underwater?

  • Lorenzo Koenig 4 months ago

    “Got a few bouncy–”

  • ILikePezles 4 months ago


  • Alex Zhang 4 months ago

    It looks like a globe.

  • preston Batts 4 months ago

    Love the house but where is the bed

  • Susan Moss 4 months ago

    It looks like a house that is in a old boat

  • Tiger Jazzi 4 months ago

    Wow!! Your builds inspire me so much!! I really build this!! I’m building a city!! I already build the town hall!!

  • Fibrous Mystic 4 months ago

    Lol I like your voices when u say oww lol xD

  • Please 0:16 bottom left of the house there is a block missing, It hurts my soul!!!

  • Gaming with SLINKY 4 months ago


  • Xen Lim 4 months ago


  • There was a block missing at the front of the first house shown. Whole video ruined. Unsub.

  • Austin Thornton 4 months ago

    5:45 is tutorial start

  • Jonathan Hernandez 4 months ago

    I here the stranger things music!!!!!

  • Communist Homeworlder 4 months ago

    What’s up with the tutorials now including measurements for the builds?

  • minecraft history 4 months ago

    It reminds me of meet the Robinson’s

  • Georg Begerow 4 months ago

    Next stop: Space Station

  • 9Firebird9 4 months ago

    You want to know what future houses will look like well it’s the same you are now in the future.

  • The Derpy Squid 4 months ago

    That one quart block missing is killing my ocd

  • HuskyBlogs&gaming Dan 4 months ago

    That looks awesome !

  • WUTDOYOUMEAN XD 4 months ago

    Grian how did you get world edit???

  • *Grian back in the day*: I dont do block by block tutorials, just showing you the basics of how to do it yourself.

    *Every Grian video nowadays*: Lets get started with the block by block tutorial!


  • AwesomeNeko Kyuri 4 months ago

    At 0:45 I spotted some mistakes like that white concrete on the platform is missing

  • FoxyBoss7818 4 months ago

    you never dissapoint me Grian!! 😊😊

  • carla sumagui 4 months ago

    how do you build so good?

  • Luca Giambelli 4 months ago


  • Uzair Syed-Muhammad 4 months ago

    I’ve always wanted to see houses integrated into the surrounding landscape

  • Kitty Taco 4 months ago

    I see a moon.

  • dro55690 4 months ago


  • Oh Whale 4 months ago

    Ok so I see you have connected stained glass… How do I get that? I tried enabling it on optifine but nothing changes. It won’t connect. Is that a texture pack?

  • CookieKitty194 4 months ago

    I should try and build a futuristic home and I have a friend who can help. Thanks for inspiration. (/^•^)/

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