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    Pin me becuase i first to like and do comment,plz,and if u don’t pin me,u hate your fans

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    More of

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    23 XMAN

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    21 comment

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    That was legitness

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    One of the first! Plzz make more vids with the guys, and more x men

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    Anyone Who’s A Huge Fan Like If You Think Tiny Turtle Is The Best!ฅ ̳͒•ˑ̫• ̳͒ฅ

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    Can there be more with Bruno the Bear?

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    Play granny real game or irl

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    First 40

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    It’s the neighbors gramma

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    More hello neighbour

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    play the game granny on phone

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    Yay hello neighbor

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    Who is the bear ? His vp8ce is kind funny and cute x)

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    Scott you should play the horror game granny and yay I love your granny videos

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    So the neighbor is the grandma?? 😀

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    Love the granny vids keep it up

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    Scuba Steve. At the dragon

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    Do you live in Europe?

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    bruno the bear, scuba Steve, and tiny turtle the ultimate combo!!!!!!

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    I knew it was George

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    He already died in the game

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    Please please please please play more pixlmon please like if you agree please 😥

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    It’s Granny

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    Hi tinny turtle it cambat I lave you

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    PLEASE make more how to train your dragon

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    finally more help neiber

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    i love bruno!! he should meet all of the little club in a vid sometime! and maybe a face reveal??!!

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    Play the real granny

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    Can you do a series where you become transformers with the rest of the Little Club

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    Plz play real granny

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    Lol Bruno said de wea

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    Wow nice vid tiny turtle and little lizard

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    More hello neighbor

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    The bear is soooooooo cute the voice and the teddy bear skin its guts so cute like if you agree

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