• HeyItsRoselin 1 week ago


  • HeyItsRoselin 1 week ago


  • Celeria Williams 1 week ago


  • Carmel Cauchi 1 week ago

    Funneh can you do a face reveal
    please 🤞🏻

  • kylie plays 1 week ago

    u just got 2mill omg

  • FlowerLolGirl Cat 1 week ago

    Funneh I made you in Sims Mobile!!

  • Lexi Melexi 1 week ago

    Good job Katherine. But it’s not in surviver mode. Dean is funny. Piper is smart. Abigail is smart?

  • KOOL KIDS 1 week ago

    So when funneh said I feel like this should be a song I was like FUNNEH there IS a song a bout don’t stop trying it’s called bring it back from s club 7

  • dominga perez 1 week ago

    hi mm jason hi FUNNEH

  • Celeste Roleplays 1 week ago

    Play more mini games!!!! 😀

  • Onchao RBLX 1 week ago

    We got 2M subs 3M HERE WE COME! ❤️

  • Galaxy Eclipse 1 week ago


  • Lillith Strawberry 1 week ago

    Why is your name litsfunneh?in Minecraft

  • Minecraft how Winnie the Pooh winniy 1 week ago


  • ruby Williams 1 week ago

    I beat insane on minecraft it was easy since I practices 400 times

  • Lolo Wallace 1 week ago

    do more please

  • Lolo Wallace 1 week ago

    HAPPY 2 million krew

  • Taralhie Bonnet 1 week ago

    This game is like temple run

  • Hooda 1 week ago

    i hate draco!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • rachel plays Calvi 1 week ago

    Funneh guess w0t? J beat insane mode xD

  • xXMintyToastXx 1 week ago

    Funneh, you obviously have to study minecraft more XD

  • Mary Sericon 1 week ago

    I HATE U DRACO😠😡👊👊👊👊👊

  • Jaewon Lee 1 week ago

    I hope one day you will get a diamond play button

  • cupcake swirl coco 1 week ago

    Congrats krew!!!!!!😁😁😁😁

  • Ngọc Huỳnh 1 week ago

    draco sounds likemy english teach XD

  • Lamiah Duncan 1 week ago

    Funneh play granny

  • Amaris Martinez 1 week ago

    Can you guys play the game that you guys play last again cause I wanna see the GURLS win

  • Lunars Fan 1 week ago

    Im a pro

  • Lunars Fan 1 week ago


  • Jamari Pierre 1 week ago

    You aren’t really that good at minigame

  • Nikyta Armstead 1 week ago

    I am so madd

  • Øpal Animates 1 week ago

    2million _potatoes_

  • nec1982nc31 1 week ago

    Draco is a saveg

  • Perla Vargas 1 week ago

    Congratulations on 2 million subscribers I can’t believe I have been watching u since u had 200 thousand subscribers and look at u now I look up to u every day u are me favorite YouTube

  • Adalyn Saldivar 1 week ago


  • Cat Hotel hideaway Cat Hotel hideaway 1 week ago

    Kalab with aphmu pretty please

  • James Cassidy 1 week ago


  • Princess Perfect 1 week ago

    Meh knee I hurt it 20 min ago and it hurts even more

  • Lanie Buckle 1 week ago

    2 mill I love you funneh you are the best you tuber in the world 🌎

  • Gaming Boy 1 week ago

    Llay mire minigames

  • Living Sucks 1 week ago

    It’s called “Don’t stop running” Not “Don’t stop talking” Hahaha

    Edit: no hate, i love funneh and the krew.

  • pierre farrer 1 week ago

    I’m pro you pro k krew

  • kupkake kookies 1 week ago

    If you truly love your fans…then Subscribe to me… Shout me out and also Pin this

  • Simmone Mackey 1 week ago

    I saw your face on face reveler

  • mermaid unicorn 1 week ago

    Congrats krew and funneh

  • Little Jayes Mix Life 1 week ago

    Can U make more bloxburg videos and 75 mini games

  • Nicole and William Wang 1 week ago

    2 Million! Congrats 🎉🎈🎊🍾


    Can we make it to 3 million?

  • Peter Pacana 1 week ago

    I hate draco!!!😠👎

  • Fox N’ Wolf 1 week ago

    FUNNEH oml
    To make horses jump high hold down the space bar or whatever you have set for jump! 😂

  • TiaraGaming2005 1 week ago

    Funneh: I feel like this should be a song.
    Me: Its already a song. its called “Don’t Stop The Feelling”

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