• HYBRID2046 1 week ago

    You get spawn eggs by throwing chicken eggs at mobs in servival

  • Khalil Khalil 1 week ago

    The ruins are real for the update
    Fish trades were fake

  • Dgamer youtube 1 week ago

    TBH this was boring

  • Non Youtuber 1 week ago

    5:30 Hands together mouse keeps moving


  • Pat Fenis 1 week ago

    *Acting 101*

  • Klaus Buhr 1 week ago

    Next is going to ge nether villages then end villages

  • BaBaGaming6 1 week ago

    How come nobody has shown dolphins? That’s what I’m waiting for. Are they not in these snapshots?

  • michelle enskat 1 week ago

    Do you have friends

  • Adrian Benson 1 week ago

    Your FOV is WAY too low

  • Noxxy 503 1 week ago

    Wow, Autoplay bought me to the biggest tool in the universe.

  • Joshua Houghton 1 week ago

    The issue with YouTube is vids like these

  • Anno Person 1 week ago

    this should be a thing

  • Mineboss01 1 week ago


  • edt49er 1 week ago

    You’re a terrible actor

  • Dawn Studte 1 week ago


  • Mate89 1 week ago


  • Chananyah Bome 1 week ago

    No I thought that it was real in minecraft I hate you un sub

  • Canine8_YT Private 1 week ago


  • Satenii Romania 1 week ago

    You find the lost city Atlantida in Minecraft !

  • Prinsess Aphmau 1 week ago

    Imagen mermaids in the ruins and you cud talke with them and they give you a mishon and after they tern into your friend and do want ever you want them to do

  • Zach Winchester 1 week ago

    Hey Tyler, really liked the video. You had me going for a while about this until the “school of fish” with the spawn eggs. But yes, I absolutely agree that they should do something with the underwater ruins/villages.

    Keep up the great content, man!

  • Rotița Vesela 1 week ago

    How i can play on 1.13??? Ps answer me

  • guns and swords 1 week ago

    Dude I’m not trying to be mean but your acting skills are trash

  • Alien Gamer 1 week ago

    he is illuminati conformed O_O
    his hands together but mouse still moving

  • Evara 1 week ago

    Stop posting fake videos

  • sathvik hero 1 week ago

    BTW good acting

  • Boris Andreson 1 week ago

    guys is supposed to be a joke

  • GamerCris 1 week ago

    6:30 SQUIDWARD

  • Lord _ Scrubington 1 week ago

    i detect some command blocks

  • Uganda Knuckles 1 week ago

    Does this count on WII U?

  • Clarry Vanillacake 1 week ago

    Nice acting bro👏

  • YagoFnaf Springtrap 1 week ago

    This is a command or mods?

  • JigglePuff Celebi 1 week ago

    Minecraft totally needs some mermaids and mermen now. 😀

  • SIXTRIX 111 1 week ago

    This is fake

  • Herman Laxfors 1 week ago

    i hope you understand ruins like these are meant to have once been above water but were abandoned because of rising water levels

  • Herman Laxfors 1 week ago

    also 1. crappy acting 2. nice “soggy page” (re-textured dye)

  • Modern Wolf 1 week ago

    Tyler stop it with the command block stuff in the snapshots it will get kids disappointed

  • The Sashabox 1 week ago

    8:05-8:06 Tyler is black and white…

  • Atmo Sphere 1 week ago


  • Fake Rake 1 week ago

    I actually thought of making a water dimension that kinda looks like what the ocean biomes currently look like as early as 2015… I regret not doing it now…

  • Lama Guy 1 week ago


  • DCMarque 1 week ago

    I would love to see all this features in the game!
    Cool video!

  • BreakArmor Philip 1 week ago

    Minecraft just gets better and better

  • CJ Leman 1 week ago


  • tim games 1 week ago

    Can you do snapshot 18w11d

  • tim games 1 week ago

    5:26 youre hands are on screen but the cursor moves so you have been # exposed

  • CRINGY KIDS 1 week ago

    10/10 acting mate

  • Player 48 1 week ago

    What if they hide items and the more secret items you get the more buildings get restored

  • The Princess Angel Cakes 1 week ago

    Plant the seed do not get eat plus you don’t have a fishing rod

  • Alex Wright 1 week ago

    I see what people are saying with the mouse thing. BUT at 6:17 he puts his left hand back on the mouse and you can see it shake on screen when he does. Maybe just the loading terrain screen was prerecorded

    EDIT: also, you can see him type at 8:19

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