• Nightbot 1 month ago

    You don’t need a reason to like… JUST DO IT!

  • 「29planets - Minecraft」 1 month ago

    Hah i remember the time i played with you at 1AM and now ur famous my mans <3

  • Anthony DiPierno 1 month ago

    go sub to Triplegaming1926!!!

  • Kozig 1 month ago

    Pack tho?

  • Chubby Tube 1 month ago

    i came here from Ur reply on preston music vid. +1 Sub LOVE YOU!

  • BlueWolfGaming Minecraft & More 1 month ago

    Who wants a optifine Cape?
    Comment in this COMMENT
    Come to my channel and check out the video on there. COMMENT IGN DESIGN:STANDARD!!

  • SuperCraftPE 1 month ago

    Throw this pug to mehhhh

  • GirlGamer - Minecraft, Mcpe, & More! 1 month ago

    Don’t Jealous to Preston cuz I saw you guys fighting in Twitter

  • toby etherton 1 month ago

    hey bro whats your texture pack bro

  • toby etherton 1 month ago

    never mined

  • Mastiga Gui 1 month ago

    I am mastiga gui I am your fan

  • OH1 Minecraft & More 1 month ago

    can i install ur pack pls

  • TrueHackGT 1 month ago

    Finally a flying pug 0:45

  • Smashboy2149 Roblox 1 month ago

    Wat is the song at 0:45

  • Isa Track 1 month ago


  • Gabriel Butler 1 month ago

    ok ik a funny trap u can do it in teams or solo I like teams what u do it get salmon kit and make a huge pool build up the sides realy high ur friend will be baseball player show them ur death strider 3 boots by moving fast in the water when they go around the sides hit em off of the sies and into the void I did it first try and won if they go I the pool ull have detah strider 3 so u can still kill them give the credit btw thx

  • xnik xguna 1 month ago

    JustVurb i hope u have 10000 sub

  • Panos Tripiniotis 1 month ago

    Epic save from Max

  • DiamondArmor Minecraft 1 month ago

    Im sure one day you will get 1.000.000 subs!

  • DiamondArmor Minecraft 1 month ago

    Hit the like button for a piston pug!

  • Christianne Judy 1 month ago


  • the flash 1 month ago


  • NorbertoDeRio 1 month ago


  • Minaggo 1 month ago

    Hey man do you remember me ? ^^ Lightpvp

  • DakrGamz 1 month ago

    Vurb if your reading this plz do this trap the palette map has stair ways to middle then destroy the wool and that’s it thx

  • TheFieryPug 1 month ago


  • MicroPug Pug 1 month ago

    JustVurb You should do United UHC With Tapl and friends next season

  • *LukeVader13* 1 month ago


  • LlamasOfPlague 1 month ago

    You still talk to joshter2000?

  • Faruk Gaming123 1 month ago

    whats the meme tell me where you put max like in space plz

  • H3CTORITO 1 month ago

    0:50 already had me laughing

  • GalaxyGamer 1 month ago

    Get Landon back

  • Reddish 1 month ago

    I would never fall for this trap because my texture pack makes my string epileptic!
    Random non does trap
    Does’nt fall for it
    Vurb and max do trap
    Dose’nt fall for it
    Max hits me in

  • BabyMan_Gameing 1 month ago

    0:44 Lol One Of Million Memez In The Pug Channal

  • Melvin Menjiva 1 month ago

    do a regalur sky wars games

  • Flakey Television 1 month ago

    Keep up the vids puggy

  • AndroidPlayzYT 1 month ago

    Nice shooting stars meme @_@

  • That intro How to make a vid 10 min

  • Misty TheGirlygamer 1 month ago

    Vurb im new but u should do the challenge what u do is do bedwars well if u play bed wars sorry im new as i said earlier 😵 but u build a bridge and then u build a lil hut right in the bridge like a little umm…. What was the word sorry😩 i wrote this so long i give up😞 i guess i cant exactly explain it either 😥
    Why am i such a weird person ughhh!! Sorry again for who evers readi- ughhh i did it again as i said sorry. I sincerely apologize😊 now have a great day who evers reading this 😄😊😩

  • xLockdown 1 month ago

    Remove Landon from your PUG list!!!
    Like if you agree

  • MasterCraft135 1 month ago

    Fake Troll Pug

  • SpeedMaster004 1 month ago

    0:44 random sex noises****

  • Riley Grossutti 1 month ago

    My parents always yell at me to turn the volume down when I watch just vurb #pugNation

  • Mikaisha Beeson 1 month ago

    @50 Seconds😂😂😂😂😂 Max and Vurb are my favorites! Thank you for making me smile daily!💜

  • Night Shadow 1 month ago

    https://youtu.be/OyyZCJk-eCk plse watch this awesome 3×3 slime door

  • Zlaver Craft 1 month ago

    Uh uh uh uh uh

  • cenix hoeta 1 month ago

    Pugs r awsome

  • Josh C 1 month ago

    That editing though ☺

  • ShpideyPlayz 1 month ago

    The MLG dog music made me lmao

  • ShpideyPlayz 1 month ago

    i think max should get YT rank too, or people will know you guys are trolling

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