• Seamus Moloney 8 months ago


  • Rock 500 8 months ago


  • May M 8 months ago


  • Lenin Gilbert 8 months ago


  • Vee :3 8 months ago

    Oh yesssssss, I hope you get girls to the series!! I can join with my girlfriend and you get two *wink* jk

  • Heart Raiser 8 months ago


  • Kenneth Phung 8 months ago

    Bring Back CreepersEdge

  • Aaron D 8 months ago

    Speedy: “Riley could easily handle 2 Side”
    Sidearms: “I’ve seen her handle 3 before”

  • hi hi 8 months ago


    oops forgot a zero

  • Josue Rosa 8 months ago

    Speedy and Side been grinding for wither skulls for 4 episodes lmao

  • Jung Kim 8 months ago

    Kenny rather than getting rid of swords and axes. You should recommend making it so that mcmmo exp drops like money, so it encourages pvp since they would kill each other the mcmmo levels.

  • 123445678 free 8 months ago

    shovel warfare

  • 123445678 free 8 months ago

    gigga drill

  • Nakian 8 months ago

    I know the fights are hit for hit but Justin is pretty terrible without snowballs or a rod.

  • Jamie Evans 8 months ago

    that bow shot damn.
    That was the money shot of the series for sure. 👍

  • Lucy Tuhy 8 months ago

    You should battle Pete

  • John Gustavson 8 months ago

    What did you do to doni

  • fantom. 8 months ago

    TBNR is mad now

  • Take W 8 months ago

    Kenny quiff is gonna kill u tomorrow

  • S carr 8 months ago

    “U shooting with ur eyes close?” i died at this part LMFAO

  • Some Guy 8 months ago

    Really though, their voices, Doni and Quiff, sound the same xD

  • Mark Riske 8 months ago

    Kenny, Laake said “to get the iron out of his Golem farm, he was 3000 blocks out”. in chat.

  • Ben Weagle 8 months ago

    mcmmo was the worst thing added, like look, it’s a cool concept, but now the only powerful people are the people who grind. It’s just not the nature of the server. Now people like Vikk and Quiff can’t even do anything because they don’t want to grind, which is just dumb. I like pvp, but now nothing is fair in the PvP aspect. It’s just so bad.

  • Minecat 8 months ago

    Nice TapL pack

  • Sebastian Tee 8 months ago

    Show your mcmmo stats

  • anish nair 8 months ago

    kenny,ask the admins to add custom enchants for armor in the server,that will balance out the mcmmo

  • Ohh Bravo 8 months ago

    Vik kills me XD

  • Uvuvwevwevwe Onyetwenwevwe Ugvwemugvwem Osas 8 months ago

    hello its me

  • Georgi Georgiev 8 months ago

    whats the texture pack????

  • rob freyer 8 months ago

    kenny breed Donald with vikks horse

  • opoete

  • AminecraftLegend 8 months ago

    This is the drunk stream.

  • Jordan Rasmussen 8 months ago

    You should make a command like the war zone where when you hop in a portal it takes you to a battle arena and it lets you choose what kit you have and you can /battle and you could choose a kit and you don’t lose levels or mcmmo

  • LandMark Studios 8 months ago

    I’m a girl could I please join?

  • LandMark Studios 8 months ago

    It’s my dream

  • gordon onyeka 8 months ago

    Kenny i need that texture pack what is it

  • Genome 8 months ago

    TBH the admins are just lazy if they don’t turn off the Mcmmo loss on death. It’s literally just turning a 1 to a 0 in the config.

  • Confused Connection 8 months ago

    ur usings harveys texture pack

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