• Dark Corners 2 weeks ago

    Which shrines have you used? (Add my Minecraft Server: play.darkscorner.net)
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  • LinkRo Stefan 1 week ago

    It’s interesting but everybody knows that is fake

  • Marcus Williams 1 week ago

    lick did it

  • Dylan Kroon 1 week ago

    Wind:no i didnt
    DylanKroon:well who else did?
    Herobrain:mwahahahahahahahah i did

  • samszpara 1 week ago

    God repel you

  • LA ZIL 1 week ago

    When I tried this the fire went Out

  • Sharky Josh 1 week ago

    its herobrine he spond

  • AnnéEldre Ferreira 1 week ago

    When i died in minecraft i saw diorite and it was a cross + it was in a area that looked like a cube

  • Meme God 1 week ago

    Herobrine is nothing lol XD

  • Donald Trump 1 week ago

    How to summon Donald Trump?
    anyone please help
    thank you
    Donald Trump

  • Julia Waddell 1 week ago

    Herobrine did it 😈

  • Bon Bon 1 week ago

    I think i saw null and i think he put out the fire

  • Hero brine 1 week ago

    Why Do I Keep Thinking This Is All Bullshit ???
    Is This Real??

  • Hero brine 1 week ago

    why Do I Keep Thinking He Is Telling Us Lies? About herobrine?

  • Latrell Dyall 1 week ago

    In my world it’s was really weird going on skeleton horses was spawning and there are buildings that are not being placed by me and gold blocks and cut trees there is so much weird stuff going on it might work for me because all of that stuff I’m seeing in my world can not be real

  • Cesar Miguel Bustamante 1 week ago

    I saw herbrien when he was looking at the beach😨😨😨😨

  • IchBin Jung 1 week ago

    Dark please i want the GTA myth videos back !!!!!!!!

  • anthony diaz 1 week ago


  • Camie Bailey 1 week ago

    herobrine did it I no

  • UNG Productions YT 1 week ago

    Hey dark can you make a mcpe server for version 1.1.5

  • chillmaster221 1 week ago

    hey what are signs if herobrine might hav actually been summon on my world from my shrine i made on my minecraft world?

  • Wushukid118 1 week ago

    Check out this seed in Minecraft
    Seed: 4719366777742431897
    I found a cross in a ocean in version 1.12 optifine

  • Aiden French 1 week ago

    Hero brine put out the fire

  • Owen Ross 1 week ago

    Hero brine

  • Cordell TEPANIA 1 week ago

    Your, the best!

  • Hugh Mungus What 1 week ago

    Shrines work much more effectively if you build them in survival mode on hard difficulty at night. I would say try that if nothing else works.

  • nilah savage 1 week ago

    what do i do!i saw a cross in my minecraft world i name the seed bloody mary!!

  • nilah savage 1 week ago

    i never saw this im scared!!

  • Kean Nyville Pang 1 week ago

    i see herobrine

  • Zachary Shoemaker 1 week ago


    *read more*

  • Karen Enolpe 1 week ago

    HEROBRINE WANTS GOLD AND IRON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen Enolpe 1 week ago

    herobrine pot the fire out

  • EvayzeEdits 1 week ago

    Herobrine is my brother mess with him again and you will regret it

  • The Hillz 1 week ago

    the one who put out the fire is……HEROBRINE

  • Milca Marie Maquillao 1 week ago


  • Ori 213 1 week ago

    My cousin got glitched and wasn’t visable and I saw a sign that said hajalp?! Then we saw entity 303 and herobrine and green steave. Creepy map not playing that again. Oh and the same exact cave from another map!

  • Ori 213 1 week ago

    In survival.

  • writing in progress. . . no disturbing 1 week ago


  • Zisis Chartampilas 1 week ago

    If i do it and i dont spawn herobrine you are ljar

  • Loraine Paulino 1 week ago

    I see something.I see some two little liting white ghost

  • Andrew Yance 1 week ago

    Hey you, it’s pronounced Hero-Brīne NOT BRIN ITS BRINE LIKE SHRINE

  • Roxy Gamerz 1 week ago

    I used the first shrine and I played multiplayer with my cousin and while building a house on the cave (XD) someone turned the fire of and destroyed the torches THAT WAS SCARY MY COUSIN QUITS XD

  • SPRING GAMER 1 week ago

    Dark i saw heronrine standing at next to the lake he was standing on a sand block

  • SPRING GAMER 1 week ago

    Im gonna make my own creepypasta for minecraft called the forgoten entity

  • CuteBabyCosmos YouTube//Origami 1 week ago

    Something important.. Please click read more

    No need to thank me.

  • Elisa van Hoesel 1 week ago

    dark the enderman has whit eyes with a littel pink but it needs to be purple with pink what happend to the enderman? 9:28

  • Good Moses Anims 1 week ago


    Play minecraftt

  • BenRBX 1 week ago

    Don’t Get fooled it’s not true

  • BenRBX 1 week ago

    You don’t know more about herobrine… because herobrine is not appearing if you are finding him

  • Van Andrae Bigtasin 1 week ago

    keep up the workgood doooood 🙂 -liked-and-subbed-

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