Today we play Modded Mike Meyers in Minecraft!



  • David Xie 8 months ago

    ahh i remember when preston scared jerome

  • keith mcbee 8 months ago


  • Henry Duquenne 8 months ago

    Jerome, I love your channel and Everytime I see a new upload, it makes me happy

  • Amanda McManus 8 months ago

    jerome do you remember the rap nice posture squad?

  • Aiden Bowers 8 months ago

    Sorry Jerome but you dont have the memory of a gold fish they actually have a very good memory but a terrible attention span so I guess you and a gold fish have something in common.

  • m camp 8 months ago

    Did you see the nice posture squad rap

  • sheila beck 8 months ago

    jermoe you should do spectate mode

  • N Candy 8 months ago

    Where twity

  • Stampycreeper 8 months ago

    more island clash! I love those vids

  • Gilbert Sundermeyer 8 months ago

    I am a big pan

  • FLINT Gaming 8 months ago


  • Vincent-thien Bui 8 months ago

    Slice from ore spawn

  • Aaron Patel 8 months ago

    I dont think that Panned out well for them.

  • 645squid _ 8 months ago

    Illuminati confirmed 10 9 8 7 6666 2 1

  • Saruke // Mizuke 8 months ago

    22:44 Who else noticed he nearly said the f word

  • Seth Pennington 8 months ago

    This was PANdemonium

  • Seth Pennington 8 months ago

    These pan puns are too much to PANdle.

  • Jessica PlayZ 8 months ago

    #bringbackthepack like if you agree

  • Preposterous Pineapple Productions 8 months ago

    I’m Greek that was not the Greek alphabet XD

  • Jeffrey Atwell 8 months ago

    my name is deuce

  • Domonic Hopkins 8 months ago

    this episode should be called pan puns.aka a panfull stream

  • Alfred Anderson 8 months ago

    Jerome u should do a video of you reacting to jeffy

  • Beastmode 3625 8 months ago

    hey jerome plz play more htm I know you did the prank week with Ben but it wasn’t as fun as regular htm and your kinda losing me because I’m starting to watch other peoples htm so plz come back to it

  • firedragon15 667 8 months ago

    i miss tewity

  • BananasAreAwesome 8 months ago

    what do you mean GREEK ALPHABET!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Terry Smith 8 months ago

    COD gost

  • Stephen Paris 8 months ago

    More BAT SNAKE!

  • Brandon Garcia 8 months ago

    looks like things didnt PAN out like u wanted it to

  • NovaYT 8 months ago

    i love when alex says aah

  • Ewan Phun 8 months ago

    Where’s bean

  • Turkeys Owner 8 months ago

    Jerome looks so much like a bear he could be mistaken as a pan-da

  • Christopher Burton 8 months ago

    I think Jerome’s puns are pantastic ;D

  • Beans Dibby 8 months ago

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh what’s going on guys

  • BilbosBags 8 months ago

    Andrew is my dad. <3

  • Beep da Sheep 8 months ago

    This is COD map strike zone from ghosts

  • Daniel Robinson 8 months ago

    I’ve thrown my laptop 10 times in counting

  • Sparklesandglitter 15 8 months ago


  • Tristan Forman 8 months ago

    you should play Mike myers but when you are dead you help the mike to find the other people

  • iDaBandit KingBandit 8 months ago

    Get Graser10 if you have Sigils

  • Snowy_ManGaming 8 months ago

    its not 2.1mill its 21 mill

  • Super Stuffed Vids 8 months ago

    Did anybody notice that he was playing on the Strikezone map from COD Ghosts?

  • Crazy Bananas 8 months ago

    jerome’s the devil he said 666

  • georges kalouch 8 months ago

    Guys how much does these computer specs cost bcz i ordered 1 for 650$ and i feel like i got ripped off:
    i core 5 proccesor
    8 gb Ram
    4 gb of graphics card
    1 tb of storage space

  • Tyler Hazlett 8 months ago

    god is a pencil
    Jerome is a highlighter
    god made the world
    but Jerome made it brighter

  • Sachel Thompson 8 months ago


  • Justin Boyles 8 months ago

    When he spells myers wrong the first time but right the second time

  • mauro gaming 8 months ago

    frizzleandpop frizzleandpop let down your nose

  • Randy Chavez 8 months ago

    who remembers coco

  • adonis chinchilla 8 months ago

    What’s the code for the nice posture discord?

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