In this episode of OMGcraft, Chad shows you how you can 3d print your


  • SnowCloud 6 months ago

    its pretty rare to see an edited comment nowadays, am i right?

  • Jarylle Batongbacal 6 months ago

    vid starts at 9:50

  • SolarxZombie 6 months ago

    Your intro is sooooooooo cringy!!!!!!

  • Cannon 6 months ago

    “… this quick little build…” Actually it took 3 hours

  • SlothApp 6 months ago

    you remain me lego_maestro

  • Boatboy0309 6 months ago

    On the overhang couldnt you use glass panes to make supports then you can snap and sand them off

  • Pokemon223 Pichu 6 months ago



  • AgentN 6 months ago

    Is it a green screen background now that’s such a shame

  • IceColdDerp 6 months ago

    is it just me or did that house legit look like a hard caramel house

  • Umut Yapicioglu 6 months ago

    Am i the only one or does his voice sound like steve haines from gta 5? XD

  • Donald Stuckley 6 months ago

    I thought this was a Minecraft how to channel not a art and craft channel

  • ItzPro 6 months ago

    00.0.1% people watched this have a 3D printer.

  • Vincent Miguel gaming0103 6 months ago


  • Max Henry 6 months ago


  • FlameExcalibur Gaming 6 months ago

    What is the latest minecraft version 2017??

  • Vương 6 months ago

    Holy crap

  • Drake Pommet 6 months ago

    How do I do the animation of the armor stands I saw them in many minecraft servers and I want to know how to do it ~Diamond_Draconia

  • Futuristic Bot 6 months ago

    Lolololol I just bought a 3D printer 4 months ago

  • Jakub The Gamer 6 months ago

    I wish I knew how to use structure blocks in Minecraft pe…

  • FNaF Master10167 6 months ago

    Tape a Crafting table cardboard print and the crafting table 3D printer

  • Rodrigo Torres 6 months ago

    Plus 1 subscription

  • Jp Gaming 6 months ago

    Do you use a green screen 0:13

  • QuadePlays 6 months ago

    Wow thats really cool

  • Isaac Perez 6 months ago

    Im to stupid to do things like this i dont even know how to install a mod…..

  • Zerverin 6 months ago

    Sup 9 year olds

  • Ed Humpf DIY 6 months ago

    Hi, with cura you should be able to add in supports that snap off and fixes the overhang

  • 安東尼熊 6 months ago

    Cool, can it build a tree?

  • Vol tron 6 months ago

    Can I get 100 likes please

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  • ItsNowCrafter 6 months ago

    it looks like you can eat it

  • Nice_DOGE 6 months ago

    This day is my BAD day EVER because.

    -I got bullyed at school
    -Got VAC Banned from Csgo
    -When im doing 3d printing My powers turn off -_-

  • PCFN GAMER 6 months ago

    That’s sooooooo cool

  • Wafity 6 months ago


  • Paul Reeves 6 months ago

    idk y but it looks like fudge 4 me and I have a sudden desire to eat it XD

  • minecraft rock's 6 months ago

    Look on this just for fun 0:34

  • WhirlWind 6 months ago

    In tinkercad you can print minecraft stuff but you have to build it in it

  • PixelMario1105 6 months ago

    You are so lucky to have a 3D Printer! 😩

  • Battlefront Shadow trooper 6 months ago

    It sorta looks like it’s made of vanilla wafers

  • Eli TNB 6 months ago

    really cool never seen anything like it 😀

  • Oragani 6 months ago

    1,665th like! XD

  • Alex Lansaw 6 months ago

    I do

  • Aulia Fachri Afmi 6 months ago

    3D Print now available in Windows 10!

  • JamesSnowWolfBoy - Roblox&More 6 months ago

    it looks like a caramel

  • Logan Dees 6 months ago

    You can do it in the slicer Cura

  • thegamefreak 6 months ago

    dude just use support material then you can print larger overhangs and they look great too, none of that ‘spaghetti’ leftover

  • ThatLoneyHypedXes 6 months ago

    you resemble BebopVox… sorry

  • Lars LRG 6 months ago

    The house looks like candy

  • Bananspli2 6 months ago

    Can u do a face reveal??

  • rosting mineabdi 6 months ago

    change your intro

  • NitroNRG // Nitr0usRage Gaming 6 months ago

    I want to 3d print my dick

  • Bestonland1 • 6 months ago

    Looks like caramel

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