• Michael Kelton 9 months ago

    All I do is binge watch doni

  • darkkami1987 8 months ago

    Doni I had an idea you and rga should both troll a live stream while one of you use an alt account so you can chat with them.

  • Viper199813 8 months ago

    boi Hero was the minecrafter that dug down. got killed by lava…

  • Joshua Ely 8 months ago

    Doni it’s been 2 days post another video

  • Triplapeeck 8 months ago

    HEY NICKKKKK (doni)
    YES DONI (nick)
    Heres a joke (doni)
    oh no (nick)
    there were a group of peacocks at the park one had to go away who was it and what did they say to get rid of them (doni)
    idk (nick)
    “GET OWLT OF HERE NICK” (perm ban him) (doni)

  • Volodymyr Koval 8 months ago

    Were is doni at 😞😞

  • Adam Kane 8 months ago


  • game gamer 8 months ago


  • lumpycheesecake 8 months ago

    Im really good at minecraft but i only have 67 subscribers WHY?


    and mine too 🙂

  • ItzYeBoi Moses 8 months ago


  • IRek Noobz 8 months ago


  • Nicholay Moreno 8 months ago


  • XTopazGamingX [MCPE] 8 months ago

    Doni where is NICK!!!?

  • XTopazGamingX [MCPE] 8 months ago


  • FlashSilver88 8 months ago


  • Israel the one best Israel Rivera 8 months ago

    Hi Donnie

  • Israel the one best Israel Rivera 8 months ago

    Hi Doni

  • TheSporeJunkie 8 months ago

    You should do ,
    1) catch a hacker
    2) call him on discord
    3) tell him that you caught a hacker and he need to choose a punish

  • jake vlogs 8 months ago

    it works the unsubscibe button works😃

  • COBRA_PVP 8 months ago

    When This kid finds out he got trolled he will literally cry

  • Victor Basu 8 months ago

    Where was the voice changer?

  • joe black 8 months ago


  • TheImmortalDRACY 8 months ago


  • FluffyPie 8 months ago


  • Xeno - Agario 8 months ago

    Forgot about this channel. Get 30 seconds into a video. Cringe ass melodic voice changer stuff again.

  • BalteBoi 8 months ago

    Doni: hey rga
    Rga: ye?
    Doni: ive got a joke
    rga: ok
    Doni: what does the owl say at 3 am
    Rga: idk

  • Eaglefowl101 ramos 8 months ago

    Word of the day i am wattching you

  • Donovan Stone 8 months ago

    3:33 mother Heller? 🤔
    5:13 hero Brian

  • Nicholas Josey -The Diamond Block 8 months ago

    what voice changer do you use

  • Jacob Webber 8 months ago


  • Supergamingtv 8 months ago

    Doni? What is a normal intro?

  • mlg thoriq 8 months ago


  • David Haglund 8 months ago

    What voice changer Do You use?

  • Shanyu Juneja 8 months ago

    Hello its me, clickbait squad.

  • Myth YT 8 months ago

    If I’m being trolled I just leave

  • Jay Star 8 months ago


  • six path tails 8 months ago

    doni is an owl that has a duck skin

  • lolchannel lel 8 months ago

    what voice changer do you use

  • BrandonPlayz Minecraft1001 8 months ago


  • BrandonPlayz Minecraft1001 8 months ago


  • paradox sniper 8 months ago

    *doni bobes plz add me back on discord im plusprogameing*

  • Infinite Gaming 8 months ago

    Idea: (this will scare the CRAP out of whoever you’re trolling😂)
    do the herobrine thing that you did this vid. But at the end… scream really loud and make you voice sound really glitchy, like you’re disconnecting. Then stop…. watch their reaction. 😂😂

    OR, you can add something else after that (this is optional). after a couple seconds, put Evil-Bobes voice changer on… and act like YOURE Herobrine….

  • EliSucksAtMC 8 months ago


  • James Amor 8 months ago

    I have my autolike button on for your video Doni!!!

  • Saving site Master 8 months ago

    Doin is a duck

  • Zack The Brainiac 8 months ago

    #unblock DoniBobes

  • the gaming charizard 8 months ago


  • caleb irwin 8 months ago

    Why does he think herobrine is a god and a creator of Minecraft?

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