Today we become any YouTuber in Minecraft!
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  • Person Guy 3 months ago

    What ever happened to Bodil?

  • Jon Goldfeder 3 months ago

    Ben is worse then the flu on steroids. #Roasted

  • Zac Reese 3 months ago

    That sign said di#k he’s gona be flaged in 3 sec

  • Eric0409 3 months ago

    I’ve been here since crazy craft season one

  • Katlynn Nicholson 3 months ago

    Anyone elses teachers plan to torture all the students? Because I usually get a test in every subject all on the same day😂😭😭

  • Flaming donut Power 3 months ago

    I have been to most of the streams since the second month of his streaming

  • Radheshyam Sarda 3 months ago

    Do monster industries plsss

    Like if you agree👍

  • Isaac Britland 3 months ago


  • Sounds is in a hard spot

  • Classic Ninja 3 months ago

    6:32 Andrew is next to Firefox ❤️

  • Nikau Briggs 3 months ago

    Do u no da wae

  • Nikau Briggs 3 months ago

    Ugandan knuckels hide and seek

  • poop pooop 3 months ago


  • spike 2445 3 months ago

    Ben you should watch Mr. Bean

  • Autumn Miller 3 months ago

    I will be your Valentine Jerome. ❤

  • Isaac Butcher 3 months ago

    Plz do more of these

  • Mikie Da G.O.A.T 3 months ago

    I have about 50 livestreams and over 600 vids I’ve been watching science the hunger game days

  • 3:20 left side 😂😂

  • armed kalev 3 months ago

    Too laggy

  • Robin Cruz 3 months ago

    Is your channel dying

  • BewilderingPotato 3 months ago


  • Ivrsyn Nicholson 3 months ago


  • samurai stinger 3 months ago

    Why don’t u stream with. Tewty any more

  • piggy gamer 1975 3 months ago

    I have 8 test in 1 week

  • PokemineFoxCat 3 months ago

    It’s something like Kurzegast or something like that

  • PokemineFoxCat 3 months ago

    I’ll be your Valentine

  • yuan Angelo I. Belmonte 3 months ago

    50+ Somethin

  • thatdamnbella 3 months ago

    Can you say hello to make sure you ore with me

  • Paul Chen 3 months ago

    I can still watch

  • Paul Chen 3 months ago

    I had 7 tests in one day

  • Paul Chen 3 months ago

    My favorite youtuber is JeromeASF, MiniiDear, AlexACE, BiffleWiffle, SigilsPlaysGames most favorite is stevolishous fresh daddy

  • Paul Chen 3 months ago

    My least favorite is SigilsPlaysGames

  • anna thompson 3 months ago

    im walking her

  • Tom Banus 3 months ago

    why are you soooo laggy

  • Christian Reeves 3 months ago

    I’ve been here since the good Ole Betty days

  • rascullz 12 3 months ago

    Jeromeasf yt thing us kurgarzat

  • Brom Games 3 months ago

    Всем привет!
    Тоже играю в разные интересные видеоигры.
    Заходите на канал, всем буду рад)
    Всем добра!

  • Sarahmay05 subtoshot 3 months ago

    Umm just change your skin….. I’m Preston right now

  • mariah curl 3 months ago

    Mannnnn I thought Perston was gonna be here.

  • XxxProGamerXxx 3 months ago

    its killing me just to watch so laggy jerome either its your computer or its your internet get better internet or a better computer

  • TateBoiiis 3 months ago

    Why was mumbo called mr mumbo?

  • Gaming Explosion 3 months ago

    Hehehehe…. JinBop…

  • Cole Anthony 3 months ago

    I’m new

  • Nathaniel Arnold-Moore 3 months ago

    Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza Pizza

  • Charles Rupprecht 3 months ago

    Kurkscat in a nutshell

  • Michael Deschaw 3 months ago


  • Dylan Meyer 3 months ago


  • JSG Presents 3 months ago

    TBH I have made to almost all of the streams; I watched Jerome since Team Crafted 😁😙

  • GTOboi211 3 months ago

    Dasha is the type of person I can’t play games with… has to win at everything or she gets mad.

  • MrHarlequinlover 3 months ago

    I hope bean steps on a lego

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