• Kelsey Crumley 2 weeks ago


  • Joseph DiNardi 2 weeks ago

    1:30 lol

  • Aden Tok 2 weeks ago


  • JoshuaGamingTV Tacneng 2 weeks ago

    Blade wher never bies

  • Sam Wilkerson 2 weeks ago

    Am i the only one who remembers thumbdrew from lucky block walls

  • Jesse Martin 2 weeks ago

    Best game show I have ever watched

  • Audi R8 Lamborghinis 2 weeks ago


  • Arwind gamer 2 weeks ago

    Do this again

  • Tatsuya Shiba 2 weeks ago

    What happened to nice posture clothing.com

  • JOJO Pie 2 weeks ago


  • James Henderson 2 weeks ago

    Can someone do an audio overlay of all of jeromes oh budys?

  • Rag and Things 2 weeks ago

    Is it just me, or is anyone else terrified by Jerome’s face from a specific angle?

  • Chris Starr 2 weeks ago

    Make this a series

  • Caden AWilliams 2 weeks ago

    I just dyed me hair today for the 1st time

  • tank king 2 weeks ago


  • Gustav Ekroth 2 weeks ago

    I thogut the shop was called nicepostuer.com

  • BAINBRIDCHICK 2 weeks ago

    I cannot stop laughing 😆

  • DreamOn22 2 weeks ago

    What happened to nicepostureclothing.combuyyourshirtstoday

  • DreamOn22 2 weeks ago

    Jerome: Bruuuurrrr
    Ben: yes jerome
    Jerome: where’s the bathroom
    Ben: due to buget cuts we don’t have one
    Jerome: bruuuurrr
    Ben: yes jerome
    Jerome: can I have another 500 points
    Ben: no I just gave you 500 points
    Jerome: Bruuuurrrr
    Ben: yes jerome

    Ben: yes jerome

    Jerome: bruuuurrr

    Ben: ye……..


    Jerome: buuuurrrrrrrrrrr

    Blade destroys button

    Jerome steals blades button


    Jerome 2018 also please do more of this and if you made it to the end good job and plz leave a like and a bacca slurp in the comments for this little skit

  • Dago Gastelum 2 weeks ago

    This is my new favorite game show

  • Dago Gastelum 2 weeks ago

    If you would want to see this game show once a week give this comment a like

  • Guh Gubh 2 weeks ago

    Where’s Andrew

  • incrediblysour 2 weeks ago

    Instead of buying your shirts I will buy your hats! Mahaahawwaawhahw

  • Muhammad Athaillha 2 weeks ago

    Notch appel

  • Caroline Sootaga 2 weeks ago

    The first build jerome won because they built a bull

  • JesserDaPlayer 2 weeks ago

    I lost it when the sponsor came on 😂😂😂😂😂

  • Robba Dobba Flob 2 weeks ago

    Should of done ooooffff for the buzzer

  • leo skykuni 2 weeks ago

    It’s not a game show it’s a commedy show in disguise like if true

  • This is hilarious XD, MAKE more ples

  • Christy David 2 weeks ago

    Good jorb on makin this guys

  • Boxcat Nation 2 weeks ago

    Shrek three should be excluded from Shrek canon

  • The Challengers 2 weeks ago

    Replay 0:00 😂😂😂

  • Kobi Smith 2 weeks ago

    Such a great and funny video! Please make more of these, I laughed so much during it that my earphones wouldn’t stop falling out! 😂

  • Davis Z1ldan Aufar 2 weeks ago

    i thought jerome will mess the game show again!

  • Nickron Gaming 2 weeks ago

    1:39 Im Laughing so Hard

  • Robert Johnson 2 weeks ago

    Buy some shirts today!

  • Philippa Bishop 2 weeks ago

    Could anybody tell me where to get that merch it wasn’t quite clear in the vid

  • Viv Barker 2 weeks ago

    1:38 XD XD XD

  • Alexander Elderhorst 2 weeks ago

    1:38 wooooow lol XD that’s the best sposor
    splash potion of knockup? I wonder why your gf broke up with you

  • Denton Bacca 2 weeks ago

    More please

  • Oscar Dent 2 weeks ago


  • Matthew Kennedy 2 weeks ago

    Make more game shows please

  • WarFalcon 2 2 weeks ago

    I heard sponsor and expected Doritos or Mountain Dew, but then I get the biggest surprise of my life. 😂😂😂😂 I’m literally crying!!!!!

  • C West 2 weeks ago


  • Minion Mohr 2 weeks ago


  • Rygy HS 2 weeks ago


  • StarKnight 54 2 weeks ago

    14:40 Jerome is Akinator

  • Pia Hoffman 2 weeks ago

    Can you please do more of this I really enjoyed watching this! ❤️

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