• Trot Nixon 10 months ago

    Doni I got banned for doing nothing

  • Trot Nixon 10 months ago

    Ill I did was ask for help cause I didn’t know what was happening

  • Soul DragonSmith 10 months ago

    “rga goes honk”

  • Ellie EPG 10 months ago

    Use this as Halloween troll :3

  • Ethan The Faboolas 10 months ago

    The next episode with RGA, do his intro and see how he reacts!

  • GamersGotPower 10 months ago


  • Sniper Gamez 10 months ago

    rga goes honk

  • TylerGrantham 21 10 months ago

    it was because the person was connected through minechat

  • Taylor Williams 10 months ago

    Doni 4 a 500k special you should do facecam

  • Circus Baby 10 months ago

    u are UOHDINI

  • Amooya 10 months ago

    If you’re trolling and I’m on please use my voice 😂 You’re my favorite YouTuber, my ign is raenna 🌚

  • Kigha Masd 10 months ago

    They’re lagging

  • Legend Matter 10 months ago

    300 billion is the population of Texas yep

  • Legend Matter 10 months ago

    Hold up imma throw up loooking at your face you don’t know what it means to glow up

  • TheComedian l Games l Commentary l Comedy 10 months ago

    0:51 WHO am I to troll you… a missed Owl joke 🙂

  • tzovgo 10 months ago

    *doesn’t do /effect @e invisibility 0 100000 1*

  • Adam Stanard 10 months ago

    300 billion people that’s the population of Texas 🤣😂

  • Tnt_ titan 10 months ago

    RGA goes honk!

  • Titanor Soulstone / T.S. Star Blaze 10 months ago

    I know you might not use my idea but at least listen to it, in your next trolling video summon a bunch of bats disguised as players

  • Daniel West 10 months ago

    Anyone notice the billion pun 8D

  • KeiraMSP 10 months ago

    Are there any armys fn girling to the name SUGAdaddyrave ?

  • QueenOf Comedy1 10 months ago

    I have a question, what is Doni’s server? I tried the too right but it did’nt work, maybe I typed it in wrong

  • ToastetPugling 10 months ago

    RYA goes honk

  • KarpGamingYT 10 months ago

    troll idea:

    put zombies in someones house and make them invis so they will be taking damge witout knowing what hit em!

  • zapliner gamein 10 months ago

    When they talk about texas but you live there and ur like wow texas isint that cool is it loloololololol xDeeeeee

  • Lucas Kelly 10 months ago

    I tried to join his faction server but I can’t cause it says I don’t have the right version, but when I go to the main minecraft screen it says I don’t need to update

  • Starry_Universe_ 10 months ago

    Lol guys RGA goes honk 😉

  • Sweet Pickle27 10 months ago

    rga goes honk

  • MannMaskYT 10 months ago

    plz help me find my name on this video because i was on the server before

  • Shadow Pirate 10 months ago

    im from texas and i had to stop the vid to look that up omg im just a small fish in a sea of ppl

  • RyanTheWarrior27 ! 10 months ago

    Why doesn’t it say ‘You are invisible to other players’????

  • Qwertz pertz Dertz 10 months ago

    Wow I’m one of those 300 billion

  • SuchVentux Plays 10 months ago

    how old are u??

  • Clorox BIeach 10 months ago

    600 billion is nearly 80x the worlds population

  • Pale Lotus 10 months ago

    Everything’s bigger in Texas!

  • Wtf.. re upload?

  • renagale 10 months ago

    300 billion people in fitting Texas is an understatement you can bit 8 billion people(side by side) in Rhode island the smallest state in the U.S. and Texas is 222 times bigger then Rhode island so doing the math 8 billion multiplied by 222 you get 1776 billion so 300 billion will be roomy compared to how many can really fit

  • Alexis_is_Queen _ 10 months ago

    Doni can you troll skyblock

  • PandaPlays V2 10 months ago

    the video starts at 0:37

  • OrsonTubeTv 10 months ago

    Police:where do you live
    Boy:with my parents
    Police:where do your parents live
    Boy:at my house
    Boy:we all live together
    Police:No where is your house located
    Boy:in my neighboorhood
    Police:where in your neighboorhood
    Boy:next to my neighbors house
    Police:so, where do your neighbors live
    Boy:if i told you, you wouldnt believe me
    Police:tell me
    Boy:next to my parents house


  • Xpgamer Playz 10 months ago

    Rag goes honk’ if you see this

  • Aura Rosalyn 10 months ago

    how can the texan population be 300 billion when there’s only 7 million people on earth?
    (joking, btw, for you people who don’t get jokes.)

  • GeoffCMD 10 months ago

    Doni, can you do a mirror troll next time?

  • Cole Tobias 10 months ago

    Do a video when you are the headless horseman and you are going around on a horse and giving people blindness effect. And you have an axe and a pumpkin head. It would be cool for a Halloween episode.

  • Aman3737 10 months ago

    Your server runs a specific version of spigot where the developers were too lazy after a lot of work to patch one final bug. If you push a minechat connected player through dimensions or something like that then the player becomes invincible.

  • LightAngelz DK 10 months ago

    lag makes people god for 10 sec lel get some lag people

  • KingTowerSmash _ 10 months ago

    Have nick do the intro

  • KingMenes 10 months ago


  • Paul Nolan 10 months ago

    doni doni doni you should make a video making a giant battle between all players online in a arena and tell them to fight or loose everthing

  • Icypenguinbeak AJ 10 months ago

    I just farted in the bed at the hotel and I have to be in the same bed as my brother. •w•

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