• YOUTUBEs MASHUPs 1 week ago

    REN is so evil , he walks on one of the most dangerous element (uranium)

  • CarlRyds 1 week ago

    I love your base Ren 😊
    Wonderful job, very creative!

  • 50sRockChick 1 week ago

    Phew……. Episode 69 had me worried.  I love your base. ‘Redstone with Rendog’ has been fabulous fun. 🙂 XX

  • Matthew Kidder 1 week ago

    I did not realize Herobrine had come to hermitcraft

  • Killer Mat 1 week ago

    In my opinion Skelebyte Processing Unit looks the best because of that curve where skelebutts are getting dropped and because of capacitors of course 😀 Also.. I have an little advice about USB Stick.. that would be great if you change the look of the letters on the top of it 😉 You can make it look like your yt logo when you copy the number of pixels which the letters have in your logo and “paste” it on USB stick 😉 That would be a small.. but very satisfying fix 😀 Anyway.. keep up the great work Ren <3

  • Gamerchyck 1 week ago

    Good afternoon my dude, I really hope you are doing well today, I know I comment a lot and its usually short n sweet, however, I really need to point out how much I really REALLY love this place, not only do you always exceed your own expectations, but you also Never give yourself enough credit! Dude, It’s fricken AMAZING!!!!! I think my favorite build is the whole island, but if you’re going to make me choose, I really dig the Doomsmelter <3 A mighty fine piece of work there. Also, the Battery capacitor Isn't infected, Merely BOrg Enhanced! Always enjoy your videos and outlook my dude <3 <3 Keep doing you!

  • Matthew Kidder 1 week ago

    that ink farm will not work with the next update

  • Joakim Forssell 1 week ago

    Good to have you back. Will know about episode 69 from now 🙂 good one

  • Dennis Colwell 1 week ago

    Hello mister Ren. I have never posted on anyone’s videos before but my favorite is the storage hall with mumbo’s face on the bottom. After all Mumbo got me hooked on playing with redstone in minecraft but Ren got me hooked on playing survival minecraft.

  • Adam Greenough 1 week ago

    I rather like THE NETHERDRIVE!

  • Amanda Woolley 1 week ago

    Rendog my dude, your base is awesome. I love the anti iskall virus containment unit. My only request is that you actually plug the nether tunnel into the nether board as it looks super super janky.

  • Alyssa Terry 1 week ago

    I have an idea for your bedroom! Use Storage Module Alpha! Keep the name but take out most of the chests and turn it into your official house 🏠

  • Lumara 1 week ago

    Sugarcane grows faster on grass.

  • Lelouch Elo 1 week ago

    How did ren know I fell asleep?

  • Da1ienx 1 week ago

    seriously, an almost 40 minute tour and no stopages for tasty beverages?
    terrible tour guide, no tips for you :p

  • Lothar Quest 1 week ago

    It’s always a bit sad when we come to a tour episode of a series… meaning the end is here, or almost here. Anyway, I’m sure we’ll have a great season 6, as usual… 8^)
    Just a last season 5 question, Ren: will we see the Mobalisa in action? That would be a perfect ending… a great game in there with your hermit friends… I still have hope… I still have hope.. haha… 8^D

  • Virginia Kurrus 1 week ago

    No exact favorite really. It’s the beautiful execution and design to unite all the island’s elements. You stayed consistent to your task and goals – it’s really quite stunning. Thanks for all of your commitment and such hard work, Ren.

  • Jewseph 01 1 week ago

    I like the map the most… It is by far your best build ever!!!

  • William Thaddius 1 week ago

    I’m so happy you didn’t leave! You’re playing with my heartstrings here Mr. Dog.

  • danihelms13 1 week ago

    🙂 maybe try removing the fire from the kill pit in the mooshroom farm, could be burning some of your product 🙂 overall i cant say I have a favorite build. I love the color scheme and general theme.

  • David Griffiths 1 week ago

    on the rendog/iskall border you should make an AIAI station Anti-Iskallium-Artificial-Intelligence

  • kimmers_ mouse 1 week ago

    I love how self sufficient you are this season. It has been tons of fun watching you derp around and learn new things. 😁

  • Twisted Yoshi 1 week ago

    Fav is either the doom o matic smelter or the giant storage tower

  • Speedy Turtle 1 week ago

    Not cool trolling your new cyber dogs. But I am so happy that you’re not quitting.

  • Speedy Turtle 1 week ago

    Hey ren. It’s not CDs. It would be RAM. Random access memory.

  • Nikolaj Lund-Volkmann 1 week ago

    You asked witch build is the best? None of them. They are all quite tame, but when you put them all together, it becomes very very cool. Witch basicly means that you base becomes exponentially cooler as you add more components.

  • Norwreak 1 week ago

    You could call the aqueducts Data Streams

  • T.V.A GANG LEADER 1 week ago

    Choose what base is better
    1. Rendog
    2. Iskall85
    3. I like both equally

  • 박춘화 1 week ago

    Plzzz watch mumbo jumbo stupid remix

  • Penguin Heist 1 week ago

    Everything is coming along amazingly! I firmly believe you’re kicking Iskall’s butt in the build-off. Also, you need to touch up your Nether Loop/Nether Portal room. The tunnel is frickin awesome, but you end up in a plain stone room to hop through the portal to your sweet base.

  • TimeWarpDrive 77 1 week ago

    ant makes you fly…. ren derped.

  • Ror shach 1 week ago

    Unfinished projects:
    1. M O B A
    2. L I S A
    3. M O B A L I S A
    4. F I N I S H T H E M O B A L I S A

  • watcher5483 1 week ago

    you know what would be the perfect prank?? A piston chain that would release water all over the island when ren fails a challenge

  • LetsPlay gaming 1 week ago


  • MissEve 1 week ago

    Shouldn’t the nether drive have blue lines since blue is for items? Urenium is for power and the Nether Drive doesn’t store power so… just thinking it should be blue lines instread

  • Kolos Jeli 1 week ago

    15:25 pls remove that black concrete!!!

  • EB4EnderBlaze 1 week ago

    I give u a dare Ren!! Make the storage module DELTA near the wart port TRIANGULAR!!!

  • Radu Brezeanu 1 week ago

    You cheeky devil, you >:) As I mentioned before, I find the concept of a nether board base outstanding. I love the theme as well as the implementation. The clean block palate, even with the very little texture (since concrete should really be called plastic, as bland as it is), gives it a professional, modern look that catches the eye. It proves that block clutter is not needed to make a build look good (well, maybe when terraforming it might be useful if not over done). As far a the builds go, I like something about every singled one of them. The doom smelter loading mechanism is a devil I still can’t fully understand. The nifty direction randomizer in the storage unit beta is a yummy bit of detail. The mooshroom farm concept too. Clearly the doom smelter is the most sophisticated, but visually I can’t pick one build over the other. They all integrate extremely well. The only change I’d make is switch the blue glass for green in the item pipes. Judging for the little experiments with the iscalium infestation, green seems to fit better than blue. And how the heck did you come up with the idea if magma blocks as uranium fuel?! That very thing made the whole base possible as a unit rather than disparate things clustered together! It added huge value to the whole base. It is that very unity that wins you the competition with Iskall too in my opinion.


    Well tou got me

  • LilWolfie 1 week ago

    Well worth the wait! Thanks for the the tour <3

  • Eliad654 1 week ago

    i’m pretty sure it’s been at least 15 episodes since a mention of a tasty beverage and a cruchy-ass snack in your videos. Disappointed 😀

  • Austin Gray-Mandala 1 week ago

    Love the base. Great idea and love the lore even more. Dont forget you still have a few small farms to make. For example melons, pumpkins and cocoa beans. I want you to collect them all. Look forward to next episode.

  • Frostyflytrap 1 week ago

    I absolutely love your base, it’s such a unique Minecraft base that deviates from the go-to style.

  • Eliad654 1 week ago

    My favorite build is probably Storage Module Beta.

  • remmirath42 1 week ago

    Your base is definitely one of my favorites this season! The only thing that bugs me is that your beds aren’t orange 😉

  • Potato Betsy 1 week ago

    Uknow how iskall has iskallium why don’t you have rendium?

  • Simon Helleman 1 week ago

    You should turn up your render distance.

  • Sven 1 week ago

    Ren, that fire at the bottom is burning the steak from the mooshrooms.

  • Vepothor 1 week ago

    iskalls metior

  • Thomas Ward 1 week ago

    I can imagine a villager section implemented as the “Experimental A.I. Unit”

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