• Vannie Sam 8 months ago

    armor noob

  • The diamond shovel 8 months ago

    Not to be rude but You didn’t drink it

  • minininja XoX 8 months ago

    He saw yur armor

  • Amin Omar 8 months ago

    I call golden apples” gapples “

  • Termonation 35007 8 months ago

    Hey guys im a youtuber to my channel is Termonation 35007

  • Wolfgirl15 0 8 months ago


  • joanne rose 8 months ago

    think you need take your amour off when you drink an invisibility potion

  • Minecraft _ legendcraft 8 months ago

    you didnt drink the potions but i cant judge cuz you say you are a noob and fail alot so i can respect that.:P

  • Hardy Singh 8 months ago

    think maniac miner gives you haste means you can attack faster you are dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Hollow Snake 8 months ago

    Yea he didn’t he threw it

  • Hollow Snake 8 months ago

    Classic think

  • GoldenDiamond22 awx 8 months ago

    yo think! I’m hoping that you could play Azure Mines on roblox! and there’s a tutorial, and a trade machiene! I can help you!

  • Lee Ellestad 8 months ago

    phoenix kacper he did but when you drink a potion people only see your name tag they should fix that

  • Sofia Fuentes 8 months ago

    it was your armor

  • ROYAL TEA 8 months ago

    The armour is visible, while the invisibility potion is active

  • galaxy discoverer 8 months ago


  • stacey koepenick 8 months ago

    “we got iron.. and iron”~think noodles

  • xXTerrarianXx 8 months ago

    think get icefish and throw them down

  • MINECRAFTplay1 / MCplay1 8 months ago

    He saw you by your armor

  • Allison Bailey 8 months ago

    Think he saw u cuz of ur armour

  • Leonel Villasenor 8 months ago

    Or it was because he could see the particles when he runs

  • Jellybean Pikachu 8 months ago

    Think he can see you because of your armor and your weapon in your hand don’t be like an idiot i know you know that

  • Henry do Random 8 months ago

    That guy was hacking he had far reach

  • CreativeGamer8 8 months ago

    He was enchanted and u weren’t that’s why it took forever to kill him

  • CreativeGamer8 8 months ago

    Punch Bow and you weren’t invisible

  • BlueExplosions Minecraft and More! 8 months ago

    Think! Stop the new edits, please! It’s making people unsubscribe from you! You don’t want to lose subscribers, don’t you?

  • Gabriel Garcia 8 months ago

    Thinknoodles you stupid little, you didn’t drink the invisible potshih. If you can see your arm that mins your not invisible.

  • Savera Rehman 8 months ago

    you jerk thinkpoooooooooooop

  • AbsurdMee 8 months ago

    My version of shake your booty: cha cha cha, cha cha cha, chicken noodles! Chicken noodles!

  • ItsCubeIgniter 8 months ago

    *Reads the title*
    Did you just assume they’re gender?!?!?!

  • Tyrus leake 8 months ago

    he saw you because if you have an ability potion and you drink it if you have something on your body or in your head you can see you then you know where you are dumb dumb

  • Lesley Kay Sanders 8 months ago

    he saw you because of your armour -_-

  • teresa wills 8 months ago

    your armor…

  • kaiden lyles 8 months ago

    he was a anoying hacker

  • MiningMaster 555 8 months ago

    ya see, hypixel has bugs where you can be seen while invis.

  • pb panda 8 months ago


  • chocolateisfun - Roblox & More 8 months ago

    Hate the new editing. I might stop watching

  • matstar smartypants 8 months ago

    I liked and subed

  • chocolateisfun - Roblox & More 8 months ago

    Nobody hates your edits
    Nobody wants the raw version of of this
    My name is Nobody

  • Thing Chet Ang 8 months ago

    think why did you left the chest

  • Thing Chet Ang 8 months ago

    and also plz play other pixel games like skywars … …

  • Thing Chet Ang 8 months ago

    hypixel i said

  • Neha IDBI 8 months ago

    yes con you play bed war with dan

  • ListedFire / 8 months ago

    Thinknoodles the reason why that guy hitted you 4 times and you were flying because
    its called a combo a combo is that you hit a player many times that you would fly.

  • Irawan Wijaya 8 months ago

    check out my poopy check out my pee

  • LEO KIONGO 8 months ago

    you were visible

  • Foreverjack09 Master 8 months ago

    Think you were wearing armour

  • 09Sandwich YT 8 months ago

    If you use optifine you can see name tags even if you are invisible.

  • Cool 200 8 months ago

    Why does think put in dead memes?

  • Lomik FC 8 months ago

    Your armor

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