• Musawer Fatah 1 week ago


  • Jose4050 Martinez 1 week ago


  • Cobble Mac 1 week ago

    That pun was intended wasn’t it

  • alex_the_ pop 1 week ago

    I’m 4

  • alex_the_ pop 1 week ago

    And by the way beef love you content it’s amazing keep it up

  • Jordan B Wolf 1 week ago

    Hiya Beef!

  • L.J. Kommer 1 week ago

    Name that cat “Kitty McPussy.”

  • Bytesback 1 week ago

    They didn’t name a horse Pebbles for you ??!!

  • Xtreme_Dummy 1 week ago

    Judging the chat, people made fun of me going for a lonely UHC… What else do you do if noone told me it was a quarter earlier 🙁

    In all honesty it was one hosted by Flouzemaker and died second, so it didn’t make it to my channel… I will do one soon again though…

  • Jade Starchild 1 week ago

    yayyy more Minecraft!!!

  • Backyardfilms2 1 week ago

    Feed the horse a notch apple to win

  • diana Pereira 1 week ago

    Love your content..🥐

  • twilit13 isawesome 1 week ago

    Beef, move the whole railing out by one and add some slabs to the underside in an arch shape, that’ll solve your depth problem for the bridge.

  • xoda 1 week ago

    Anyone know how he got the island terrain like that? Like what mod is it?

  • Spazza27YT Minecraft Tutorials 1 week ago

    Hey Beef just wanna tell you…ITS THE AMAZING BEEF!!! hahah lol dude you inspire me and you bring a smile to my face! pleace build 1 of my vehicles in your autoshop

  • DumbSloth87 1 week ago

    Is the title a Bojack Horseman reference?

  • Viperion_NZ 1 week ago

    Holy crap some needs to tell Marcus not to yell all the time

  • retroxlove 1 week ago

    The horse racing bit was really fun. Please do more in the near future.

  • imareallycoolperson 1 week ago

    Call the cat Frederick the pelican

  • humane monkey303 1 week ago

    Boat racing lol spoiler alert!!!

  • ProcrastinatingPuma 1 week ago

    Yay! Beef used the Horse Race Track in Avalon!

  • lee mccraw 1 week ago

    Thatguytony 😂

  • SangheiliWarrior 1 week ago

    Next we need a pig race, and elytra racing!

  • Fuya Hanabi 1 week ago

    Oh that horse track. Saw it on CreepVortex’s video early on the server (or may be from one of his bros’ videos. I can’t recall which one I watched) I think if they could find a way to randomize the horse each people get that would make it more fair and funnier, and they should make the audiences’ seats go far over so people can see the whole course while they’re racing (or even from top-down angel by making it a sky seats somehow) that would be awesome.

  • Jerome Vu 1 week ago

    Beef put some overhanging leaves on those arches you made. It looks like Greek Style pillars 🙂

  • Kendall Hellman 1 week ago

    What if you put endrods in the middle of the bridge as a border in the open spot

  • KingTyler001 Gaming 1 week ago

    I’d say send max to the glue factory but honestly max is slower than glue

  • Drew Laslo 1 week ago

    And you say you’re not a good builder… That bridge says otherwise bro! Keep up the good work. I look forward to your videos. When’s the next skyblock episode?

  • Z ed 1 week ago


  • Ember 129 1 week ago

    This might be one of your best Vintagecraft episodes so far! I can’t believe I’ve never seen jockey races in Minecraft before!

  • CC Rascal 1 week ago

    Again such a great episode. Keep enjoying yourself 😊

  • Fnassau 1 week ago

    Would have been cool to join the races I think
    Love how the bridge looks Beef!

  • that guy Tony 1 week ago

    Love the name of the mule beef 😆😆

  • Schner1 1 week ago

    I think that donkey’s makin waffles!

  • Ancient Bunny 1 week ago

    The horse races were so much fun to watch!! For some great footage (and some secret dealings that Beef cut out) be sure to view from Zobymaruu’s perspective. You won’t be disappointed!

  • bwractive 1 week ago

    Someone should go to the dessert on that horse with no name! 😛 😛

  • Joel Hudson 1 week ago

    Bridge = 👍👍👍

  • Morpheas 1 week ago

    Damn, the bridge looks terrible now.

  • Jet Lag 1 week ago

    Fun episode! 😀

  • moira Auxier 1 week ago

    Do vertical End Rods instead of a horizontal line of slabs. It might look better.

  • thelithiumcat 1 week ago

    This is pretty much the only multiplayer I’ve consistently enjoyed. Really nice people, cool events 🙂

  • 2guys1cam 1 week ago

    Should of been Ferris Muler

  • Danny Heart 1 week ago

    who else spending there Saturday night eating and watching Minecraft lol

  • mastersmiley03 1 week ago

    lmao he didn’t sprint wit the horse. You can tell by the FOV. It increases when you sprint.

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