Little Lizard –


  • funtime shimmer Bigo 2 weeks ago

    you guys are the best

  • funtime shimmer Bigo 2 weeks ago


  • Master Death 2 weeks ago

    Wolf bane kills 🐺

  • ???? ???? 2 weeks ago

    They went in romonas house

  • MNS_VoLt 2 weeks ago

    It the clowns real name is pennywise

  • Synceire Hayes 2 weeks ago

    Yay he chose my comet (not just me)

  • Ashley Gilbert 2 weeks ago

    maje more power rangers

  • In Ebonys World 2 weeks ago

    #BRINGBACKBUILDSVILL who’s with me?? Like if you agree

  • Jack little Boss 2 weeks ago

    Turtals rule

  • Drowning Dragon 2016 2 weeks ago

    What app can I use to record my laptop screen because OBS Studios just an’t cut in it and I would like some youtubeing tips because I am a bad youtuber plz

  • chet davies 2 weeks ago


  • N and A Plays 2 weeks ago

    Tinny turtle u are the best

  • Tania Egan 2 weeks ago

    Where is ninjago roleplay

  • Hailey Deng 2 weeks ago

    This is so funny when you said making my way down town and scuba Steve said it really funny but it alittle werid

  • Courtney Jones 2 weeks ago

    It was not a full moon

  • Erick Morales 2 weeks ago

    You should do how to be captain underpants

  • Lunar Galceon 2 weeks ago

    More Lego Ninjago plz

  • Richard Cato 2 weeks ago

    can i do a vid with u plz??

  • Jessa Meers 2 weeks ago

    Do a how to become a pokemon please

  • Yasir Rodriguez 2 weeks ago

    How to become a dragon

  • Jasmin Badillo 2 weeks ago

    Tt you shud swim🐢🐢

  • Lilliana Clark 2 weeks ago

    That the same witch castle thing from little Kelly in Ramona past

  • Elizabeth Donovan 2 weeks ago

    Can I be in the little club. I love you guys.

  • Elizabeth Donovan 2 weeks ago

    PLEASE ! you guys are my only friends. I think.

  • Arayah Style 2 weeks ago

    you guys look awesome

  • Santiago Villasenor 2 weeks ago

    Do the dragon video

  • nathan Alma 2 weeks ago

    Trun into a zombie

  • nathan Alma 2 weeks ago

    Scuba stiev are you crazey

  • nathan Alma 2 weeks ago

    I love trouble

  • Tony Harrison 2 weeks ago

    Guys u should be a titan

  • MishaSucksForever 2 weeks ago

    Hey can u all awesome ppl in the comments subscribe to my buddy PandaMaster he is so close to 200 and it would be awesome! Stay Epic Dudes

  • Nikolai nb abasol 2 weeks ago

    Like it

  • Little Emily 2 weeks ago

    Do a how too become a Witch

  • josiecat1234 2 weeks ago

    Do more building videos . I like them.

  • Jenny Zamorano 2 weeks ago

    Hi like video

  • Griffin Parrinello 2 weeks ago

    I love your videos and i subscribed and i hit the bell and I like

  • Cafetome Mariealix 2 weeks ago

    Your are ninjawerewolph

  • Oscar Doherty 2 weeks ago

    Don’t do the music

  • Jonathan Hay 2 weeks ago

    Do how to become a exe in minecraft

  • Hisham Limbada 2 weeks ago

    Pls continue those kind of videos

  • L SUmp 2 weeks ago

    Iygmgmggnnnnmmmmmmmmmmm is always an amazing night of my love for you and

  • William Turgoose 2 weeks ago

    Do more how to train your dragon that was my favorite series

  • Time Lords 2 weeks ago

    Yellow eyes he’s an alpha

  • Time Lords 2 weeks ago

    He’s an ultima

  • Samantha Weiss 2 weeks ago

    Little Kelly is a witch

  • Morgan Macleod 2 weeks ago

    PLZ do more little Minecraft PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Miauwgames. mr 2 weeks ago

    do how to become a lizard

  • Frank Randazzo 2 weeks ago


  • Miggy Gaspar 1 week ago

    Pls next episode can you turn into dragon

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