• RockerBuck 73 5 months ago

    Iskall, you’re awesome dude, but seriously….when you were OP last time you were all laughs and giggles. Now when someone else is, you’ve got a bug up your shorts?? Is the PVP “master” a bit butt hurt?

  • Diamondback929 5 months ago

    Iskall should’ve fought welsknight on a hill or mountain because it he would have to jump up blocks and his speed wouldn’t help

  • Nsarubbi 5 months ago

    He thinks that speed is bad wait till he sees python. Lol also does he know he can repair weapons

  • Banks4004 5 months ago


  • Don Huegen 5 months ago

    you should sell stacks of coins for kills to other hermits lol xD

  • Ligands 5 months ago

    You’re so frickin’ salty about Wels! Can’t handle someone else taking the top of the leaderboard, huh?

  • deathdouspart0x 5 months ago

    Iskall should have been carrying the Elytra at all times. Not wearing it, but just in the inventory. It’s not like it would be lost if he dies…

  • # knumbskulls 5 months ago

    I say you won last season, you did kill python

  • UnmightyWaffle 5 months ago

    I’m biased here but I would love Welskinght to absolutely demolish black team by himself.

  • Isaac The Destroyer of Stuped 5 months ago

    And I was expecting this team to be too OP but no, you guys are getting absolutely wrecked!
    I’m sorry but I just find that funny!

  • Erik Strickler 5 months ago

    look at my comment on last episode he has special boots from a rift

  • Preston Crockett 5 months ago

    I’m definitely going to watch you. All you do is rifts which is super boring and Anders voice is SUPER annoying

  • Alan B 5 months ago

    The speed thing is a bit too far. You were op last season but it was easily attainable for everyone. Were the shoes available to buy or was it a lucky find?

  • zorak 5 months ago

    he has 200% speed boots

  • Erik Olsen 5 months ago

    Thumbs up for murder

  • Pants are PBE 5 months ago

    11:00 yeah I’m going to die… no u want to die u have 15 golden apples by u when no one was around

  • Vikash Shanmugam 5 months ago

    There is a huge power creep problem this season. People who kill just get stronger and stronger and wayyyyyy more OP. Loot cases are broken OP, dungeons and crates dont mean anything. Like Etho’s team and purple team are so weak and cant take a fight. Blue team and you guys are soo OP no one can fight you guys

  • Allen Warner 5 months ago

    Iskall actually faces a challenge in PVP for once and complains that the gear is too OP. Exactly how everyone else feels when they face him.

  • Paperhana 5 months ago

    Maybe the reason Ren wont marry you is because you kill him all the time? Hahahaha ;P

  • AlphaChosen 5 months ago

    If you can’t deal with Wels have fun dealing with PythonGB, he’s faster than Wels now lol

  • Gee Smack Joey Pads 5 months ago

    Man you had Wels pretty low, if his backup didn’t come you would have killed him

  • VY Canis Majoris 5 months ago

    lol can’t face a challenge without whining

  • Joe Burns 5 months ago

    Enjoying the series, but it seems to be dragging a bit at this point. The final battle should happen a lot sooner for the next season

  • kiko jimenez 5 months ago

    Love how they were bragging about being OP right before encountiring blue team, then after that, the whole episode was complaining about blue team being too OP. Can’t wait to see the final battle (;

  • Iron Agate 5 months ago


  • Unknown629 Permand303 5 months ago

    Wels must have boots and five zephyrs

  • Carb IV 5 months ago

    cry, cheating team!

  • some person 5 months ago

    Thanks for the video iskall, even if you guys got somewhat unlucky just wanted to let you know your videos make my day way better ❤️

  • Phyde4ux 5 months ago

    The balance on this game is straight up busted.

  • jjws600 5 months ago

    Iskall, you can repair those items with something i think because etho (i think) repaired his dagger thing with iron ingots.

  • Alexcelcior 23 5 months ago

    Iskall is way to salty I’m sorry to say, he killed so many people and the is complaining about wels

  • José Alberto De Legarreta 5 months ago

    You really were oblivious as to how OP you actually were at that point, weren’t you? So OP you could run into dungeons alone to loot them all up, over and over again. Yet, you still complained about it…

  • Velvizhi Sampathkumar 5 months ago

    Listen closely he says fucking 16:39

  • GeorgeMaj15 5 months ago

    I’d assume a part of the admin call was because iskall helped develop this and probably there was no intention of having that type of super speed available.

  • Birdstar 5 months ago

    I’m not really keeping up with this season of HermitQuest, but it was nice to hear your bbeautiful voice 💚

  • Akash Vinayak 5 months ago

    U can repair ur dagger with iron or diamond in an anvil

  • Ion Meth 5 months ago

    Hermitquest is fun and awesome, the builds and quest are awesome but Mannn its unbalanced

  • aye lmao 5 months ago

    Sombra means shadow so yea

  • justaddchildren 5 months ago

    Like 10 minutes of just playing and then another 10 of whining about that speed. (But it does seem just a tad over the top)
    Are you still leading in kills though (at this point in the recording)? Also you know the ins and outs of the items and the map farrrrr more than most of the others, and are teamed up with Anders who has been playing hermitquest with you a bunch on live streams unless I am mistaken.
    I like the dynamic of you an Anderz together (fun to watch) but you two are OP.

  • Amey Rode 5 months ago

    so basically iskall got so salty of dying that he decided to nerf an uber item in between episodes(in the break confirmed by Welsknight), while he got triple kill with a 2-3 shot sword in last episode.okay no GG man.

  • Pursuits of Life. 5 months ago

    I Don’t seem to like iskall that much, Wels didn’t give a shit when iskall85 was op or knew a lot of info, and once he knew that wels got it through fortune, he is whining

  • broccoliar 0202 5 months ago

    Kills 3 people without trying

    Dies in a close fight ‘admins nerf that’

  • Von Darling 5 months ago

    Hi iskall, just some constructive criticism; feels like the hermit crates are way too OP. Perhaps some coins or a golden apple, maybe an ender pearl should come out. Feels like the rifts should be a bit harder to concur and the loot should be the good stuff. But the high-tear stuff should have a way lower chance to drop.
    It’s Kinda Frustrating Watching The other teams that have low gear just being smashed over and over by teams that got hermit crates early on just from killing players and getting Uber items.
    Shorter timers on respawing bosses too?

  • DOI Central 5 months ago

    F you you farmer

  • 621Chief 5 months ago

    Actually Wels has boots that give him 200% speed

  • TheFrickin Man 5 months ago

    Typical, Iskall. Whine when things aren’t in your favor. You whined about Wels running around killing. When your team was doing the same thing. You gave us respawns so we could see more exploring, but yet run around and kill teams while they are trying to give the audience what they want.

  • MetaBender 5 months ago

    what a cry baby Iskall85.

  • Ogilvy Family 5 months ago

    It’s his boots he got from killing a boss

  • Ryan Patton 5 months ago

    If they have it set to give cooked beef from cows, they should have just changed it to give the old beef, the “vintage” beef if you will, since they seemed to put random little bits of anecdotal fun into the map and setup.

  • Zhiyuan Wu 5 months ago

    If you are gonna nerf the speed boost, just make it rarer and nerf it a little bit (still keep it somewhat OP), or make it only a reward for a extremely hard quest like killing all bosses, which requires both luck and time.

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